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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
  • 4,5/5 Nukkuminen
  • 4,5/5 Huoneet
  • 4,5/5 Palvelu
  • 4,5/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 4,5/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut Kissasim

Siisti, valoisa ja moderni hotelli kivalla allas-alueella meren rannassa.

Suuri hotelli. Huoneet valoisasti ja raikkaasti sisustettuja. Itsellämme oli huone päärakennuksesta, jossa yöelämä/huoneiden ovien pauke, ja ihmisten voimakkaammat äänet kuuluivat selvästi huoneeseemme. Huoneemme oli vuorille päin, mutta näkymä oli silti ihan kaunis. Vesipuisto näkyi parvekkeelta katsoessa, sekä ilta-aurinko paistoi mukavasti. Jos näkymä olisi ollut merelle päin, ei ilta-aurinko sinne olisi paistanut. Toinen mainittava asia mielestäni kokovartalopeilin puuttuminen huoneesta. Suihku oli hyvä, painetta riitti ja lämmin vesi ei loppunut. Sängyt kohtuu hyvät huonosti nukkuvallekkin. Ruokaa oli paljon, ja joka ilta oli tarjolla eri ruokia, ei päässyt niin kyllästymään. Ruoka maukasta. Juomat tarjoiltiin pöytiin, ainoastaan aamupalalla mehut ym.otettiin itse, kahvit tarjoiltiin pöytiin. Ainoa mitä ruoan/juomien suhteen jäin kaipaamaan, on TUORE puristettu appelsiini mehu. Se olisi kruunannut aamupalan. Allas-alueet kohtuu suuret, vesipuistossa jokunen liukumäki, lapsi nauttii, ja miksei aikuinenkin. Juomia ja pientä purtavaa sai myös sielläkin. Ihan lähellä ei ollut juuri kauppoja, eikä kojuja. Muutama koju ja yksi marketti. Falirakin vesipuisto kävelumatkan päässä, tästä plussaa myös. Todella siisti hotelli, miellyttävä, jos ihmispaljous ei haittaa. Lyhyt matka lentokentälle. Vosin mennä uudelleenkin:).


Kirjoittanut lizziecheshire123

A nice building does not automatically equal a luxury holiday.

Lovely sea view as soon as you enter the hotel. Stunning. Modern room and bathroom but not well thought out for spending more than a night or two in. Lovely toiletries. Nowhere to hang went towels, costumes etc. ( Absolutely no excuse for such lack of planning ). The staff are so friendly, even though very busy they never failed to say and provide a warm welcome. Be prepared to queue for everything. Covid cannot be used as an excuse, as reviews from last year say the same thing. Food was good, though everything felt rushed. The pool is beautiful, but cold. The lobby bar is a disgrace. Presentation of cocktails is a joke. Everything is too rushed as they are so very busy with the never ending queues. The furniture is tatty and from a different era to the rest of the hotel, Certainly not a place to relax. Far too many children running / charging around. This hotel should really only advertise as a family hotel. We would not consider returning and most certainly could not recommend to anyone. Unless maybe to the 'holiday camp' type of holiday maker.


Kirjoittanut mr k

Not worth the money

Stayed there last week the hotel is really ugly the lobby bar is horrible the food is like school dinners the cocktails could not be any worse the staff are very nice and the water park is brilliant but for the price of this hotel theres ten thousend better places falaraki is like there s been a nuclear war there is awful feel sorry for the people again no reflection on staff very nice but would not go back its 3 star at best


Kirjoittanut QuestyOldham Oldham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

A very poor 4 star

We wanted Cyprus but had to settle for Rhodes. We stayed at the Louis Amada Colossos Resort, We had a great sea view room and balcony. The has recently be renovated, but those in the know decided not to provide somewhere to hang WET swimwear and towels on the balcony, just hung over the glass balcony front which made the hotel look very tacky and scruffy, also nowhere to hang towels in the shower room/wash room. (Very poor planning) perhaps you should dismiss this Architect. The queuing to enter the restaurant was absolutely unnecessary. Nothing wrong with guests just walking in and finding a table on their own. I don't know, but for me I never managed to obtain a hot/warm meal, always cold. Their Covid - 19 precautions were good but guests were supposed to wear masks indoors as per The Greek Government, so why didn't the hotel display notices around the inside of the hotel requesting all guests to wear masks. Children! Why on earth did the staff allow young children to run in and around the inside bar. This was very dangerous and annoying to other guests trying to relax and enjoy their drinks. Shame on the staff. The rooms housekeeping were NOT up to their job as everytime they serviced our room we always had to go and find some tea bags, or milk or sugar and even cups. Disgraceful. Other than all this the reception and staff were very helpful and polite and went out of their way to offer advice and answer any queries guests may have had. I am not too sure that we would return to this hotel as even the beach was very pebbly on muddy like grit sand. (beware of the ants) The swimming pools were great as were surrounds for sun bathing. This hotel was definitely not a 4/5 star. Any guests wishing to go to this hotel would probably enjoy themselves especially with children in the water park area.


Kirjoittanut JonathanC297

Lovely hotel and holiday

Visited this hotel instead of Turkey and we were not disappointed. Very modern hotel, lovely clean swimming pool with views of the sea. Food was excellent and we even cancelled our booking for the Greek restaurant as the main restaurant and booking system to control numbers at lunch and dinner was very good. Recommend a sea view. We will visit again and the next visit will be even better when all facilities are back open. One final point, the staff were brilliant, all of them.