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  • 4/5 Huoneet
  • 4,5/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
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Kirjoittanut Abdul A

Amazing january sunshine 🌞 ☀️ 💛...

First trip of the year and have to say this was just amazing. The resort itself is huge with lagoons on 2 sides and a big pool and a smaller pool. The weather was just perfect and some wind at times. The grounds were immaculately well kept... Food, bars were great.. marina area with restaurant was perfect spot.. entertaining was good... booking excursions through the hotel reps was easy and negotiable.. Did a 4 day day spa massage which was the best thing ever.. accupressure massage was great by Anush..rooms were always kept clean even though they looked a bit outdated.. wifi in lobby was good and you can get get a slightly good connection at marina area.... did a bedouin evening which included quad and camel ride plus food and entertainment.. be aware that if you back problems schiatica loose hips then this is definitely not for you as the ripples in the desert are horrendous... staff are always pleasant and friendly.. the only staff that seemed sad were the lobby bar people in my opinion.... dont know what else to say but just an overall absolutely great hotel and would definitely go there again....


Kirjoittanut dannybB6210WP

Very nice stay in december

Good hotel with good food! Pools are clean and the riff is great! They clean the rooms every day and really care about their guests. The animation time tried their best to make the best of it but most of the people where over 40 so didn’t want to play games with them


Kirjoittanut 758anaz

Amazing resort! Shocked with some reviews!

BRITISH HERE! My husband and I spent 10 amazing nights at Arabia Azur. SWIMMING POOL: Very big, it was never crowded and it is heated, absolutely lovely! I was shocked about some reviews saying that there were no available beds around the pool… there were empty beds all day around the pool and both lagoons, now I’m a picky person, but we mentioned several times to each other that we’ve never stayed at a hotel with such a huge amazing swimming pool and so many beds around it, there was ALWAYS a place to pick at whatever time. GUESTS: Yes, the vast majority are Germans but what a breath of fresh air that was as everywhere else we go we only find Brits, and the Germans were lovely and quiet! LANGUAGES: All staff in the hotel speaks at least Arabic, English and German. Yes, once we were given an information leaflet in German, but we asked for it in English and it was promptly given to us with an apology. Even the guys that clean the rooms speak English and we never had a problem with not being understood, and oh my how lovely all the staff is… they always have a smile on their face and a willingness to make you feel welcome and looked after! FOOD: I’m a picky eater, ask my husband! The food was amazing! Everyday you have a different theme night dinner, and lunch varies greatly too. At lunch and dinner they always have the pasta station with creamy, tomato and bolognese sauces and it’s made to order. They also always have meatballs in tomato sauce and another pasta that I think are intended for kids as it’s lower down, but I saw adults having those many times too. And they also always have some very plain food next to the pasta station (boiled meats, vegetables, white rice all without seasonings). They always have two types of soup, usually a creamy one and a brothy one, every meal is two different types, so if you stay seven nights you will have the option to have 28 different soups (2 at lunch and 2 at dinner per day). There is always a roast option at lunch and dinner with someone behind the counter serving you. Also serving you they have stuff like falafels, chicken or beef shawarma, fajitas, wraps depending on the day. The other foods are buffet style. Always lots of salads, breads, dips, hot vegetables, a type of chicken, a type of beef, a type of fish, a couple or few vegetarian and vegan options (I’m a meat eater, but what an amazing spinach stew they make!) and lots of fruits and lots of desserts! And all very delicious! DRINKS: I don’t like alcohol, but my husband really liked the beer and had several rum and coke sort of thing. I was happy with some very nice non-alcoholic cocktails. This was all inclusive. You had the paid options also, which were not expensive at 75EP, that’s like £2 GBP. At meal times the waiters would bring your drinks (that you choose) and when it was finished ask if you’d like another one. Or you could get your own juices from the dispensers nearby, usually orange, pineapple and apple. At the swimming pool bar you had ice cream, juices, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks available, and next to it you have some very nice paid stuff. I didn’t find the paid ice cream anything special, but oh my their smoothies… for 55EP I had a three colour pure fruit mango, guava and strawberries smoothie and my husband had a strawberry mojito no alcohol. Totally worth it. ROOM: Cleaned everyday, spacious, mini fridge with soft drinks and water everyday for free, coffee and teas, the bed was extremely comfortable, on the firmer side, much nicer than my own! Air conditioner, lots toiletries, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shoe shine, shower cap, makeup pads, cotton buds, toothbrush and paste, comb, hairdryer. ENTERTAINMENT: everyday aqua gym, volleyball on the sand, darts, yoga, stretching, bocha (buccia?), waterball, kubbs, belly dance lesson, Zumba. The team is such great fun and would come around the pool “recruiting” who wanted to play what, of course you could just say no and they would leave you alone. Whatever was being announced on the microphone was said in Arabic, German, English and sometimes in Russian too. GROUNDS: Very big place, it’s just lovely to go on walks around the resort, the lagoons, the marina bar and restaurant. PAID EXTRA: I had an amazing full body massage given by and Egyptian lady, Fatma. We also did a photo shoot, the photo shoot was free and you pay for the photos you choose, either in an album, frame, flash drive or WhatsApp. Amazing photographer! The pictures are in the gardens, beach and sunset. So much more to talk about, but this is already too long. This is the first time that we visit a resort/hotel and like it so much that we will come back for Easter and likely several more times.


Kirjoittanut s24j7s Nottingham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Nice hotel but don’t come here if your British.

Let’s start with the good points. Hotel is clean and staff work hard to keep it clean and the grounds looking tidy. Hotel grounds are stunning, the lagoon area and pool area are nice. Staff are super friendly and go out their way to help in any way. The animation team are always floating about and getting people involved in activities. And the snorkelling is amazing. Now for the down side. This hotel is not for British people, it’s a predominantly German hotel and the staff struggle to speak and understand English. You can’t sleep in past 10am as they have some techno rave round the pool each morning blasting the music so loud that you have no choice but to wake up. Then it goes silent from 1pm for the rest of the day. Unless you wake up at the crack of dawn to put a towel on a sun lounger you won’t get a bed. At the lagoon or round the pool. And we found a lot of people just left books or shoes on the sun loungers and disappeared for hours on end which meant that nobody could enjoy the loungers which we found very selfish, they are signs saying staff will remove items but this wasn’t the case. Some days we walked round for 30 mins before finding a lounger to sit on. The food is mediocre at best, a lot of recycled food we found eating out was a better choice. But the sweets where delicious. Alcohol …. Bring a bottle to drink! Alcohol is bottom shelf and if you want anything that tastes better than petrol you must pay and extra fee. Cocktail menu is limited on the all inclusive and you must pay for anything decent. Not much really on all inclusive side alcohol wise beer is also not the best but is drinkable. We have been to Egypt many times, and this is our first time at Arabia. Although the staff and grounds are lovely this will be our first and last trip to this hotel.


Kirjoittanut kevinj684 Wrexham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Just go !!

Fantastic hotel! - the staff are professional, welcoming, and responsive- nothing was a trouble. Our room overlooked the lagoon - it was spacious, and quiet with a wonderful view. We will be back! Alf shukr to this wonderful team