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Kirjoittanut hotlips692014 Portsmouth, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Loved it there

Everything was wonderful apart from cold pools and no pink Gin in the all inclusive. Themed restaurants a bit samey. We went late in yhe year so it was nice and quiet, probably very different in the summer.


Kirjoittanut Trail52961247145 Puola

Perfect summer rest

Great hotel. All rooms have a view of the sea and swimming pools. Spacious rooms, huge bed; comfortable, large bathroom with a shower. Very tasty and varied food. One dining room was located in the swimming pool complex, so you could jump straight from your deckchair for dinner. Four slightly separated swimming pools, including one shallow with slides for the youngest and a slightly deeper one with slides for slightly older ones, a sports one where animations were organized, and two recreational ones with a jacuzzi and hydromassage beds and a pool bar. Fantastic private beach. Sunny Beach can be reached via the beach or promenade, about a 20-minute walk. There is a bus stop and taxi rank next to the hotel. It's about a 30-minute bus ride to Old Nessebar (cost 3 leva). Animations took place every day. There are plenty of sun loungers by the pools, some under the trees for those who want to take a break from the sun. There was no need to reserve a place in advance. Rooms cleaned every day. Very nice service. I will definitely come back to this hotel. A beautiful park next to the hotel with a promenade with benches.


Kirjoittanut jess h Sofia, Bulgaria

Disapointing for the price.

The grounds are really nice. The layout is not well thought out though. Going between two points often involved a long walk around an obstable. (e.g. Swimming pool) The rooms are OK, but not what I was expecting for the price. (The year before I paid half as much for a nearby hotel with much better rooms). Exactly the same applies to the food and drink. The spa was not included in the price (unlike the previous hotel.) The were a lot of areas that were for preferred guests only. (Which would be fine were the prices for those they didn't prefer substantially lower). Some of the staff were rather unhelpful. (When some people were playing music on a potable speaker and doing taditional dancing, they simply instructed them to stop, rather than telling them where they could carry on without disturbing others.) An event was arranged, but the sound quality was that poor than no-one stayed and there was no actual bar in the area. (The previous year, the equivalent event at the sound and drinks at other hotel was far far better.) However the thing that totally spoilt my enjoyment was when I went to evening meal I was turned away because I was wearing a vest (in the hot weather!) This forced me to take the ridiculously long walk back to get changed. There was a sign saying no tank tops. (Which have a bad reputation). But it was not a tank top. There were lots of ladies wearing similar and much smaller tops. (And no my shoulders were not hairy and unhygenic) so it was simply gender discrimination. I have stayed at 3 other hotels within walking distance of this one, this was the one that cost me the most per day (and I was only personally paying the excess not to share a room) and it was the one I enjoyed the least and the only one I would not want to return to.


Kirjoittanut WAlan123 Carlisle, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Not a great experience

Nice hotel with great grounds, pools and sea views. Very difficult to judge it as a holiday venue as culturally it’s so different from anything I have experienced before. Very male dominated management although there were a few women in those roles. Lots of people just standing around gossiping. Waitresses and waiters never served at tables. Couple of clowns acting as waiters who look alike doing nothing all day and generally ignoring customers. You had to get your own wine and water Not really what I paid all the money for. Food was ok in general. Pizzas were fabulous. Tried the Asian restaurant just wished I hadn’t it was pretty awful with pre cooked food being warmed up to be served. Bar was ok with reasonably decent drinks but nothing to rave about. No real entertainment at all, with what was on offer pretty poor apart from a couple of nights when a live duo was on. What was laughingly called a sports bar had two tiny Televisions on the wall with no bar staff on duty despite numbers off staff always standing around at other bars doing nothing. The one saving grace for me was the pool bar the manager and staff there did an excellent job. Always polite and ensured everyone was served quickly. Overall personally I didn’t enjoy my holiday there too many things amiss.


Kirjoittanut clairebB4972XD

Fabulous Holiday just a few snags

Having joined the damned Facebook group for Dreams I was genuinely nervous and very apprehensive prior to going, but glad we stuck with the booking. Hotel, grounds, food all excellent location is fantastic and gives you a great base to explore should you wish to venture out as we did. The Entertainment staff was a true highlight and never to over pushy to get you involved Toni Stefan and the team keep up the great Work. My biggest moan would be level of service it is somewhat well under par, but am sure given time training and investment it will be greatly improved