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Kirjoittanut shenelleb2013 Lontoo, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

💕Cyprus 2022💕

We had the best time on our family holiday to celebrate our dads 60th Birthday. The staff were amazingly welcoming and friendly. They looked after us like family. The rooms were lovely and clean. Special shout out to Christina who took of us by the pool everyday. You made our trip soooooo special, we thank you so much. We will definitely be coming back to spend time with our hotel Nestor family


Kirjoittanut J5204OMpeterb

Spa Day

5 out of 5 the whole experience was wonderful gave my whole family massages today they all totally loved it the staff we're great would totally recommend anyone staying here to have the treatment you come away feeling relaxed Sophie was wonderful such a lovely Lady


Kirjoittanut DarriMay Limassol, Kypros

Great weekend in the Nestor hotel

We have spent a nice weekend in Nestor hotel. The hotel is very clean and modern. The staff is friendly and the service is great. We liked breakfast and lunch. There was a variety of fruits, desserts, meat and fish dishes. Everything was fresh and tasty. I think that this is a good idea to use gloves during a buffet. This is safe and hygenic. We lived in a junior suite. It was spacious enouth for a family of 3 members, very clean and with a wonderful sea view. There was everything to make the rest comfortable. But I would like to mention that there were disposable cups only. Some times it was not comfortable to use it. I would prefere glass cups and saucers. There was no animation for kids. My 10-year-old son felt bored sometimes. But he liked spending time in the swimming pool with jacuzzy.


Kirjoittanut mel1967 Bradford, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Second visit to The Nestor, didn’t quite live up to our expectations sadly.

We’ve visited Ayia Napa many times over the past 15 years and stopped at some lovely hotels, last year we stayed at the Nestor and truly thought we’d found the place we would continue to go back to time and time again. After our last visit, we’re not to sure now. We travelled on the 1st May and due to the poor flight times Jet2 now operate, along with an hours delay arrived just after midnight. Paul on the front desk was there to greet us and it was like seeing an old friend again, such a warm welcome. I had emailed the hotel on the 21st April to tell them we were coming, and as such it was a belated 60th celebration for my husbands birthday and my ONLY request was that as I’d booked a pool view / sea view room (or so I thought), could it be on the 3rd floor or above as we often liked to sit out, watch the sun go down and watch the night life begin. Unfortunately and it was completely my error, I’d not booked the room I thought I had so on arrival was upset to find we were in a room at the side of the hotel with no view what so ever other than an unlit road and the roof of the bar next door and local supermarket. I quickly returned to reception and Paul could see I was visibly upset but said he didn’t think it would be a problem to change rooms in the morning so not to unpack that night. I did mention at that point the email I’d sent as said if I’d perhaps had a reply, and if it had been pointed out at that stage that according to the hotels bookings I’d not booked the room I thought I had, I could have rectified that on my Jet2 booking and paid for the upgraded room I thought I was getting. In the morning I went straight down to reception and thankfully was able to pay for an upgrade for an additional €100. We had told some friends how wonderful the hotel was and that on arrival last year we’d had a fruit basket, bottle of wine, bathrobes and slippers and a coffee making machine in our room - they booked the same room as we’d done last year and had none of things. It is often the little tokens like that make a great first impression, sadly they didn’t get the same ‘wow’ factor we did the year before. We had the coffee machine, bathrobe and slippers in our upgraded room but were sad our friends hadn’t experienced the same. I was also sad that obviously no one had bothered to get back in touch regarding the email I’d sent and to some degree my husbands 60th birthday went unnoticed. The food is plentiful, lots of choice but did find at times some of the dishes were cold. Our friends remarked about this too so we either went for lunch as soon as the restaurant opened or hung on until after it shut so we could order from the pool bar snack menu to ensure our food was hot. I appreciate it’s difficult to keep food piping hot on a buffet style basis and some food / meats can be eaten cold but some just don’t taste nice when they’re stone cold (pork kebabs). It’s a small criticism but I worked round it by picking foods if they were cold or lukewarm, I could still eat. At the end of each meal, we always finished with a coffee, did the same last year and did the same this year. I do remember the year before going to help myself to get a coffee and being told the waiting staff would come and take our order. Imagine my surprise when on one occasion, I asked a passing waitress if we could have a couple of coffees and basically being told to go get it myself from the coffee machines! Thankfully our usual waiter came along and asked us if we wanted coffees and went off to get them. So here’s my real gripe - due to late flights we asked if we could keep our room longer to make the most of our last day. This wasn’t a problem and was told it was a €60 charge to keep it until 6 o’clock (€10 an hour). We were happy to pay although again, some of the past hotels we’ve stayed at have been far cheaper than that and on a couple of occasions we’ve not had to pay at all, but then on those occasions we did only keep the room for 2 maybe 3 hours. We spent the day as normal around the pool and my husband did actually go back to the room about 3 o’clock to collect something, however when we went back at 4.45pm to shower and pack up our belongings, we were locked out and couldn’t get in. My husband went down to reception and was told at that point he needed to pay for the room and they cut his all inclusive band off. Apparently it finishes at 12 o’clock on the day you depart even if you’ve paid for an extension on your room. I did find this in the small print right at the end of the leaflet we were given regarding the all inclusive T&C’s, but as we were returning customers hadn’t read every single paragraph and the same didn’t happen the year before when we left at 3pm, we actually left with our wristbands still on. In all honesty, it felt like our bags were being held to ransom until we paid, and almost like we couldn’t be trusted to pay on departure. In all other hotels when we’ve handed back any towel cards etc, we’ve always settled any outstanding bills at that point. We were told only then that the key cards stop working at 12 on the day of departure and that we should have gone back to have the cards extended. We were never advised of this point and obviously not strictly true as my husband had gone back at 3 pm and had had no problem accessing the room. When we actually checked out the receptionist was quite blunt in telling me as she cut my all inclusive wristband off, that the all inclusive ended at 12 pm, almost insinuating I’d robbed them over the past few hours if I’d still been using the facility. We’d had, two glasses of coke, a coffee and a lager above and beyond our time limit, but I was made to feel like a common criminal in the way I was told about this fact. On our last day we’d not bothered with breakfast, had a pool snack before 12 (as you can’t get them during normal dinner service) and then the drinks after 12. I wrongly assumed that as we had paid to keep the room, all other benefits to all inclusive would stay with us until we left. It did upset us greatly, as we’d planned to check out at 6 and then perhaps have a pool snack meal with our friends before we left after 7, that obviously didn’t happen and although we could have paid for the meal, we were both too upset to eat. The receptionist did try to ring the Duty Manager on two occasions as she knew I was upset about being locked out of our room, being made to pay for it before we’d booked out and the 12 o’clock rule on the all inclusive but couldn’t get hold of him. I walked off at the point upset and angry. There is always a fine line for us anyway, if all inclusive is worth it. We’re not greedy, we don’t do breakfast, lunch and diner each and every day, we don’t drink ourselves stupid just because we can. I am that person that makes the beds in a morning, takes a dishcloth with me so I can wipe round areas in the room so that housekeeping have very little to do in our room each day other than perhaps sweep up and change the towels. I truly felt we were accused of stealing / breaking the hotel rules purely because we were not aware of the all inclusive finishing at 12pm on day of departure. Yes, I now know it’s written at the very end of the leaflet they give you but it hadn’t been an issue the year before. All these little things take the shine of a hotel you thought we’d go back to time and time again. The fact that when you arrive late there is just a cheese and ham sandwich left in the fridge for you and after a days travelling if you arrive very late, there was no where to get any food as everything had shut - we accept that element when in other hotels we’ve had fruit platters and cheese and biscuits left for us. On a positive note, the hotel does have the luxurious feel about it, it is kept spotlessly clean, the staff in general can’t do enough for you and the staff are very friendly. I’m sad that when I start looking to book our October holiday, if I’ll want to go back, the shine has been taken off the Nestor now and it’ll be whether I can overlook that when it’s time to book our October break. I left a fantastic review last year and still stand by what I said at the time, the bar had been set very high but sadly this time round the experience fell short of what I believe the Nestor core values are all about.


Kirjoittanut 217konstantinosk Limassol, Cyprus

Once again an amazing stay

3rd time at this hotel and I'm definitely going back! The friendliness of the staff is what keep me coming back, Olga and Irene at the front desk, along with all the people at the pool and bar area, make me feel real welcome! Beautiful facilities, super clean and within walking distance to everything in Ayia Napa! Totally recommended