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  • 4/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
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Kirjoittanut DayTrip676578

I do not recommend!

At the entrance we had to pay 42 euros at the reception no one informed us about it, what if i had no money? Upon arrival, it turned out that we got a nasty and smelly room. At the reception, they didn't like to help us. Resident Sam also stated that there are no other rooms available. After a while, several other people came to us with the same problem and started making a claims. Sam, he found another room for us. We agreed to this room because we were already so tired of the trip and spending a few hours at the reception. After entering it did not stink, but only for a moment… the smell from the pipes and shower was terrible… Every time in another room someone was dripping or rinsing the water, it was impossible to sit in the room. The quality of the rooms is a tragedy, they do not look completely like the pictures on the website. Don’t have a picture of the first room but I include the one in which we had to live. Mold and rust in the bathroom, everything damaged and dirty… A lot of bugs in the room and bathroom, please check the picture of what was in the bedding at night. My wife cried that night and did not sleep. Food every day the same and very little choice. One restaurant with so many guests is not enough. Opening hours other than at the reception. Nothing to eat in the snack bar, there were supposed to be two and there was only one with breakfast leftovers. We had to eat in restaurants. Goats and their poop everywhere. They drank water from the pool and pooped it there… Pool safety is a drama, moving ladders, decking boards smashed. Next to the rooms, including ours, wasps and birds' nests.


Kirjoittanut philip h

Could be so much better

When we arrived we went to the main reception to check in, the guy behind the counter was so unhelpful and looked miserable, then to my surprise I had to pay 3 euros per room per night, we had two rooms, I wasn’t aware of this charge. His instructions to room were rubbish so spent 15 minutes looking for room, no information was given on food times or places etc, we had to find this out ourselves. When we did find our rooms we were happy as the new part of hotel is very nice. We went for a snack in the pool bar and the food was cold and as my kids called it ‘mystery meat’ as it certainly wasn’t recognisable, this was the first and last time we had a ‘snack’. The rooms we had were clean other than the terrace to the pool area where someone had used and there were cups and fag butts, the tv wouldn’t connect to the internet so we couldn’t watch Netflix etc, the reception told us there was no internet in that part. The shower door was broke and the shower head holder. We were on the sunny side luckily in rooms 724,725. The other side is in shade all day which would have been annoying. Our rooms were on the point where the pool drops down so you always have people walking past and jumping off so if your trying to relax you get soaked. Behind rooms is someone’s house and there dogs bark constant like non stop . so if your a light sleeper this could be a problem. The evening meals were shocking, we are not fussy generally and don’t like to complain but while the food looked presentable it was mostly warm or cold and didn’t taste particularly good so we ended up eating out. The coffee from canteen was horrid and the soft drinks were basically soda water with a hint of flavour, the cocktails or beer weren’t good at all. I thought the hotel was generally really clean, the food area is cleaned after every service and is spotless. The location of hotel is great, it’s a short walk to the strip of shops, restaurants and beach. We went right towards the end of the season so not sure if anything at the hotel is different in the busier months.


Kirjoittanut Hardcastle76 Wigston, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Last minute short break

Pleasantly surprised after reading the reviews. We were given one of the new rooms with direct access to the pool although we were on the shaded side….felt it lacked a little privacy but no different than been sat on a sunlounger around a bigger pool with hundred people around you. Room had dividers to close off the lounge space to the bedroom. Bathroom could have been better….no space to leave toiletries and the concept of wet room is great as long as drainage is good as the room was often left with a massive puddle of water…. Room was cleaned daily and fresh towels were available when we asked for them. We found the breakfast and lunch selection was really good with options daily for our needs….. we ate once in the evening to see what was available but to be honest were put off by the amount of people trying to get food at the same time …. It felt like a cattle market and I’m sure some people left their manners at home…but as to be expected I guess. The concept of all inclusive made sense for us on this occasion as we only stayed four nights and with being very close to end of season some venues had closed but there was still a good selection of places to choose from. The snack bar selection was mediocre with some odd choices of food… our only critiscm would be that we found it closed earlier than 5pm as it stated and was annoying when we were getting back from the beach and wanted very quick snack before heading to get changed. Would we stay again? Possibly….it’s on the old strip and we have found staying somewhere slightly more central to the main strip meets our needs more but definitely wouldn’t count it out if the price was right and had limited options. The staff were really friendly and polite and were really helpful albeit if you put your plate down after eating it wouldn’t let very long before someone had cleared it up…. 😂


Kirjoittanut GloucesterColin Gloucester

Got what we paid for

Just got back from a nice break in October, weather was great. We stayed in the new part(upgraded and glad we did it). The room was quirky, and had an upstairs bit, it was clean and roomy. We over looked the swim-up pool which was a great little community. The bar was at one end(the bar attendant doesn't smile) and the restaurant at the other.(although there is another block which is pretty remote but close enough) One side has the shade all day and the other sun all day, but we had the shady side and just moved to a sunny patch, within a stone throw. Food was ok, and we always found something to fill ourselves up with, its clean and presentable. The cats were a bit of a pain if you don't like cats.(I don't). The drinks are ok, based on what we paid for this hotel. The beach was a 5 min walk down the road and it was quiet, safe and clean. The boat trip (which we organized through Pavos the bar man, was a nice morning out and cheaper than Tui. Most of the Kalimaki strip was closed, but we did visit the Melon Bar, Antonis, and next door for cocktails. I had a good steak at the Bullhorn too. We hired a Quad(£50 a day), and our friends hired a open top jeep(£50) it was a great way to see the small coves , beaches and tavernas, we had a good fun day out. The hotel itself, needs updating in the older part and around that pool and bar. I am glad we had good weather as staying in the hotel grounds all day and every day would become pain full. Met good friends and made the most of it


Kirjoittanut 438brettg


Booked this hotel with tui we paid before we arrived for an upgraded room cost us £20.20 for the upgrade it was the best thing we did as we went as a family but the other family booked a different time to us when we seen there room it was a bit dated but they had everything they needed in the room and so did we. we was in the new part off the hotel right next to the restaurant the food was not the best they could off had a better choice but we still enjoyed it the food was not as hot as it should be but it was still edible we eat out a couple off times due to not having stuff we like but thats just us. we loved seeing all the little kittens around the hotel as we are cat lovers the rep was there if u needed anything we did a couple off trips with tui one to st nicks beach we had the best day ever there it made the holiday they even gave us a free meal and a drink in the cost off the trip and a free banana boat ride. we loved every day off the holiday and I would RETURN to the hotel again next year