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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-27

8 10:stä

Siisti, hyvä palvelu ja todella ystävällinen kohtelu lapsille. Ruokaa oli saatavilla kaikkeen makuun melkein kellon ympäri.
Menu bufetissa voisi vaihdella enemmän. Musiikki soi melkein joka ilta kovalla joko kohde hotellissa tai viereisissä ja kuului huoneistoon sisään. Olisimme saaneet toisen huoneen, mutta ongelma tuskin olisi helpottunut.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-20

9 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-08-30

6 10:stä

Hyvä palvelu.
Ruokailuihin ja allastuoleihin piti tehdä varaus todella ajoissa. Buffetruokailun tila meluisa ja rauhaton. Viini/juomalista ravintoloissa todella suppea. Ranta puhdas, mutta kivinen ja syvenee nopeasti.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-28

8 10:stä

-rauhallinen sijainti -lyhyt matka lentokentältä
-vesipulloja jakoon

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-07

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Kirjoittanut melocake89 Israel

Not a 5 star!

Huge disappointment. No idea how they get away with calling this hotel a 5 star. Basic rooms Watered down orange juice for breakfast Overbooked, Queues for food and drinks. Can’t get a seat by the pool because everything is reserved by 8am. No gym! (What 5* hotel doesn’t have a gym?!) Terrible food in the main dining hall. Hard to book a reservation for the 3 restaurants - everything booked up minutes after reservations open on the website. Hotel interior is tired and worn down. This is a 3 star resort at best. Wouldn’t stay here again or recommend it.


Kirjoittanut gav7024 Fife, Scotland

So conflicted....not really a 5 star

The best thing I can say about this hotel to summarise my family's stay here is - so conflicted. No point waffling on. Here are the pros and cons Pros Location brilliant. A mere 20 minutes car drive from the airport! Would have gotten a 5 star review. However, it is a bit isolated. If you don't have your own car, you'll have to rely on bus/car and the access roads aren't great. Staff lovely - good with kids, helpful and friendly overall. Facilities - very good, 1 shop in the main resort area, and a main shop 20 metres from the main entrance. Toilets at the pool area are very clean. Main dining area: Creperie (which is awesome and in very high demand; usually you see folk queueing to get a table and they descend on you like a pack of seagulls if you even make a slight movement), al a carte restaurants (can’t review these I’m afraid as we never visited), main bar (no food), pool bars (no food), beach bar (no food), pizza oven at the beach, water sports activity hut (20 minutes free on a pedalo - brilliant). The main pool area has infinity pool type designs, with another pool nearby where they appeared to do water aerobics and what I would describe as a “kids” pool at the top of the resort, which has a large main pool (adult pool) and a smaller kids pool off to the side. This pool is great as it has 2 large adult flumes and a kiddy’s flume going into the kids pool. There are pods off the main pool area, which are comfy. Pool areas are kept very clean and from what I saw, the lifeguards/pool cleaners took their job very seriously. Cleaning the pool 2 hours before opening time and you could see them conducting water tests prior to opening. The rooms are lovely, very clean, in good order. Rooms and bed linen cleaned daily. Safes are within the room and the air conditioning is good quality, with drying areas out on the balcony. Mini bar within the room which is free and they restock every couple of days with soft drinks and a couple of beers. Shampoo/conditioner/moisturiser supplied by the hotel and restocked every day. More than ample car parking if you hire a car. Cons There is absolutely no kids club, play park or activities for kids. If you look at the website for the MItsis Norida Beach Hotel it paints a lovely picture re kids activities saying that there is a mini and junior clubs, a kids disco, open air cinema and play park for kids. There is absolutely none of this. What it does say on the website is that the above are subject to Covid-19 restrictions - fair enough. However, staff confirmed for the time we were there that none of the above was available because of Covid-19. Call me cynical but I wonder if this is due to cost cutting as opposed to Covid-19. The hotel had plenty of other non-kids activities on the go which have an equally high risk of covid transmission that did not appear to be curbed, and on top of that, entertainment staff were seen walking about the resort and the adult entertainment at night was packed. I just don’t understand that if it were because of Covid, why other things weren’t curbed as well? Literally no one can access the kiddies play park because there’s a fence surrounding it and the access gate is padlocked shut. I’m at a loss as to how kids can’t use this, but all the aforementioned activities are fine??? The queuing is ridiculous. If you are AI at this resort, you’re going to come home feeling robbed. The queues for the main bar next to the creperie were a joke. There’s regularly in excess of 20 folk in the queue at night with 1 staff member on to serve this bar. You’re easily standing in this queue for about 15 minutes bare minimum. This is a very very busy bar. The pool bar queues weren’t much better. Even during daytime, the queues could easily get into double figures. Again, I know the stock answer for this will be “Covid-19”. However, the cynic in me tells me this is down to money saving. I fail to understand why having 20+people in a queue, in close proximity to each other, with minimal social distancing is safer to reduce covid risk? If anyone doubts this, I do have a photo of the queue at this bar one night. Feel free to ask me for it! The food selection is a bit samey (to be expected I guess). If you love spaghetti bolognaise, rice and pizza, you’re going to love this place as they’re constantly on the menu. The queuing system for food is beyond mental, with zero social distancing or indeed anyone to monitor it. I think they need to resign themselves to the fact that it’s chaos and need to introduce a form of table service. The hotel has the capacity for menus available on QR codes, so if Covid 19 is the answer for everything here, then they’re needing to look at the queuing system for food. The staff have my sympathies - The way meals are set up, they are overworked. As a result, don’t expect to get more than one drink at meal time. I’ve had to hunt for a staff member to order our initial drinks as we were missed. Again, this is not the fault of staff; It’s purely the way meal times are set up, which results in them being rushed off their feet. With regards to food, please watch out. They were doing a delicious mussel salad, which turned out to still have significant portions of shell within. Nearly broke a tooth! Due to having a 3 year old who’s fond of an afternoon nap, sometimes we couldn’t go to lunch. When I looked into taking food to our room we were told that we weren’t allowed take food to the room, which isn’t really helpful. Couldn't get a late check out for the same room despite willing to pay. Instead they offered a room in a completely different part of the resort, which was declined due to the logistics of it. They cited Covid 19 and the intensive cleaning required, which is fair enough I suppose, but who in their right mind would relocate all their belongings to another part of hotel for 35 euros for a couple of hours? Shower rooms for guests who have checked out - just a warning really. You only get 30 minutes use of the shower rooms and I was initially told that there was shampoo/body wash available in the men's shower rooms to find that they had obviously not had any shampoo/body wash in them for some time (bone dry). This was particularly a nightmare because if I’d been given the correct information before going for a shower, I would’ve been able to get shower gel off my wife prior to entering the shower room with my child. I’ve been to a few 5 stars now, on the Greek Islands and elsewhere. This certainly didn’t measure up to a 5 star. It felt like a really nice 3 star and I’m 100% convinced that a lot of things have been kyboshed in the resort as a cost cutting exercise, as opposed to Covid being responsible.


Kirjoittanut 738gabrielaa München, Saksa

Best holiday

Relax, fun, hot weather, awesome food, friendly personal ... and the list continues ❤️ I was with my partner for 6 nights all inclusive and we almost cried when returning to Germany. From far the best management!!! Even tough with COVID-19 the hotel was full and that’s because they offer u a great holiday. U get everything for everyone. They work continuously and even the floor was sparkling. We will come back for sure. Thank you Norida Beach and good luck for the future 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Kirjoittanut Salsyg Witham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Mum & Daughter

Hmmmmm.....not up to the 5* reviews Firstly when we arrived, due to Covid they did not put us in Norida Beach and instead put us in the summer Palace, a very dead hotel (part of the Mitsis complex so still full access) with the access to a golf cart to take us to and from dinner and a band that gave us access to the Blue Domes Hotel. Some may see this as a bonus but personally I would have preferred to be at Norida. It was frustratingly hard to get a sunbed round the pool (even first thing in the morning), hotel is predominantly German guests and unfortunately they are quite rude and arrogant. The second morning we ended up getting up at 7 am (not my idea of fun on a holiday but needs must) we thought if you can’t beat them join them so we put our towels on a Sunlounger on a great spec around the pool. We came back about half an hour later and a German couple were sitting on our towels and refused to move saying you weren’t here this is now ours, wouldn’t even give us our towels back!! The staff at the hotel are so lovely, helpful and friendly as without this I think my review would have been poor. To summarise it is a stunning hotel but unless you are very tolerant I would give it a miss this season!


Kirjoittanut asmo75 York, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Amazing family holiday to Kos

We originally booked a week at the end of August to stay at the mitsis family village (2 adults + 3 kids age 11,10,7)but as the time got closer it turned out that it was not going to open this year due to the coronavirus. The reservation manager Despoina at the family village was In touch over email fairly frequently and managed to get us a place at the Norida beach. We had booked a maisonette with sharing pool at the FV but they don't have them at Norida but we were very impressed to be placed in a maisonette that opened out directly onto the a secluded larger pool in the complex, we could not have been happier! The room was nicely laid out, plenty of room for us all and storage available too. We spent our days in and around the pool relaxing and having fun and really only moved on to go to the restaurant for meals, we never did any day trips or sightseeing as we had so much of a good time just where we were. The restaurant had a good mixture of food for different tastes and there was always a daily change in dishes. It seemed very well organised with staff serving food over plastic screens to prevent the inevitable push and shove of a standard all inclusive buffet and aside from a few very rude people pushing in front, everyone seemed to adapt to it and enjoy. The food overall was very nice and the kids loved the choices on offer plus the never ending desserts! We also ate at the creperie a few times and tried the pizza on the beach, both excellent and very fresh. On an evening after tea we sat outside to see the entertainment, had a few drinks and played cards. The entertainment (mainly singers) was average most nights and seemed very slow paced and dull on a few occasions but it was nice to have something in the background for the evening. The outside seating area catered for easily a few hundred people but there were only 2 staff on table service clearing glasses and taking orders so they were very overworked but they did a great job under the circumstances. The bar service was fairly slow too with not many staff and extra restrictions in place but still not terrible. Overall we had an amazing family holiday here and would happily return, or maybe try the Blue Domes next time, it was a great hotel with some great facilities but I think a mention needs to go to the staff who were amazing throughout the whole stay! The staff in the restaurant serving food, waiters and greeters were always happy and welcoming and really made a difference to the stay. A special mantion needs to go to Ondra and Saci, the entertainment staff who did pool exercise, games, yoga, dancing and a host of other things to keep the guests enjoying their stay. The kids absolutely loved the morning pool dances! They seemed to be everywhere all the time but always made time to go out of their ways to chat to people, (as did all the staff really, even when they were very busy) and from what we gathered there are usually alot more of them to share the workload. A great hotel, great location, great staff, definitely worth staying at.