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10 10:stä

All inclusive oli huippu, viinit sai pullona ottaa kaapista ja allas baaristakin sai pullon mukaan huoneeseen. Välipalaa oli tarjolla hyvin. Ohjelma tarjonta monipuolista päivin ja iltaisin.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-01-29

7 10:stä

Tilava ja aurinkoinen terassi.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-01-22

10 10:stä

Palvelu, ruoka, ihana henkilökunta ja esiintyjät, uima-altaat, kauniit kasvit ja palmut altaiden ympärillä

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-12-25

8 10:stä

Hyvä ruoka. Sijainti.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-11-27

10 10:stä

Olohuone ja makuuhuone. Vaikka vähän kulunut sohva, sänky oli todella hyvä. Vesi tuli hyvin - tykkään sadesuihkusta.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-11-13

10 10:stä

Todella kauniit allasalueet. Mukavat aktiviteettiohjaajat ja aktiviteetit.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-11-06

10 10:stä

Ruoka erinomaista, henkilökunta ok. Huone siisti kylpyhuonetta myöten.
Eipä ole

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-12

6 10:stä

Super henkilökunta

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-05

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  • 4/5 Huoneet
  • 4/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 4/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut jounit986 Riihimäki, Suomi

Kiva perhehotelli

Hotelli on ihan kiva. All inc palveluista jää ihan hyvä kuva (emme käyttäneet juurikaan muista syistä) Altaan vesi oli suolavettä, tämä hieman erikoinen yksityiskohta. Lasten aktiviteetit lähinnä Saksalaisille, mutta alueella tosi vihreää ja paljon eri eläimiä.


Kirjoittanut Cademoya Glasgow, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

No lifts

A perfect paradise but with no lifts if you were 2 flights it was impossible if you have mobility problems. The other problem was the dining tables were set for eight people therefore you could be seated with strangers which did not suit my grandson if someone sat down he left the table.the food was average. The accommodations was nice with a bedroom and a sitting room ,television with English channels. There was a nice little terrace on the ground floor bungalows. Entertainment was mostly the animation team who did a great job. The staff were nice enough but for the price I paid I don’t think I would go again.


Kirjoittanut TraceBristol1974

Impressed with my first all inclusive experience!

Really impressed with this hotel. It was my first experience with all inclusive. I booked through Tui so it wasn't cheap but I was really impressed with the organisation of the staff as I myself work in the hospitality industry. Crowded pools didn't interest us but if you walk to the back of the hotel grounds, past the cute Guinea pigs that loved to be fed grass you come to another pool with a slide. This was our little haven. Really quiet and only a couple of minutes walk to the bar."Bar snacks" is an understatement. All you can eat burgers, Chips, onion rings, nuggets and a lovely salad bar from 1pm with hot pasta. Lots of cocktails and local spirits included.You can even ask for a bottle of Prosecco to take to your room! Food 10/10 Bar 10/10 Not impressed with getting the sofa made up for my 22year old son who's 6ft 3! but that issue is with Tui. Rooms are pretty small and basic but there is a TV with some English channels and a small fridge. Not really enough space for 3 adults but it was fine 6/10 The area wasn't my scene. Packed and tacky but the hotel is in the heart of everything and a 8 minute walk to the beach.


Kirjoittanut Henrik C Satila, Ruotsi


A mix of everthing, good och bad. Sunbeds are reserved early but no one are there. Some bar-staff are rude and if they don't like you, well, you will have to wait. I am sure you all now who they are. In our room, located i D, the noise from the show was very loud and about midnight everything went quit. Good rooms and ok food. For the cost it was ok but i will not return.


Kirjoittanut titchyg87 Leeds, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


Family of Four - Children aged 10 & 5 - British (this shouldn't be relevant, but for this hotel it really is.) We have been travelling to Tenerife for years at this time of year as its not too hot, not too busy and we've always had a lovely family holiday, until this year. PROS Marcus the TUI rep - super helpful Juan behind the bar and in the pool bar - awesome And the guy on the animation team with a wife from Leeds - didn't catch his name! The actual hotel is nice enough, very clean, mix of modern and traditional, but some areas need to be refurbished. However my review isn't about the actual hotel, its about the entertainment, or lack of, and the fact that at this time of year it is not a place for British families, especially those with younger children, or older children to be fair. Restaurant - no faults, food is good for a 3 star really helpful with our autistic children Paella was lovely and the fresh pizzas were so good we lived off them. The place has zero atmosphere, its lifeless, music around the pool was very depressing, sad music, nothing uplifting or easy listening. No sound on BBC in the rooms (couldn’t watch World Cup) – we couldnt watch it in the theatre bit as it was so quiet and boring if England scored we'd of probably been pelted with stuff! Rude bar staff on the evening bar - served everyone else before us, even though they clearly saw we were there first. I went and spoke in Spanish then got served immediately. Juan is lovely though! As was another guy from the animation team, we didnt catch his name but he recognised our Leeds accent as his wife was from Leeds so it was nice to chat to these two but they were the only people apart from Reception that actually spoke to us. Full of German & Dutch guests, this isnt a problem at all, it was more the lack of information about it being predominantly those nationalities and the fact that the kids were excluded for bring brits – The TUI rep was shocked that we had been able to book this hotel as it is solely marketed to the German & Dutch at this time of year. I think they prefer a quieter place! Pools advertised as “year-round” but were literally freezing. When we asked the Receptionist, she said that they were only allowed to heat them to 25/26 degrees and would ask for the staff to check the temperatures. There was rarely anyone in the pools at all. Indicating how cold they were. My daughter was blue after 5 minutes and refused to get back in. Lagoon pool with slides was absolutely freezing, no one there, the slides are old & didn’t make sense, volcanic rock stairs not ideal for smaller children and a struggle for parents to assist due to the layout. Our daughter who is 5 scratched her bottom and legs on the smaller one. Sand around the lagoon pool- it’s like grit, not pleasant at all and showers not strong enough to wash off. I don’t get the sand there, it makes a mess of the pool and it’s like rock salt, so not comfortable at all and the showers were so low in pressure it was very difficult to wash off. For little ones with wet feet, really dangerous. And no bar or food so you had a right mission to get a drink if you went up there, needless to say we didn't go again. Children's pool near the main pool was in the shade all morning until mid-afternoon so it was even colder than the other pools. Outdoor restaurant was closed as out of season; this wasn’t advertised so we were a bit disappointed about this as it looked lovely. Kids disco - didn’t start until 9pm so too late for our 5-year-old, we tried but she couldn’t stay up. Staff didn’t seem to engage with the kids just danced for half an hour. My kids usually get fully immersed in any entertainment, but here they were so excluded for being British they were intimidated. Shows - didn’t start until 9.45pm, we managed to see 2 which were really good but just too late for us all to enjoy. and the Magician was a bit too forceful with one kid that didnt want to go on stage but he gripped them by the arm, made them participate then made them now, my kids wouldn't of tolerated that, and it really annoyed me! Nothing for older kids to do at all other than a wonky pool table which you have to pay a euro for. Day time entertainment – none around the pool apart from a fashion show. Rooms Nice enough, we got F101 which was really close to the reception and restaurants so worked for us with the kids. Kids bedroom (bunkbeds) were as soon as you walked in and no lock on the door to stop little ones escaping and also a big window so everyone could see in so we kept that closed at all times. The shower was really powerful and nice and hot. Not enough plug sockets, you’ll need a 4 way or similar and not all worked Park - slide needs replacing, big patches and cracking. Kids club - never any British kids there, miles from main pool and not catered to British children as they don’t have insurance! The animals were a nice touch but chuffin stank! Reception really helpful Nice hotel, shame about the bar staff & guests who didnt seem to want anyone to have any fun.. no kids for our kids to play with, seemed really dulled and I felt like I had to tell the kids to be quiet as we were getting lots of tuts and lots of mucky looks. The whole places feels like it’s deflated and beaten. A larger group arrived the day we were leaving (we moved hotels midway it was so depressing!) they were jumping in the pool and playing and throwing a ball around which upset some of the guests and they were asked to stop! what the h*ll! So you cant have any fun here at all! The reviews said how amazing the kid’s animation team were but I think they’d drank too much all-inclusive booze or they’re deluded because my kids were bored the whole time and they usually get fully involved in stuff. The extra 4 star makes a difference and weve actually paid less for a 4 star before. Worse thing is the price we paid we could’ve got a 4 star, but we saw a few recommendations on YouTube and the reviews at the time of booking were really positive. Seems our expectations might be too high for us to want our children to have a good holiday. didn’t think we were that snobby, just appreciate good service and somewhere our kids are happy, entertained and included. I cant say what its like in summer but I just wouldn't go here if you're looking for a family holiday or somewhere that's lively! Good job it was in the middle of Playa de las Americas or we wouldve been in trouble if we hadnt been able to go anywhere! The TUI website said “An action-packed to-do list” “Park Club Europe a great getaway for families.” “There’s plenty to keep you busy here.” but that was a lie! I'm currently waiting for a response back from my hefty complaint!