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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-03-22

8 10:stä

Ilta baari tarjoilu ( ELADOLIO ) hyvä grilli ja puutarha. Avarat aulatilan. Kohtelias vastaanotto.
Huoneen kivilattian vesipesu vaikka kerran kuukaudessa. Nykyinen pesu vain pyörittää likaa. Sukan pohjasta huomaa lattian puhtauden.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-19

10 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-05

9 10:stä

Siisteys, palvelu, henkilöstön ystävällisyys.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-12-08

8 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-12-08

Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita Park Club Europe -hotellista. Kokemukset ja arviot ovat maailman tunnetuimman arviointipalvelun TripAdvisorin keräämiä ja siten Apollomatkoista riippumattomia.

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Kirjoittanut jounit986 Riihimäki, Suomi

Kiva perhehotelli

Hotelli on ihan kiva. All inc palveluista jää ihan hyvä kuva (emme käyttäneet juurikaan muista syistä) Altaan vesi oli suolavettä, tämä hieman erikoinen yksityiskohta. Lasten aktiviteetit lähinnä Saksalaisille, mutta alueella tosi vihreää ja paljon eri eläimiä.


Kirjoittanut Navigator585878

Awful, Avoid especially if you're English

8 of us at all age ranges stayed for 2 weeks and I honestly wish we had never booked this. This hotel does not cater for the English. It caters for the Germans (I have nothing against them but they definitely do with us). We emailed ahead and asked if possible could we have ground floor and they agreed as we had 3 disabled people in the group, 1 of which is my son who has a disabled buggy, we was put on the 1st floor and the lift was out of action. Food is awful and no English choices (broccoli and carrots for breakfast) no children's options for dinners and had to pay to eat out as my 9 year old often couldn't eat, he's not fussy, but likes what he knows. Bread rolls are stale and left for days without changing them. 1 of my family members found a bug crawling on his salad. The tui rep (Marcus) is German and wouldn't help us due to us being English, he is rude and told my family we shouldn't be so fussy and spoke in German to his colleagues in front of us and you could tell it wasn't nice things as we was highlighting issues, he said we had kept the stale bread in our room and gave it to him to make the hotel look bad, he also said we put the bug in the food. A big cockraoch problem all over the hotel, I know this often can't be helped, but I've stayed in many hotels across Tenerife and it's never been a problem on this scale and they don't seem to care. We never felt welcome and once people realised we was English they stared and talked poorly of us, we know this as 1 of the members of our group speaks some German, they was laughing at my disabled son who has bowel incontince and had an accident by the pool and calling us 'dirty English people' and we know some were swearing at us. No entertainment due to covid and what they did put on for kids was in German. We made sure we spent as much time as possible out of the hotel, but when you've paid for all inclusive it isn't fair. Receptionists often rude and not welcoming, other hotels we've stayed in we've had lovely greetings and fun staff. Towels are awful and falling to bits. Rooms are dirty and we found plug sockets hanging off the walls and dirty socks behind the cupboards. Pool towels you have to pay for, it's cheaper to buy one from the local shops, but why should you when you've paid all inc. No English tea option all day, you can only get this in the restaurant at meal times. Most snack bars closed and no bbq apparently due to covid. Snack bar shut at 5pm and not 11pm as advertised. No English TV channels (not that you want to watch TV on holiday) but my elderly mum likes to keep up with the news in the afternoon. They have Spanish and German channels. We was told they cater for English and they then went on to say they didn't do an English night for entertainment and food, but they do other nationalities (Spanish, German and Italian). If you are thinking of booking this hotel in 1 word 'don't' if you have already booked think about changing it, pay the ammendment fee it'll be cheaper in the end as you don't get what you pay for. The only positive is the location, on the flat and close to beach, shops etc. The only lovely people in the whole hotel is Ramon and an Italian chef (not sure of his name) who made us feel very welcome. I'm not one to moan and have never left a bad review but this place warrants it. Would definitely never book again! You couldn't pay me and my family to stay here again!!! AVOID!!!


Kirjoittanut piotrh1982 Łódź, Puola

I liked it a lot

Great place for holidays. I spent there 2 weeks with my wife and 2 year old daughter. The room was very big - living room + bedroom+bathroom+quite big hall and terrace. In total about 50m2. Meals very tasty and mixed. Beer and wine for everyone. Great coffe, service, every day different performance. Great location - in the middle of the city. A lot of swimmingpools and sports.


Kirjoittanut charlottet191

Poor cleaning and customer service.

Our towels are dirty and/or broken. There have been cockroaches in our toilet and I saw one in the dinner too. Our room fan is broken and keeps noise and the curtains are dirty and broken too. Today we woke up and our toilet has gone broken or something and there were fluids in our toilet floor and the smell was terrible. We tried to ask for cleaning from the lobby and straight from cleaners and they were rude and did not hurry to come and clean the room so we havent been able to be there all day now. Cleaning comes very late at day and if you are in the room they dont come at all like yesterday. Towels cost 1.5 € per day and for example if you want to play tennis you have to have 50€ in cash. Not a nice surprise.. In the buffet the food is almost always cold. In the breakfast there are mostly things you put on bread but the bread is always too hard so theres not much to eat.


Kirjoittanut CulbinSands Elgin, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Never needed to spend a cent.

Being all exclusive I found that all my needs were met at this hotel. I found no issues with the staff, the food , my room or the pool. All my dealings with the staff, whether it was the cleaning staff who always said ' Good Morning' the reception staff who were extremely pleasant or the restaurant and bar staff who took the time to help with the self service beer taps ( Amstel beer), were very positive. My room was very clean and fresh. It didn't appear to have air conditioning but a very large fan. Food was good and plentiful and a large portion of it freshly cooked next to where it was served. So you were able to see the whole process and get it hot. It was located near to the beaches and esplanades so getting to the various location was fairly easy. On the whole a very nice experience.