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7 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-07-13

7 10:stä

Hyvä sijainti,hyvä uima-allas,avarat tilat
ilmastointilaitteen käyttö monimutkaista, ilmastointilaitteen teho heikko

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-29

6 10:stä

Sijainti hyvä.
Aamupalalle enemmän vaihtelua. Esitteessä luki että on rantapyuhkeet mutta ei ollut.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-29

8 10:stä

Sijainti. Jääkaappi.
Ilmastointi ei jäähdyttänyt, pyöritti vain lämmintä ilmaa tuulettajan tapaan, ei antanut pudottaa lämpötilaa, palasi aina vallitsevaan lämpöön, 27-28. Säädin testattiin ennen minulle luovutusta, joten oli hotellin mieleen. Vedenkeitin olis ollut kiva.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-22

7 10:stä

Siisteys, sijainti

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-15

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Kirjoittanut zachs01 Chicago, Illinois

Stay elsewhere

We walked into the hotel with moderate expectations for the price. As we walked into the clean lobby, I was immediately introduced to the manager who is in charge of all hotel responsibilities - front desk clerk, waiter, hotel upkeep, etc. This single man may have been the only employee in the hotel because he literally ran from waiting a table to checking a guest in—no wonder he was grumpy half of the time (I mean, he was handling multiple operations at once). The pool, although unheated, was very nice—the view was very good. On the other hand, the rooms are borderline disgusting. There were stains on the sheets and towels were dirty. I wish I was lying when I said one of our towels had a “human feces” style stain on it. The hotel building itself definitely looks a little run down, as evident in the rooms straight from 1982. Please take me advice and use the money you’d use at the Pondrossos and stay at a cleaner, better hotel.


Kirjoittanut jerseybangers2018 New York, New York

Worst Owner/Manager Ever!

We were moved to 3 different rooms because of various reasons. First the A/C left a flood in the room and the bathroom was filthy. 2nd and third rooms for no WiFi. The owner/manager showed ZERO compassion, understanding, or even sympathy that we are unable to even work. He continued to assist other guests and basically ignored us while we sat around in the lobby for over an hour basically saying it’s not his problem because it’s technical and he’ll try calling someone tomorrow. This is absolutely unacceptable and he obviously has ZERO understanding of customer service. He didn’t even have the decency to ask if there’s anything he could do to make our stay better. He is a terrible human being.


Kirjoittanut gabriell376 Galwayn kreivikunta, Irlanti

Majestic views of port and bay

Pandrossos Hotel Parikia Paros Island I have had the great good fortune to spend several years of my life so far in the Aegean, and on many of its islands. And in recent years I have had the privilege of staying at Pandrossos Hotel on Paros Island - last year I stayed for 6 weeks. Paros is fast becoming the definitive Greek island and majestic Pandrossos is situated overlooking the bay with views to the port and several islands. I get a room opening up onto the balcony and can't wait to get up in the morning and experience the Aegean light as it reveals the treasures of Paros. The port is a short walking distance away, as are a myriad of cafes and restaurants. Paros is rich in dining out experience with many great restaurants including Pandrossos own Thai restaurant; great food with views to the bay and to the port. In Pandrossos I enjoy the surroundings, the wonderful and relaxing many places to sit, chat, and have coffee and enjoy a great variety of music in the background. A sun-drenched pool is part of the charm of this great delightful hotel or the glistening blue water of the bay is only minutes away. In my opinion there is nothing in this world quite like time spent on Paros and the Pandrossos Hotel. I am so looking forward to my next extended sojourn there and being looked after by the two great hosts of Pandrossos, Kornilius and Mary and spending time with my Parian friends. Gabriel – Ireland.


Kirjoittanut peterschof

Exploring the delights of Paros

We stayed at the Pandrossos hotel and found it simply delightful. A beautiful location, thirst-quenching sundowners, delicious food and generous, friendly hospitality provided a great base to explore Paros and the enchanting Cyclades.


Kirjoittanut 38Richard Stratford, Connecticut

"Good view only

The only good thing about the hotel wa the view. The shower is very small and I fell out of the shower and cracked the toilet lid. I also broke a rib. I told the manager and his wife I had cracked the toilet lid and I was in a lot of pain. The managers wife told me my health was more important than the toilet lid. The next day the manager said he had an estimate for me. I could not believe this.and didnot even look at the estimate. My wife and I left the hotel to catch the ferry. While waiting for the ferry the manager and two policemen arrived and took us to the police station. I was given two choices, either pay 100 euros for the toilet lid or they arrest me and I go to jail and than go to court. I had no choice but to pay for a toilet lid.that cost 29 euros. Iam sure the policemen got a share of the money.. The manager was not friendly nor was he helpful. My advice is to stay away from this hotel