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8 10:stä

Sijainti, maisema, hotelli aivan meren rannalla
Aamiainen oli monipuolinen ja riittävä, mutta ainakin kahden viikon aikana olisimme toivoneet jotain vaihtelua.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-09-27

2 10:stä

huono asiakaspalvelu, huono siisteys,

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-09-20

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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
  • 4/5 Nukkuminen
  • 3,5/5 Huoneet
  • 3/5 Palvelu
  • 2/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 3,5/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut YvonnevdBroek

Great place to stay right by the beach

I don't understand the bad reviews given here at all. We had a fantastic holiday staying in this pension! The location is perfect, right by the beach en thanks to the trees in the garden you can choose if you want to be in the sun or in the shade. The owner and the staff are ever so nice. Everyone telling otherwise needs to examine their own contribution to the dsicussion. Breakfast and the rooms are basic, but sufficient. You can't expect a 5*-hotel accommodation for this price. The beds are good, the airco is very welcome at night, the sheets and towels are clean. What more do you need. And the view from your room is beautiful! Nidri is at 15 minutes walking distance and is a lovely town. I would definitly love to come here again.


Kirjoittanut Darius P Wien, Itävalta

Good place for the ones without any high expectations

The view from the room is awesome. The rooms are medium sized and the shower cabin had a dirty curtain with mold spots. The hotel has no elevator! You have to pay for air conditioning and there is no wi-fi. The bar is poorly equipped and a bit pricy. There is no parking! Breakfast is served only at 8:15 and it's very limited. What I want to highlight is that the hotel is 10m away from the beach. It was my first time in Greece so i don't have any other accomodation to compare with. Staff is friendly but their English requires improvement. Beds are comfortable and there are plenty of mosquitoes during the night. It's a bit stupid that you have to lock the door in complete darkness because electricity is not working without the card which is attached to the keys.


Kirjoittanut sirkeline Otta, Norja

Great pension in a lovely location

I’ve read the reviews and now I wonder if I’ve stayed in the same place. I mean they don’t deserve all the bad comments. We booked at Marina because it was cheap, and had no expectations at all after all the bad reviews. When we arrived we were welcomed by one of the ladies. Maybe the manager is the problem, but we didn’t need him/her during our stay. Our room facing the beach was good. The bed were much better than others I’ve slept in around the world. I complained about the pillow and got another one right away. We had lunch while we waited for our room. Ok, they don’t have the best menu, but there are plenty of restaurants nearby. The breakfast is the kind of breakfast you get in small hotels around Greece. But my opinion is that the breakfast in Marina is ok. Every day there was fresh bread, boiled eggs, ham, cheese, some other meat, fruit, cereal, juice, tea and coffee. I’m not sure if we can expect more for the price we pay. Our room was cleaned 6 days a week. I wasn’t under the bed checking for dirt and dust... Ok, some blood on the walls after killing mosquitoes. Maybe I’m a little stupid, but I really don’t care. I think if we have this high expectations of a hotel/pension maybe we should choose a little more expensive place. I liked Marina, and I will probably stay again if I go back to Nidri.


Kirjoittanut 503stinae Tukholma, Ruotsi

A peaceful garden

A great place to relax. The Hotel has a beautiful garden. Right by the sea. No pool but there’s no need. The staff is really friendly and helpful in every way. The breakfast could be a little bit better with more variation. They have a bar. You have to pay for air conditioner, but that’s normal. Internet doesn’t work so good so your own is probably better. But over all it’s a beautiful place and you will definitely relax. You have everything you need in a walking distance. Instead of renting a car. Rent a bike and a boat. Definitely a boat. 50e/ day. For a small one. Bike 4e/day. Our vacation was great. Thanks to Marina Pansion


Kirjoittanut Matteo D

Worst management ever

At first we've read the reviews but really liked the surroundings so thought we'd give it a try. At arrival the host was friendly and threw in some jokes to make us feel comfortable, after we got the keys to our room we went straight towards our room finding out that the room was surprisingly good (compared to what people were complaining about in the reviews). Then the horror begins.. At the first evening our lights suddenly stopped working after I went downstairs to buy airco for the first night. When I returned the lights suddenly were off and apparently was broken (the lights work through a card recognition box), we had the card inside the recognition box but it still didn't work so I went downstairs to ask for help, which she simply couldn't and didn't want to walk upstairs to see what the problem was. She told us to try some switches on the fuse box (really ridiculously as a guest that you should do that yourself), after that I came to the conclusion that the card might be broken so with difficult explaining (she was still too stubborn to walk upstairs with me) I've gotten a new card to try that out but still didn't work. While preparing for a night without lights and disappointment of the help we've gotten I came to the idea it might be the card recognition box that might be broken, so after pulling it apart and replacing it the lights finally worked and the airco was one for some night sleep after a dramatic evening. The next day when we thought we'd have a good day without stress the a/c suddenly broke down in the afternoon so yet again we went down for some help with the a/c, only to hear that she also doesn't know what's wrong with the a/c either and that she doesn't want to walk upstairs with us to see for herself again.. After that she explained that the a/c couldn't be broke because it was just 3 years old! (Ridiculous once again since I have more expensive equipment that shows failure after half a year) So after that we tried to ask our money back for the a/c that night which somehow was very hard for her to give back (5€). On the 3rd day we thought that we could give the breakfast a try since the first days we rested a little longer because of the short dramatic nights, but however the breakfast was very plain with hard bread, slices of cheese that looked like soap and ham that seemed to be made in a chemical factory. That afternoon we went out to go souvenir shopping and while coming back to the hotel we talked to the owner and she promised to fix the a/c and send an electrician to repair it so we asked if it was already fixed. The owner told us that the problem was solved and that the electrician said that it was our fault that the a/c was broken because we somehow played with the remote control, which is hard to do with only 5 buttons or so on it and why to do that anyway? After all that ridiculous accusing and drama we went upstairs with the remote control with the feeling that the a/c was fixed, we put the a/c on with the "on" button and adjusting the temperature. After half a hour it broke down again with the valve open because the power was shortcut somehow. We felt burdened to go downstairs and ask our money back since she blamed us, so we called our traveling agent. She said she would talk to the hotel owner and we didn't need to stress about it anymore. Next day we asked an employee our money back but she couldn't do that without the permission of the owner. That afternoon we got a call by our traveling agent in which she said that the owner would come upstairs that evening to check the a/c, we stayed in our room that entire evening and night without her showing up. The next day we confronted her about not showing up and she explained herself saying that she could see our a/c working from outside (which is impossible in the dark while we are on the 3rd floor and the unit was shielded off by towels drying on our balcony fence) so instead of fighting and stressing what doesn't seem to help at all with her we continued our day. The next day in the evening while returning to the hotel we asked we tried to get our money back for the night before and the nights we paid in advance but that was (surprisingly) not possible. So once again she blamed us for breaking down her 3 year "new" a/c telling us literally it was our fault. The next day we called our traveling agent again and managed to make an appointment with an independent electrician the next day, she also told us that we should try to get our money back again, so once again we tried to get our money back on which she said that she wanted to wait till the independent electrician has visited the next day. While in discussion with her some other guests showed up so she switched conversation to them, they said it could wait and that they weren't in a hurry upon which she replied "I don't want to talk to them no more" simply because she apparently got stress from us (while we are guests in a foreign country... Besides it's her job to make a pleasant stay for all guests). That evening we went out for souvenir shopping again, when we returned to our room my girlfriend noticed that our a/c valve was suddenly closed while she told us on the 1st day that no electricians could come in the evening (we left 10pm and came back 1 am), this also was exactly the night before the independent electrician was supposed to come, which gave us the impression we were being tricked for paying non existing electrician bills or the lousy €30 we paid for the entire week of a/c. We gave up on the a/c and gotten a ventilator for the rest of the week from the traveling agency office. At the end of the week the surroundings were nice and as the review tells the owner is nice until stuff breaks down and then she won't make the smallest impression of helping and ruins your vacation for a big part. This vacation was my worst ever and same as for my girlfriend, we didn't feel welcome and we had a lot of stress every single night. I strongly advice to not go to this hotel, it could be a good experience if nothing breaks down but as soon as it does you will find yourself in a nightmare. Sorry if my grammar isn't that good but English isn't my primary language.