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9 10:stä

Uima-allas heti kun astuit ovesta ulos. Se oli yllätys
Uima-asujen kuivatukselle pitäisi olla joko kiinteä kuivatusteline tai muu vastaava. Huoneen sisältä puuttui vaatekoukkuja, joihin voisi jättää takin, vaatteita yms.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-10-02

9 10:stä

Erittäin hyvä asmiainen. Ja erityisen hyvä ettei se vaihdellut.
Saimme ensin huoneen jolla ei ollut omaa kunnollista terassia tai parveketta. Saimme onneksi sitten toisen huoneen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-21

10 10:stä

Aamuvuoron vastaanottotyöntekijät erittäin avuliaita kuten myös rannan tarjoilusta huolehtinut mies
Muitakin huonevaihtoehtoja tarjolle

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-07-27

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Kirjoittanut Oliver I

Perfect hotel, perfect barman !

Everything was perfect, we arrived at the hotel quite late at night, the recommended a good restaurant next door, afterwards we had a couple of drinks/cocktails at the bar of the hotel, and then our holiday started ! Yannis thé barman is incredible, so friendly, smiling, helpful, and a top pro at cocktails. We must have tried at least 20 different cocktails and they were all amazing ! He really knows how to make something for your own personal taste buds ! We were only meant to stay 3 nights but because of Yannis warm welcoming we stayed the whole week ! Top guy ! 💯 The rooms are clean, redone every day, the location is perfect, reception staff are helpful. No problems at all! Oliver & Leo


Kirjoittanut Geoff_B_Dublin Dublin, Irlanti

Olive Restaurant

We didn't stay in the hotel but ate in their restaurant one night. This turned out to be a mistake. The setting looked lovely, modern, clean. The food was clearly cooked from frozen, chicken souvlaki tough, moussaka barely warm. The head waiter seemed to be on something, he had a strange attitude. Sad to say this was the first really bad meal in five years of visiting Greece. The food was edible, we ate it, it just wasn't good. For some reason each course had two pieces of spaghetti stuck into it for decoration. It didn't help. The manager of the Aqua Blue hotel should send someone to eat there are report back.


Kirjoittanut Lala_8356 Shoreham-by-Sea, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Lovely stay

Lovely hotel , nice rooms , very clean . Good breakfast with lots of choice. Right on the seafront with lots of bars and restaurants . Staff very friendly and helpful , they arranged a day trip for us . Overall a nice place to visit would definitely recommend


Kirjoittanut garrisongurney Hampton Hill, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Very clean hotel but a few issues.

Overall i enjoyed my stay although i have a few issues with the hotel. The staff were very helpful and polite, service in Greece overall is very hit and miss but we had a good experience with aqua blue. Pool is absolutely freezing, im surprised this isnt mentioned in other reviews, you had to brace yourself to get in and then try and warm up, it was ok after a few minutes but very unpleasant to get into initially, the sea was actually warmer than the pool. Hotel room, we had a standard double. IT HAD NO WINDOWS apart from the door, so if you wanted fresh air at night you would have to leave your door open which obviously wasnt an option! The wind you could hear blowing the drain pipes like a peruvian pipe band all night, i get that it gets windy but its a design flaw of the hotel. To top that off the AC was very intermittent and dripped into the room. if you are in a groundfloor room, hope the guests upstairs arent into tap dancing as there is little to no sound insulation between the floors. The room had little to no storage, we had packed for 10 days and there was barely enough closet space for 1 person on a short holiday. TV's only had 5 greek channels, so dont think you can catch up on any worldwide news. Wifi was very intermittent.


Kirjoittanut michellenS3376XO

Ok hotel, good location, rude staff, no gym, sea view not true

I stayed at three different hotels while in Santorini. This was the most disappointing one out of all. From the moment I arrived I was given an attitude as if I was disturbing the front desk staff. I arrived early, but wasn't expecting early check in, but before I could even say anything I was rudely told there was no way my room would be available to check in. As I left Nikki Beach hotel early as excited to come here, what a disappointment. As I was dressed in beach attire it was clear I didn't just get off a plane and was beach/pool ready, so clearly I was prepared not to go to my room. The staff didn't ask how I was, if I had just arrived in Santorini, where I was from or anything. They were just plain rude about anything and everything. They also have a two towel a room policy. You can't get a fresh towel until the next day after the cleaning staff has replaced them, not ideal. When I finally got to my sea view suite, it was huge which was nice, but sea view was not true. My "sea view" was above the main building and set far back and you could barely see the sea over the wall edge. COMPLETELY disappointing. While the room was large and nice, the bathroom was very outdated. Hair dryer was from like 1980s and barely worked. Gym...you have to sign up, bring a room towel, and this is NOT A GYM. It is basically a bench, one cardio machine, one other piece of equipment that doesn't even work and a set of dumbells, and a very old thin matt. All of this is on a CONCRETE floor in the middle of the down stairs area, just randomly under the stairs. CONCRETE floor is not what a "gym" should be on. It was so painful doing anything standing on concrete that I didn't even bother the next day. It was extremely disappoint to have them advertise a gym and this was it. At least put down some proper rubber matting to allow people to stand on. I was given an attitude when I inquired on transfers, was told I was on my own to find a way back, and had to lug all my luggage out two flights of stairs when I left. The food at pool bar was good. Drinks eh. Buffet breakfast was bad, I didn't bother trying the buffet dinner. There are plenty of places to the left of the hotel when facing the water to find good, reasonably priced food. Beach water was much warmer than elsewhere, but it is a balancing act climbing over the huge plates of rocks to get in, and be careful as random large rocks in the water. You MUST wear water shoes, and then it is slippery so do be careful. Slow, slow steps and you can make it, but definitely challenging. Strip of beach is long and nice to walk. From what I have heard this is the nicest hotel on the beach strip, which if so, is too bad considering the staff were so rude I would never stay here again. The other 5 days prior I had spent in Santorini all staff and locals everywhere were super nice and went out of their way to be helpful. In particular as I was traveling alone everywhere else people went out of their way, here not the case. I shouldn't have to bend over backwards to be helped at a hotel.