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Ulkoalueiden siisteys Huoneistot siivottiin päivittäin Sijainti
Allasalue menee liian aikaisin kiinni, olisi kiva kun tulee päivän reissuilta illalla että pääsis vielä uimaan.....onneksi ranta oli lähellä (allas kiinni klo.19:00) Aamupalalla häiritsi liian innokkaan salihenkilökunnan käytös, lähdin hakemaan esim. kahvia niin sillä aikaa oli muut lautaset viety vaikka ruokailu oli kesken. Omalla kohdalla hassuin tapaus oli kun hörppäsin kahvia, niin silloin vietiin lautanen kupin alta..... Huoneemme ilmastointilaite piti jumalatonta meteliä josta kerroimme 3 eri kertaa, vaan ei tullut kukaan korjaamaan. Kolmen viikon lomasta olimme 2 viikkoa ilman ilmastointilaitetta. Myös yksi asia jäi ihmetyttämään....miksi ihmessä siivoojien täytyy alkaa paukuttamaan ovia ennen klo.7......ihmiset ovat sentään lomalla. Samaan asiaan liittyi myös toinen ehkä jopa ärsyttävä piirre, jättivät siivoushuoneen oven useasti auki, joka sitten yöllä tuulessa paukutti. Kävin useana yönä laittamassa oven kiinni....samoin viereisestä huoneistosta oli käyty laittamassa.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-07-23

9 10:stä

Siisteys ja aamiainen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-07-09

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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
  • 4/5 Nukkuminen
  • 3,5/5 Huoneet
  • 4/5 Palvelu
  • 3,5/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 4/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut Jom6960 Lontoo, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Lovely Hotel In Aliki

Lovely hotel within walking distance of the village of Aliki. Everything nearby, beach, restaurants, mini super markets. Pool was lovely, breakfast was great. We had a suite for a family of 5. Bit of a squeeze. Lovely big balcony. We really enjoyed our stay. All of the staff were lovely. I would definitely recommend this hotel.


Kirjoittanut Bacchus171

Poor rooms

I stayed recently at the Narges hotel and found the quality of the rooms appalling. The bed was bowed in two as the hardboard under the mattress had collapsed. The furniture was very basic. The bathroom smelt stale and had paint peeling from the bath and mould in the corners. The staff were inattentive during breakfast and on the reception desk. The food at breakfast was adequate, but nothing special. The outside bar was closed during the evening, leaving only the uninviting inside bar as the only option for an evening drink. I was pleased I only had 4 nights there and was able to move on.


Kirjoittanut Terry B Abingdon, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Up there with the best in the Cyclades

Superb hotel. Venni and Georgia were always there at reception and could not have been more helpful. Lovely well equipped room and bathroom with a terrace sunny in the afternoons. The highlight was the fantastic pool area. Kept immaculately clean with ever ready pool towels laid out. The pool bar rounded off this area and Chris was utterly charming and really went out of his way to ensure the clients’ comfort. I would be hard pressed to find ways the hotel could be improved. And the only very slight comment I would make is that maybe the breakfast staff could be a little more proactive in looking for supplies running low. On two or three occasions we had to point out where re-stocking was needed. If and when we return to Aliki, this will be the place for us and we will again look forward to one of Chris’s excellent G&T’s !!


Kirjoittanut PriscillaM527 Orpington, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Worst hotel I have ever stayed in & 'missing' items

I really don't know where to start with this hotel and how awful it was. We were part of a SAGA tour of 39 people and I can only think that tour groups get the sub-standard rooms. On the first night we realised that the bed was broken - the hardboard supporting the mattress had caved in leading to a very uncomfortable night's sleep (this was reported and repaired the next day). The bathroom had mould on the walls and a very unpleasant smell emanating from the sink. The bedroom was very sparsely furnished - not one drawer in the room! My husband and I have stayed in numerous hotels and I cannot believe that this Hotel has a 4-star rating. The staff are very unpleasant as was particularly proved on the morning that we were checking-out. We had been asked to check-out by 09:30 and have our cases outside our room ready to be collected at 8am. This we did and went to have breakfast. We returned to our room at about 09:15 to freshen up and collect the few personal belongings we had left in the room ready for our ferry trip to the next stop on our tour. We were shocked to see that the room had already been gone into by housekeeping, the bed stripped, and our belongings gone. This was before we had even checked-out. We found a couple of the maids and asked what had happened to our items - they claimed to have no idea what we were talking about, and then had the audacity to say that we must have left them in a previous hotel. We when reported the situation to the Reception and our Tour Manager. Again, the maids denied ever seeing our items. The owner of the Hotel then became very abusive towards us and our Tour Manager, and accused us of lying! In all my years of travelling I have never known anything like this. SAGA are unlikely to use this Hotel again and I can only think there was a level of animosity towards SAGA and unfortunately our group bore the brunt of it. Other member of our group also reported very strange incidents - finding staff in their rooms at odd times of the day; items that had gone 'missing; suitcases evidently gone through; rude and unhelpful bar and reception staff. The owners and management of this Hotel should be ashamed to treat any guest the way we and other members of our group were treated. This is one of the worst hotels we have ever stayed in.


Kirjoittanut JuergenWf

Great Holidays

We spent a very good time in this beautiful hotel. The service was excellent and the stuff (Veni!) were very helpful. Rooms were clean, bathroom okay. Very cool pool! Breakfast buffet has a very large selection