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7 10:stä

Sijainti, iso parveke
Aika kolho ja karu huoneisto (133)

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-07

10 10:stä

Hyvä sijainti, tilava siisti huoneisto sekä hiljainen.
Hotellin esittelyssä olisi hyvä mainita, että ilmastointilaite ainoastaan makuuhuoneessa. Kahdella majoittujalla tämä oli ok. Ja olisi hyvä tietää, että hotellilla ei ole vastaanotto auki saapuessa, vaan ulko-ovessa on huonenumero ja avaimet huoneiston ovessa.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-08-12

8 10:stä

Tieremontti, kaikki on kaivettu, erittäin haankala liikkua vaunun kanssa ja likaista. Ei turvallista lapselle. Lapsen päiväuni vaikeutuu koska paljon melua. olisi hyvä jos Apollomatkat olisi ilmoittanut jossain, että siellä on tieremontti. Mielestämme ei ole Galeroksen syy. Apollolta puuttui ilmoitus tieremontistä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-07-31

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Kirjoittanut Millaallim Lund, Ruotsi

Great apartment, close to everything

Excellent apartment. Beds a bit on the hard side, especially extra beds (we were 4 ppl). Cleaning is great when done (not every day). Good price. Close to everything: old town, restaurants, beach (like 10 min), supermarket (like 2 min (opposite direction than the beach) and great cafés with breakfast. Also, super-central but really calm (at least on the 3rd floor).


Kirjoittanut Stina O

Price-worthy and clean

Nice, clean and very price worthy hotel. Big apartments, nice balcony and a friendly staff will make your stay comfortable here. There were some trouble with the AC and the person they sent to help us didn't speak any English at all. We had to solve it by ourselves. They really could have an instruction how to use the AC in the room... Besides that we are very content with our stay at Galeros and recommend this hotel to any one who want a good standard hotel.


Kirjoittanut Martha H

Great location, small kitchen, uncomfortable beds and questionable cleaning.

First of all, the hotel is located beautifully within five minutes' walk of the old town in Rethymno. This is the main selling point for choosing this hotel. There is a lot of cicadas in the trees outside the hotel, which is a bit irritating when sitting on the small balcony, but hey - what can you do? The rooms have a slightly worn-down feeling to them. The kitchen is small with no stove and only one knife - a serrated one. There is no equipment for cleaning the dishes - however, the cleaning maid will do them daily. We felt that the kitchen is only fit for cooking a simple breakfast/coffee and storing beers. However, there is a metric tonne of cafées in the area, so do not fret. The beds are hard and uncomfortable, and the pillows offer no support. It is true that the towels and bed-sheets are only changed once or twice a week - however, we find this OK, as it seems wasteful to do so more often. The bed was always made when we came back, and the floors had very visibly been washed - often, they were still wet. Also, the kitchen service was not always entirely clean, but we managed. We have only experienced friendliness from the staff, and often we asked the cleaning lady to come back later, which was no issue. We never saw any "really old lady". The wifi is pretty slow, and you can hear people in the other rooms, but not enough to be a nuisance. All in all, it was an alright experience staying at Galeros, especially considering the price and location.


Kirjoittanut ChalkiadakisElias Bruhl, Saksa

Great choice in Rethymno!

This hotel, is at the center of the city. The access, to the beach, or shopping streets, or restaurants is direct. The hotel is new renovated in a modern style, and it's very clean! At the ground floor is also a nice cafe! I recommend it, for your stay in Rethymno city!


Kirjoittanut Eleni s Oslo, Norja

Bad service

The room was OK, it was nice with a small tea kitchen and a small fridge. Even tho the hotel is not rated as a 5 star hotel, I asumed that we would at least get back from the beach to a clean room, a maid bed and the trash to be taken out from the room. But no, they did not change the towels more than 2 times in the week we stayed. In the contract it cleary says that they are to change the towels every second day. One day they did not take out the trash in the bathroom, even tho we are not allowed to put toilet paper in the toilet. Just imagine the smell. We didnt get any new soap in the bathroom after it was empty, they just refiled it with water instead. You can expect the cleaning girl every day, at ca 10 in the morning, to take the trash and maybe do some mopping If she has time. And you don't need a timer to wake up in the morning. The cleaning staff will wake you up by standing in your toilet and in your kitchen shouting in greek. The really old lady also told us to not use the lights during the day, even tho we where in the room at that point. The 3rd day, when I got back from the supermarket to get breakfast the cleaning girl also had a view at our appartment and I found our appartment full of 4 people while my boyfriend was sleeping naked in the bedroom. The hole experience was so bad, they have no respect for privacy, we will never as guests pay for this kind of greek hospitality ever again.