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Kirjoittanut marc2marc

A natural oasis

It was a wonderful family vacation. We looked at many hotels and believe we have found one of the best local hotels in Avani. Lots of nature, lots of palm trees, birds, a small lake. Our room with pool (Room8), perfect for families with children as they have their own room. The pictures on the website describe the room as it is. The stand is only a few meters away and is beautiful with the palm trees. We especially enjoyed the food at the Beach House. The service there was perfect. Near the hotel there are some beach bars and restaurants on the left and right where you can also eat well. Or you can enjoy a beer at sunset. We had full board in the hotel. Next time we would only book breakfast to get to know the Thai cuisine better. The hotel is also perfect for children as it has its own children's pool with slides. There is also a children's club where no child will be bored. We can therefore only warmly recommend the hotel! If it wasn't so far away we would vacation there more often.


Kirjoittanut evopsy Soul, Etelä-Korea

Discrimination against guests with all-inclusive package via Luxury Escape

We spent 4 nights at Avani+ Khao Lak resort on Luxury Escapes all-inclusive package. Unfortunately, my experience was painful. I thus felt compelled to leave this review to prevent other future guests from undergoing similar issues. Please understand that my review will mainly pertain to guests who have already purchased LE all-inclusive packages (As of today, 2024/02/17, the LE online travel agency doesn’t sell the package any longer). But I hope my review will be somewhat informative for other guests travelling without the package as well, in that my experience will illustrate how Avani+ Khao Lak Resort treat their guests. My main concern: For guests with LE all-inclusive package, the resort has thus far provided LOWER LEVELS OF SERVICE than what the LE travel agency had guaranteed. The discrepancies are two: the identity of dinner restraurant, and the range of daily free-flow drinks. 1) First, dinner restaurant. The LE website makes clear that “all-inclusive dining includes (…) three-course set-menu dinner at THE BEACH HOUSE.” For your information, the resort has two restaurants serving dinner: themed buffer restaurant ELEMENTS and a stylish, beachfront restaurant The Beach House. The latter is much better, which you can verify by searching the previous reviews. When I was checking-in on February 08, 2024, the front desk staff gave me a sheet listing the provisions that LE all-inclusive guests would duly receive. Curiously, the sheet stated that dinner would be served at Elements, not The Beach House. It said that dining at The Beach House is possible “when international buffet at Elements is not available.” (I uploaded the sheet’s photo) As Elements is open every day, it meant that it was virtually impossible for LE all-inclusive guests to have dinner at The Beach House. I complained to the staff, opening the LE app in my cell phone and showing her LE’s written promise about dinner restaurant. Until then, I thought it was just a mistake on the part of either LE travel agency or the resort. I expected to receive an apology instantly, and be told that the promise would be rightly kept. This is because, even if it was a mistake by LE, not the resort, I just asked for the service that I was guaranteed to receive by purchasing the package long ago. If LE indeed made a mistake, the resort later may want to claim financial compensation from the LE travel agency. That is not my business at all. Strangely, the front desk staff seemed very perplexed, kept checking the LE app in my cell phone and spoking to her superior on the phone. About ten minutes have passed. I got upset. At last, she said, “We NORMALLY don’t allow guests to dine there, but we’ll allow that.” Normally? I sincerely wanted to tell her, “Don’t talk like you’re giving me a privilege. I am just asking for what I have already paid for.” I didn’t get any sincere apology from the front desk. I started to think that the discrepancy may not be due to just a mistake. Anyway, we had dinner at The Beach House throughout our stay. By searching for ‘Luxury Escape’ on previous reviews here, I found that at least two families with LE all-inclusive package had had dinner at Elements, not The Beach House. They were deprived of their legitimate rights. 2) Second, daily free-flow drinks. The LE website makes clear that “Daily free-flow drinks include local beer, house wine, HOUSE SPIRITS, soft drinks, selected cocktails, SMOOTHIES and juices.” What about the resort’s policy? The sheet for LE all-inclusive guests states that “Daily Free Flow 11:00 am – 10:00 pm (local beer, house wine, soft drinks, juices, and selected cocktails)” Therefore, the resort doesn’t provide LE all-inclusive guests with house spirits/smoothies, which are their legitimate rights. I actually spotted this discrepancy on the 3rd day. On the next morning (4th), I went to the front desk and complained. I was told that it’s now okay for my family to freely drink house spirits and smoothies at the bars. No apology, of course. I anyway thought that the front desk would immediately spread the new instructions to the staffs working at the bars. At lunch that day, my family came by Mi Scusi, a restaurant/bar near the kid’s pool. The staffs working at Mi Scusi didn’t think positively of me. Here’s why. On the 2nd afternoon, my family visited Mi Scusi. A female staff there MISTAKENLY gave us a four-page drink menu for all-inclusive guests. Across all bars and restaurants, there are two version of drink menu for all-inclusive guests: a two-page menu for LE all-inclusive guests (very limited options) and a four-page menu for all-inclusive guests via other agencies or the resort’s website (a wide range of options) (I uploaded the photos. Not until the 3rd day did I know that the resort was systemically discriminating against LE all-inclusive guests in terms of the range of free-flow drinks) Based on the four-page menu that the female staff gave us wrong, we ordered some drinks that were ‘not allowed’ to LE all-inclusive guests (Again, at that time, we didn’t know that there were two versions of drink menu . We just thought the drink menu varies across bars). On the next day, 3rd afternoon, we visited Mi Scusi again. But we were not given the four-page menu this time. The staffs seemed to think that the day before we robbed them of their drinks for free. I finally came to realize that there were two versions of drink menu, and the two-page menu for LE guests didn’t include spirits and smoothies, what LE guests had already paid for. Back to the 4th afternoon. Heading to Mi Scusi, I expected to be able to order house spirits and smoothies. Unfortuantely, the manager of Mi Scusi, a middle-aged man with a slight bald head, declined to offer house spirits. When I wanted to order house spirits (e.g., whisky, jin, liqueur), he pointed his finger at the Cocktail part of the two-page menu and said aggressively, “Order things like Pina Colada! It includes Thai spirits.” Well, I should have asked if he regarded Pina Colada as a sort of juice, as Pina Colada definitely includes pineapple juice as well. When I tried to order smoothies, the manager almost yelled at me, “What kind of smoothies do you want? I’ll make you anything!” I closed my mouth. That evening, I tried another bar, The Beach Bar. It seemed that the instructions were not communicated to the staffs working at The Beach Bar. When I ordered a smoothie, the staff there answered that she was sorry but that was impossible. I totally gave up. TO SUMMARIZE, for guests with Luxury Escapes all-inclusive package, the resort has thus far provided LOWER LEVELS OF SERVICE than what LE travel agency had guaranteed. The discrepancies are likely to be have been deliberately committed, not by mistake. Whenever I asked for what I had already paid for, like The Beach House restaurant and spirits/smoothies, the staffs frowned and implied that I was asking too much. They never apologized to me. They made me feel like I was asking for food and drink for free. If the resort thinks that the contract with the LE travel agency forces the resort to take an unacceptably low price, please settle the problem with the LE travel agency. Customers who bought the package are not guilty. Tip. If you are future guests who have bought LE all-inclusive package, check out the Luxury Escapes homepage or your LE app right now. Log in. Click [My Escapes], [Upcoming], [Avani+ Khao Lak], and [Fine print]. Find the section [Please Note:] somewhere middle. Note the sentences stating the identy of dinner restraurant and the range of free-flow drink menu. I recommend printing them out and bringing them to the resort. Good Luck!


Kirjoittanut SinghaS21

Fully Recomened

Positively Recommended. Plenty activity for kids, nice beach, Excellence breakfast. greenery with a lot of tree, Very helpful staff and very friendly, If you have kids please don't miss the Mi Scusi, good food, good service as well. BH Thai food it's amazing.


Kirjoittanut delluxe Seubersdorf, Saksa

5 stars requires a little more passion

We stayed for 4 nights with our two children. Positive to mention: clean rooms, good air conditioning, comfortable beds, delicious asian buffet, very good kids pool and pool area. The reception staff are friendly and helpful. The highlight is definitely the beach restaurant with friendly staff, beautiful views and delicious food. I was surprised that the crew in the kitchen of the main restaurant or at the beach bar were not able to adapt some orders to personal wishes, e.g. a banana milk shake instead of a vanilla milk shake, a portion of sashimi instead of sushi. Also very surprising was the confusion at breakfast with a long queue. I was expecting here a better solution. Really to improve is the information management in the hotel during our stay. We anted to spend more many in the hotel, but the needed information have been too difficult to find. Only with asking the reception, we could get more information. However, we would come again to this hotel.


Kirjoittanut Michel D

Very desapointed

On a week stay, we had 4 days of so loud noise of two Indians weddings with sonos and thousands of watts !!! You can’t imagine how terrible it was !! Never again in an Avani , the worst holidays souvenir we have ..!!