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8 10:stä

Hyvä palvelu.siainti
Suihku pieni 60x60 ja verho koko wc lainehti

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-10-16

8 10:stä

Rauhalline ja äänetön huone. siivottuun joka päivä
Pitkät käytävät kävellä ja uimaan ei päässyt enää klo 18 jälkeen eikä aamulla enenen klo8 Huoene olii vanha ja opieni WC todella ahdas . ei voi korjata ??

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-10-12

10 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-10-09

9 10:stä

Sijainti,vaikka keskustassa niin oli todella rauhallinen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-18

7 10:stä

Keskeinen sijainti
Saavuttuamme hotelliin kipitti torakka suihkuverhossa...

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-07

8 10:stä

Ihan ok hinta laatusuhde

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-04

8 10:stä

liian iso

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-04

8 10:stä

Henkilökunta, ystävällisyys ja palvelutaso, ei ötököitä tai örkkejä, raikas ilma, hyvä vuode, ei häiritsevää melua
Suihku kasteli koko kylpyhuoneen. Pieni matala allas ja suihkuverho altaan ulkopuolella

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-04

8 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-04

7 10:stä

Aamupala ja ilmastointi sisältyi hintaan sekä hotellin sijainti.
Vastaanottovirkailijoiden laiska ja omituinen palveluhenkisyys.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-08-28

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Kirjoittanut Iwan C Kööpenhamina, Tanska

Think this over

The Malia Holidays hotel is fine for your basic needs. It's more like a relaxing hotel, in the mid of the party street, The Strip. The room we were assigned had A/C and a small fridge, that can carry a good amount of water bottles.. much needed this year.. we hit 38°c several days. Luckily there is a supermarket across the street. You can grab a 12x pack of 0,5l for €1,60. Room: The beds were like spring floors, and the pillows were hard and uncomfortable. I have never slept so bad in my life, in a hotel. The bathroom was rather challenging, because the shower niche was litterally designed for todlers. And when you shower you flood the entire bathroom, no matter how you shower. On the balcony there is a drying rack, chairs and a table. Pool area: The pool is a must-have during the hot summer days. Problem is that the pool is almost as warm as the outside temperature, and I'm sure it doesn't get cleaned daily. There is a hint of chloride, but not sufficient for the amount of people that take a dip on daily basis, so, be mindful. Take a cold shower behind the bar if you need to cool down as an alternative. The bar serves delicious Gyros, milkshakes, drinks etc. shame it already closes at 18:00. Food: I bought a half-pension, meaning breakfast and dinner for this hotel. We quickly figured out that none of these were an attractive option. The scrambled eggs for breakfast were as stale as the background music, the meat for dinner was as dry as the overall atmosphere, and you could see one plate have a different serving one day, and the day after, the other came back - double as dry as before. Luckily the sweet stuff and cereal was great. There is a bakery next to the church, go there instead if you want a breakfast that satisfies. You can pay €15 for the buffet. Don't. Just don't. The crappiest tavern on the street sells better food, for half the price in one serving. Staff: Some of the staff are welcoming and smiling. Then there is the older generation that look at you like you're daft for each question asked. The people at the pool bar seem most "sane". Shame that they disappear after 18:00. Experience: I traveled with my 14 y/o son, 20/7 until 27/7- 2023, and, well, we're pretty chill when it comes to a lot of things. The room was alright, the facilities were okay. We accepted things as just being good. But, the final judgement to Malia Holidays, which really stood out, was the "restaurant" buffet "food". That was an absolute no-go. It shouldn't even be thrown out to the stray animals on the streets. Overall: I've never visited Malia before. But, it's very clear. I'm never going there again. If you're traveling as a family / single parent with kid(s), or with an older crew, and just want to do the pool-thing for a week, save some money, this hotel will fulfill your needs. If you're out for party-party, look elsewhere.


Kirjoittanut socialstar Dorset

The Faulty Towers of Malia

I really wanted to like it. I will try to give a balanced view. Its family run rather than a big chain, and I wanted to support that concept. However, the lady at check in was so rude. So unwelcoming it really was a very bad first impression. I don't recall a hello/ welcome, rather a demand for an email to be printed so they got paid. I appreciate that they needed this, but there is a way to ask.. perhaps with a smile and hello first. Rooms are okay, I can't count the times I and other family members walked into the bedposts at the bottom of the beds. Shower floods the entire bathroom. The beds are really lumpy. Positives the fridge was fab, it was clean and the aircon worked well. Location was fantastic. We had a room slightly overlooking the pool. It was quiet with the strip and beautiful old town a few minutes walk away. Large supermarket opposite sold everything you could ever need on holiday. The pool, such a disappointment that it closes so early, 6pm. The weather was still in the 30s by 6pm, could of stayed there later. It was not only that it closed at 6pm, at 5:45 the prep started. The looks from the staff the locking of gates and the staff standing with their bags ready to go. As soon as that clock struck 6pm you were ushered out like sheep ! Not a very relaxing experience. Positive is there is a luggage room. The food was strange, fried onions at breakfast. We payed for the evening meal. Wish we hadn't, meals on the strip are offered around the same price. The food was never warm. Eggs were cold. The staff hovered a lot moving things and made you feel like you were being monitored regarding how much food you were taking. Again, it's not a relaxing experience. The Greek salad was the saving grace.


Kirjoittanut lynnieb36 Ballymena, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Disappointing to say the least

Currently staying at the hotel, really disappointed at paying for half board as the food is terrible, they serve the weirdest concoctions of food and never have any bacon for breakfast - we are having to spend extra money to actually get decent food. The wait staff are lovely and do their best but there are a lot of problems in that area that need worked on, the grey haired lady who seems to be a manager does very little to help and can regularly be seen doing nothing and sitting on people's loungers and chatting. She unfortunately was very cheeky to me on my 1st morning because I brought a drink with me when i was laying by the pool, I am currently partially disabled and can't get up and down to the bar to buy drinks. There are a group of ladies who seem to get off with a lot more than the rest of us. This hotel could be a goldmine if the food issue was sorted and decent management was employed.


Kirjoittanut inapini9


Great hotel, even greater staff. The pool bartender is a ray of sunlight. Makes you feel welcome and cares about you. The bartender in lobby is a great guy, with his beautiful sister that occassionaly sings in the bar. The breakfast staff is friendly and works hard to give you good service. Highly recommend this hotel! Can't wait to come back.


Kirjoittanut Daniela A Bukarest, Romania

Hotel Malia Holydays

A beautiful hotel, very nice and clean room, breakfast and dinner with a great choice of food, different each day, a large swimming pool in the middle of a fruit garden, with a bar serving food and various drinks, umbrellas, beds and towels free of charge, a lot of shops and restaurants near the hotel. Bus station for access to the airport and other towns at 100 meters from the hotel. Beach at 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Very good prices and last but not least very friendly staff welcoming you with a smile, always ready to help you.