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8 10:stä

Portin jälkeiset portaat, tasanteen teko.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-01-10

7 10:stä

Huolettavaa riittää

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-06

8 10:stä

Viihtyisä pikkuhotelli. Rauhallinen pihapiiri.
Jas nyt saisi vielä jotain parannettua, olisi varsinkin naisväelle toivottavaa, että kylpyhuoneessa/wc tiloissa olisi bideesuihku.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-11-29

10 10:stä

merinäköala ja rannan läheisyys
Astianpesuainetta voisi olla asiakkaan käytössä, kun astianpesu ei kuulunut siivoukseen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-03-02

9 10:stä

Tilava, valoisa, kodikas, hyvät näkymät parvekkeelta, erinomainen sijainti.
Suihkunurkkaukseen joku taso shampoo yms. pulloille. Suihkussa vesi tuli tosi heikosti (ei painetta). Tyynyt huonot. Tavallinen kahvinkeitin olisi kiva.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-02-03

8 10:stä

Sijainti, viehättävä pieni hotelli
Huoneen ulko-oven avaus hankalaa

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-02-03

7 10:stä

Att det var vid stranden och stt den bar rymlig.
Nedre rummen kunde få ha sina stolar o bord ute i solen. Nu var de avgränsade så man måste sitta i skugga hela dagen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-20

8 10:stä

Trevlig personal, bra läge.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-06

8 10:stä

Lamput kuntoon

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-06

8 10:stä

Meren rannalla

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-12-30

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Kirjoittanut stephan81 Tukholma, Ruotsi

Nice location, ok hotel

We stayed here for a week. Good view from the hotel room at floor one. The rooms where renovated and had a modern touch but you could feel that it was built a while back. The music from the bar outside in the late afternoon is quite noisy. But depending if you like the music or not it could be a plus of course. In general we where pleased with the stay. But we moved to another hotel the second week, and everything except the location and sea view was better at the other hotel which also was cheaper. Water pressure in the shower was bad. Internet speed was bad. Compared to other hotel in the area...


Kirjoittanut pmitchell002 Cheltenham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

A lot of money for very disappointing accommodation.

Liked - Upstairs bedroom was really nice, lounge/dining/kitchen area very nice. Front terrace was very nice. Disliked · Downstairs bedrooms/sauna/washing room was bleak. Could do with lighter paint/tiles to brighten it up. Space in bedrooms should be better utilised. Back pool & terrace was pokey. Tiles incredibly slippery when wet around pool. Pool not heated so much too cold in Feb. In reviews I read 'direct beach access', 'great views to Isla Lobos', 'Could hear music at lunchtime'. Our villa had none of those things. you get a generic villa not one the reviews are necessarily about.


Kirjoittanut CKJ72 Upton St Leonards, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Disappointing - James Villa Booking Villa Galera

We hired this villa for Christmas, photos looked ok on James Villas website but when we arrived we were not too impressed with what we got , I would say it's fine for a group of people who don't mind a bit of noise late night / early hours of morning & just want somewhere to sleep maybe at a 2/3 star quality, but if your thoughts were like ours that James Villas provide decent villas I'd be careful booking this one, we even left the villa earlier than we paid up to and stayed in a 3 star hotel instead, and that was luxurious in comparison to this place. Its 'ok' but definitely not my idea of somewhere nice to stay. The villa needs quite a bit of attention, we found so many niggly problems that we would have had maintenance in all week if we'd reported them all, the final straw was losing the hot water when the boiler packed up and we left the next day just so we could get hot showers in a hotel. Some of the problems we found: the door to the front balcony would not open so you couldn't go out and enjoy the sea view from the balcony. The air con was not working well in the twin room and was stuck on in the double room, the door to the balcony looking over the pool was very difficult to open & bodged with a latch lock which was very hard to unlatch and I ended up cutting my hand doing so, on arrival the cleaning had not been done well, there was an empty loo roll cardboard tube on the bathroom floor still & hair around all the skirting boards upstairs bedrooms & bathroom, the drains downstairs smelled awful and we had to buy & disinfectant to pour down every sink, the front door was very difficult to open, I couldn't open it when we arrived after a late flight and thought at first they'd given us the wrong key but it needed pulling to the door frame for the key to turn, the patio door was like a challenge from the crystal maze to work out, due to that also be bodged.. sorry I mean fixed up to get round a broken lock, my husband is an early bird & I love my sleep, so if he wanted to go for a walk in the morning whilst I slept, he had to lock me in the villa - quite dangerous a fire risk really as I couldn't open the crystal maze patio door until the end of our stay, we found the bed in the double room was far too hard to sleep on, after 2hrs the first night I was in so much pain I moved to the twin room, there was damp outside by the bbq so lots of cockroaches in outside area and around your feet if at at the table, and we found a knife (not one from the kitchen) next to the pool the day we arrived. Whilst we were here they were doing roadworks outside the villa so there was no parking until the thursday of our stay, and the noise from the jack hammer was not nice either but I suppose it had to be done so just bad luck it was that week. The pool in the garden is very small. On arrival we found out that the galera beach apartments were part of the same complex and this was where reception was located, to be fair the staff there on reception were lovely and friendly, the washing service was fab, just drop off a bag of clothes & they wash & return to you, didn't use their pool as just didn't feel right, almost felt like this should be for the use of the apartments in that area only. Before booking this villa we asked James Villas what this property was like and whether there were any reviews, a james villas representative told us that this was a new property to them so no reviews yet, we've since realised from trip advisor reviews that they lied as have found reviews on here from way back, so don't trust anything you are told by them directly. I normally book my accomodation direct after doing a bit of research, this time I went for an easy option thinking James Villas would provide good standard of accomodation, never again! Will revert back to my self research from now on.


Kirjoittanut 1964chrissa Newcastle upon Tyne, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Total disappointment

We travelled to Galera Beach on the 9th October 2019 for our honeymoon. On arrival (16:30) the area was locked up. We eventually found a note attached to the front gate with our name on it. It gave instructions how to get in and that the key was in the door. Not very welcoming. We found our room and whilst it didnt have any wow factor and was very small it seemed okay. Sadly on closer inspection the place was pretty grubby. Tears in the seating, plates and kettle dirty, cupboard with bin in was filthy, balcony, doors and curtains all needed a good scrub. The list was growing rapidly. Then there was the noise!! The beach bar next to the apartment had what can only be described as the sound of a vacuum cleaner with drums blasting out!! By this point i was quite distraught. This was our honeymoon but the thought of staying in this place was one of dread. The pool area once again was one of disappointment. The beds and the whole terrace area was absolutely disgusting. Needless to say a phone call to our tour operator was made and we were moved the next day. The photographs on trip advisor and on jet2holidays website make this place look ideal. Beautiful white wash building with inviting pool right on the seafront. Believe me the realty is very different.


Kirjoittanut tony643 Leeds, United Kingdom

One of the best views in Corralejo

Just got back from staying for 7 days. Amazing views and the beach was literally right on the doorstep. the apartment was spotless and was cleaned and the towels changed three times in the week we were there The reception staff were friendly and helpful, the area around the pool could do with a few more beds and the pool was only small but was too deep to stand up in and the slope into the pool was too steep to walk down The beach bar had live music which was great and not too loud but that was followed by a DJ who really turned it up from about 3 till 7 so slightly annoying as you could only hear the bass thumping in the apartment.