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10 10:stä

Ruoka erinomaista, henkilökunta ok. Huone siisti kylpyhuonetta myöten.
Eipä ole

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-12

6 10:stä

Super henkilökunta

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-05

8 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-03-22

8 10:stä

Ilta baari tarjoilu ( ELADOLIO ) hyvä grilli ja puutarha. Avarat aulatilan. Kohtelias vastaanotto.
Huoneen kivilattian vesipesu vaikka kerran kuukaudessa. Nykyinen pesu vain pyörittää likaa. Sukan pohjasta huomaa lattian puhtauden.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-19

10 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-05

9 10:stä

Siisteys, palvelu, henkilöstön ystävällisyys.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-12-08

8 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-12-08

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  • 4/5 Huoneet
  • 4/5 Palvelu
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  • 4/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut jounit986 Riihimäki, Suomi

Kiva perhehotelli

Hotelli on ihan kiva. All inc palveluista jää ihan hyvä kuva (emme käyttäneet juurikaan muista syistä) Altaan vesi oli suolavettä, tämä hieman erikoinen yksityiskohta. Lasten aktiviteetit lähinnä Saksalaisille, mutta alueella tosi vihreää ja paljon eri eläimiä.


Kirjoittanut E9967YLannag

Best Location

Near the sunset and waves long the beachside Pretty nice professional staff A Better Place to stay with Friends & family Every month Is good to visit Tenerife Europe family group and club Is perfect to have a really nice holiday time !!


Kirjoittanut 739johann_

The twins

This hotel was very nice and i enjoyed my stay, clean roomw, nice staff and cleaning people and a very good location. There was unfortunately one thing that i despise about this hotel, and that is the two german twins in the lobby. They are german twins with attitude and rudeness, they show no respect and are generally rude, not doing their joh well and usually just talking and talking wasting time making you wait for a long time. The breaking point with then was when our passports went missing. We requested them to be stored in the lobby while a family member was coming, that was so he could pick them up later to confirm to the twins that it was him.( yes they made us fo it) so fast forward a few days dealing eith rude lobby twins and during our leave we found out that we lost our passports, looking and looking we went to the lobby where another man was finally in the mobby anf he kindly greeted us and asked us if these passports were ours. Those ladies are the only bad thing about this hotel.


Kirjoittanut enelos_rzf

Great holidays in family and with friends

The hotel was great, the animations were really entertaining and the team was wonderful, really close to the clients, almost like some friends. We are French and they really made efforts to try communicating in our language. There is a lot of food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner (except for dessert) and it was tasty. Also the shows they perform at night are not to miss, especially the "we will rock you" one. We went there during Christmas season so they made a lovely "buffet/market" on Christmas eve. We do recommend this hotel.


Kirjoittanut 697teiganl

Temper Expectations

This was my first trip to Arona, and if you’re traveling experience has been restricted to the typical ‘North American all-inclusive,’ I would encourage you to lower your expectations. My check-in was challenging, the front desk attendant didn’t appear to speak English; so when I asked about my booking and room charges, there was no response. This is prevalent among many of the staff, so I would recommend knowing some Spanish, so you can make basic inquires. Breakfasts are the same with a large array of food with a variety of options. There are no individual/ á lá carte options, and for the duration of my 9 days, I had the same repeated food options. Evening meals are themed, e.g. French, Italian, Spanish, German, International buffets. Many of the menu items overlap, so if you stay for an extended period of time - you’ll encounter many menu similar items. The solo buffet is your only dining option for dinner. The Italian and Spanish nights are the best! You cannot charge hotel expenses to the room, so bring cash. I found the extra costs disappointing for an “all-inclusive”. €20 towel rental with additional €2 per day. Go around the corner to the shopping center, you can buy a towel for €3 euro and save yourself money. Entertainment can be included, but there is extra costs, e.g. bingo night (€10) to play for a wine basket. Many drink menu items are not included. After partying on Veronica’s strip, I brought a guest back to the hotel and was turned away. The hotel doesn’t allow guests. Something I’m unaccustomed to, but something to be aware of. The wifi was infuriating. I tried to have two client meetings and was unable to do so, because the wifi could not sustain the connection. It regularly disconnected and is non-existent in many areas of the hotel. Finally, the average age of the crowd is older. If you are young and looking for a ‘party’ resort; this is not your place. The evening shows (comedy skits, parrot show and Mamma Mia) are wrapped up by 10:30pm. Juan, Eladio, Karo, and Dani made this trip a lot better. But, I wouldn’t return without significant changes to how the hotel is run. The best thing about this hotel is the grounds, plants, cleanliness, and housekeeping staff.