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8 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-10-08

10 10:stä

Aamiainen oli aivan mahtava, iso valikoima ja todella maistuvaa kaikki! Henkilökunta ystävällistä. Todella siistiä ja sijainti erinomainen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-09-03

8 10:stä

Rauhallisuus...kaikuvuus huonoa..

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-06-11

8 10:stä

Huone oli siisti ja kylpyhuone remontoitu.
Kuvissa näytti laadukkaammalta....alakerran huoneisto jossa olin oli näkymä lautakasaan....

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-05-28

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Kirjoittanut clairerL6830FQ Clevedon, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Excellent location beautiful pool, basic but enjoyable.

Gem of a find in a great little corner of Santorini. Don’t get me wrong we had serious reservations reading reviews but we found it to be great - although basic- amongst an array of IG Hotels. Rooms are clean, pool area is lovely, proximity to beach is excellent. Negatives we experienced on our stay were unfortunately a pair of shorts were stolen from balcony, and staff not interested ( other reviews said this too) breakfast is basic, and again unfortunately staff not very friendly.. but that’s not always a bad thing! Who likes that overly friendly approach! Perfect for our less than well behaved teenagers!


Kirjoittanut 837sorayak

Way too expensive for the price

Do not book this hotel. The price is way too expensive for what it is and you can find much better places around Kamari. The pool and the jacuzzi are not accurate with pictures. The bed is really bad and the rooms are quite basic. Not the best breakfast either. They advertised for laundry which is inexistant and really old air con system. The room doesn’t smell well, we booked a better hotel for the end of our holidays for cheaper next door with incredible prestations. Disappointed ! However really friendly staff !


Kirjoittanut Liz O

Wouldn’t recommend

So it got 2 stars for a nice pool area and fab location. That’s where the positives end, we’ll sorry the bar staff were friendly too. Rooms are very very basic and a bit shoddy there was wires coming out of the bathroom fittings, air con didn’t work, shower leaked/ dripped a good bit. Got served a burger at the pool side bar that wasn’t cooked through, to be fair the bar staff they were nice and they took it back I didn’t want another they didn’t charge me. We travelled to attend a family wedding, there was no iron in the room and only one available from reception which we had to wait a day for and give back straight after use. Like use if an iron is standard the world over. My brother made and cancelled a booking we swapped bookings and took his as he had more days, anyway the hotel allowed this we had all the correspondence and paid in full. Yet when we arrived they insisted I hadn’t paid in full and owed an additional 182euro I explained I paid showed the receipts and communication with the hotel, outlining the change. Even though we explained the reception staff continually chased me around the hotel asking me to explain and saying I owed money. In one case I resent all the mails and wrote down the chain of events with the receptionist but again they kept asking me about it. After three days of this I said you need to get the manger I’m not discussing this anymore it’s ruining my holiday and quite embarrassing to be honest. Manager came read the communication and agreed, but by that stage it had ruined my holiday.


Kirjoittanut MarcG2936

Very disappointed that it was half shut at the beginning of October

We where supposed to be staying in a different hotel on the beach, but unfortunately we weren't able to as it was shutting its doors for the season early, and was allocated this one as a replacement 4star accommodation. This was our honeymoon and when we read about the hotel we both thought this would be fine,unfortunately the pool bar was closed ,the restaurant was closed ,and the beach sun beds where removed, in addition to this the description told us we would have robes and slippers ect ,none of these things where supplied. Nor did the hotel write up say at any point these things wouldn't be available in October? With no amenities at the time of year we arrived thi hotel couldn't possibly ever be classed as a four star, we both where very disappointed with our experience of this hotel.. Hopefully in season it will be more of a four star experienced


Kirjoittanut bo_slk trieste

Overpriced and inadequate

Very austere and poorly equipped rooms. Very basic furniture, without any comfort. The closet is missing the shelves. The lamps are without lampshades. The small balcony faces a dirty and apparently abandoned courtyard without any view, very unpleasant. I honestly do not understand how the RK Hotel can be rated as a 4 stars hotel. The rooms are way too overpriced, I won’t pay half the price for it. The only positive aspects are a good breakfast and the good location on the seaside.