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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-27

8 10:stä

Siisti, hyvä palvelu ja todella ystävällinen kohtelu lapsille. Ruokaa oli saatavilla kaikkeen makuun melkein kellon ympäri.
Menu bufetissa voisi vaihdella enemmän. Musiikki soi melkein joka ilta kovalla joko kohde hotellissa tai viereisissä ja kuului huoneistoon sisään. Olisimme saaneet toisen huoneen, mutta ongelma tuskin olisi helpottunut.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-20

9 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-08-30

6 10:stä

Hyvä palvelu.
Ruokailuihin ja allastuoleihin piti tehdä varaus todella ajoissa. Buffetruokailun tila meluisa ja rauhaton. Viini/juomalista ravintoloissa todella suppea. Ranta puhdas, mutta kivinen ja syvenee nopeasti.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-28

8 10:stä

-rauhallinen sijainti -lyhyt matka lentokentältä
-vesipulloja jakoon

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-07

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Kirjoittanut eugenek1991

Great hotel

The nicest view i have had from a hotel ,lovely room and a very nice staff. The beach was very nice and clean i will definitely recommend it to my friends and family ! Thank you very much for the wonderful holiday.


Kirjoittanut jackandhismumanddad Lontoo, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Isolated hotel at the end of the season - but gorgeous!

We visited at October half term with our 15 year old son. It’s a stunning hotel I must say. The unobstructed view of the sea from round the pool was amazing - the nicest view we have had from a hotel. The hotel was surprisingly busy for the end of the season. I think there would have been difficulty in getting a bed round the pool in peak season. We particularly liked the solo dome shaped beds. Bar and restaurant staff were very helpful and friendly. The reception staff could have been a bit friendlier I think. There were times I put off asking a question in case I got another frosty response. The hotel were very good with Covid rules, lots of cleaning everywhere, masks worn etc. The food was quite basic, we didn’t have any snack but meals in the buffet restaurant but it was fine. You couldn’t serve yourself but the staff served you and it was fine. The a la carte restaurants looked stunning but on the day we were booked into the grill restaurant there was a huge storm and the restaurant was flooded. They managed to put sandbags down though and we had a lovely meal there. It was a shame we couldn’t have eaten there in the nice surroundings but it wasn’t anybody’s fault. The drinks were good and the measures were good but the cocktail selection was quite small. I struggled sometimes finding something I fancied to drink. There was no poolside entertainment during the day and there was a bit of Zumba in the afternoon and some yoga classes and just a keyboard player in the bar in the evenings. Nice though. I don’t know if it’s livelier in peak season. The beach was nice and I loved the beach bar. It was lovely to sit there and had a really nice atmosphere. There was a bus daily to kardamena and another to Kos town. We got the bus to Kos town and going through Kardamena it was all boarded up for the season. Kos town was ok but not too much going on. We wanted to come back before the bus was due to leave but it was €40 so we waited for the bus! The hotel was a long way from anywhere, very remote with just a couple of other Mitsis hotels around them but you couldn’t use the facilities there. The Mitsis blue domes was next door as looked stunning. All in all we really enjoyed our stay at the Norida heach. We had a family room on the ground floor at the back which was two rooms together and a bit of an odd layout but it suited us. We wouldn’t return as we like to have a walk around outside the hotel and maybe try some other bars but this was too out of the way, the hotel and views were stunning though and for a relaxing holiday, you probably won’t go far wrong.


Kirjoittanut sandjg2015 Shrewsbury, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Lovely hotel, although nothing around, improvements needed.

Having just returned from the Norida hotel I am left with mixed views. the easy bits first of all: Lovely hotel Too far out - nearest town is Kardamena, 1hrs walk or €10 in a taxi, bear in mind at the minute it should be no more than 3 per taxi. Literally on the beach Pizza hut is superb Good selection of drinks including beer Room was lovely we had twin floor maisonette Bed really comfy The mixed part of my review now and this is difficult as I am not sure how much of this is related to Covid or not: First off the restaurants you need to book. System allows you to book at 08.00 for that day or following but if you are not online at 08.00 you wont get a table, this is due to reduced tables because of Covid but I would imagine it would be difficult anyway. We ate at all 3 restaurant, Smoke Grill, Big blue and the Asian. First off the smoke grill. We were expecting oven roasted potatoes with the lamb shank as per the menu and when it arrived we had Orzo and lamb, when we questioned what it was we were told part of the basmati rice family, luckily we knew what it is was as one of the party had a wheat allergy so there is a big learning for the hotel on this front !! They also advised they brought us chips to make up for it but in reality we had ordered them anyway. The Vitello Tomato and Spinach salad starters were amazing, as well as the burgers and the lamb but the light Spaghetti was ridiculous small, all desserts when down well but please note the profiterole is just 1 profiterole roll. We were never once asked if we wanted another round of drinks, we had to get their attention to get another round. Two days later we did the Big Blue and further issues. Service was very slow, we had our drinks order taken within 5 mins but took 15-20 mins for the food, which when there was only 4 or 5 tables in total was very frustrating. When we asked for chips (very British I know) this was meant with a huff and a puff but in the end we did get them. The starters here were the complete opposite to the Smoke Grill, the Tabbouleh salad with salmon had the smallest piece of salmon you could imagine but yet the Linguini was bigger than the spaghetti main from the Smoke grill. When the main meals arrived all were wonderful, although one of the mains was forgotten so it took another 5-7 mins for that to arrive. Desserts were all good too. One of the staff could see the one meal wasn't eaten and they did offer to cook something else but we declined. A couple of days later we tried the last of the 3, the Asian, when the Sushi arrived we asked if they contained meat to be told "of course it does it is sushi" to which I pointed out we had a veggie in the group and sushi refers to rice so we quickly got an apology as were advised one didn't. Again asked for chips, first told no, then told the children could, so when asked if we could have a couple more for the adults, told no which was very bizarre. We asked if the tempura prawns could be done without the egg as per the menu to be told sarcastically no as it was part of the batter, but yet the duck on the main that I ordered came with pancakes and no mention of pancakes on the menu so all in all not a lot of consistency in the way the menus are written, but again all th food was great. Before you think, considering you said it was hard to get a booking on the system you ate in all 3, I had help with all the bookings from the guest relations manager, George who was a great guy. To sum up the 3 restaurants, food really good, portion size not uniformed but service needs a lot of improving. Up to the main restaurant which was buffet service, or was at least till Covid. Food here was ok, not a huge variation through the week, food was always warm not hot, desserts were the usual for abroad, very bland a lot of cream and taste the same. Breakfasts could be busy and there was always a queue for freshly made omelettes, these were very good but there was a lot confusion with the queuing and people were going in all directions so very little social distancing. Not a huge amount fruit on offer either apart from at breakfast. One thing to watch out, no allergens or info as to what is in each dish, it is down to the customer to ask for the info. Crepe desk - only went once, was ok, at the end of the day a crepe is a crepe. Ice cream also available here through the day, again depending on who served you depended on how much you got. Evening drinks service - Generally this was ok, but on the one night I did get the order wrong, the young lady taking the order, huffed and puffed, rolled her eyes at me, ripped the order off the pad and started again, very unprofessional. One thing we did notice was, we were always greeted in German, there were a lot of Germans at the hotel and for us priority was given to the them,. Sunbeds - While the hotel wasn't full we did find ourselves getting up by 07.30 to get a bed around the main pool, would be earlier if the hotel was full. Rooms - Our room was lovely, had everything we needed but did notice that the drinks fridge was only refilled every other day, other AI 5* we have been to was every day and also the mug I had a tea in on day 2 wasn't taken by the maid and ended up having to be rinsed ourselves, not a problem but not also what you expect for a 5* hotel, was this Covid related, I don't know????? We did notice the odd ant in our room too. One thing that wasn't pleasant was the drain in the walkway, huge drain that did almost fill to the top so you would get water spray on the walkway from it (outside) Location - Middle of no where. As I put at the top you are at least an hour away from Kardamena so its really a taxi and that will cost you €20 return. That said whether it being end of season and Covid the one night we were down there, nothing was happening. Wifi - The basic wifi worked very well, but bear in mind the hotel wasn't full but don't forget at the min you can still use your call package over there, well you can on EE. Hotel pools - very nice, clean and able to swim in them but watch out for the steps in the main pool, steps the same colour as the floor so you do tend to bang your toes. Entertainment - the team were very energetic, the 17.30 dance slot was always busy, some of the yoga and aqua sessions could but not always, again think end of season wasn't helping here hand sanitiser - plenty of these dotted around the hotel. Beach - Very clean but stone, so not the best. Plenty of beds available and also water sports but they are not cheap, 15mins jet ski is €45, which I felt was a lot. Pedalo free for 20 mins. All in all the hotel was very nice and facilities were very good, location not the best and due to Covid you are unable to use the sister hotels next door. Staff service needs a huge improvement and also their knowledge around allergens, after all there is so much about them in the UK it is something they need to get right. In the current climate even though signs are about requesting you to wear masks, the staff can't ask you to, the Greek government say they can't reinforce it so was very much 50/50 of guests wearing them. Would I go back - No, main reason to far out more than anything else really. Would I use the Mitsis hotel range again, yes.


Kirjoittanut traceykins Barry, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Nice break

Was a good break away to rest,nice hotel ,a little busy for myself in buffet, I did manage to get on my phone at 11 on the mistis app and book a few quieter much nicer food in the Al la carte.the staff here were fantastic, Also Esmeralda I think was her name, worked so hard serving drinks did not stop all day,was so efficient, thankyou,x Rooms were lovely ,although the cleaner every morning was soooo nosiey moving chairs ,it woke us every day, This is a beautiful hotel ,staff are mostly lovely, worth the money we paid for a week away ,thankyou all. We hired a scooter £20 from hotel for the day, was lovely to see island, roads were quiet and safe, just watch corners on the mountain roads , beautiful day out to see stunning kos and spend some money with the locals as lots of places have shut down, because of this I will go self catering next time,so sad to see island all closing restaurants and hotels Thankyou for lovely stay ,misti's nordic x


Kirjoittanut 670olliev

Not 5*

Have been here for almost a week now. Waited for 45mins to check in then we were assigned the wrong room. The room is spacious but the sea view is spoiled by air conditioning units. The room is very dated and basic but clean and functional. Buffet is very poor - chaotic and food unsatisfactory. freshly cooked omelette was swimming in oil. Fresh juice is only available in the morning at breakfast and is watered down. Long queues for the bars where the soft drinks are extremely sweet and taste cheap. A la carte food is much better but definitely not 5 star and must be booked for specific times the day before via your mobile phone and you need to book by 11.15 to be in with a chance of getting any slots. Reception and the restaurants will not book for you. Creperie is nice but no option to take away. pizza is also good but only one slice served at a time. Staff are hit and miss, most are nice enough but reception staff are not very helpful e.g. Will not order you a taxi unless you physically go to reception rather than phoning from the room. Waited 2x days for an iron as they are not in the rooms. No milk or juice in the minibar just beer, white wine and fizzy drinks. The entertainment is poor - we have seen the same saxophone player at least three times and he is very basic, doesn't seem to have been playing long. Beach is nice and clean as is the water. OK for a week but cannot grasp how this was given 5star.. it should be a 3 star. Would not come here again.