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Oma terassi ja auringonottotuolit
Pieni allasalue, hotellin ympäristö aika ankea

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-09-15

5 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-06-02

8 10:stä

Huone ja palvelu

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-05-19

10 10:stä

Siisteys, puhtaus, huone oli todella nykyaikainen ja hieno.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2023-05-19

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Kirjoittanut Mikko R Helsinki, Suomi

Kerta oli ok, en mene toistamiseen

Hotelli on siisti mutta: erittäin pihiä touhua. Vessoissa ei pideetä, muurahaisia joka paikat täynnä ja niihin reagoidaan lähettämällä siivooja paikalle. Allasbaarin juomat aivan kamalaa kuraa ja listalla 4 eri drinkkiä. Ravintolan ruuat on hyviä ja juomat ok. Juomia ei saa viedä sieltä muihin tiloihin. Tässä olisi potentiaalia hyväksi paikaksi mutta turha pihistäminen saa aikaan huonon fiiliksen. Aurinkotuoleja todella vähän, allasbaarissa yksi henkilö joka todella mukava mutta yksin hoitaa joten jonoja piisaa. Siisteys on ok hotellissa. Ranta todellisuudessa ainakin 500m päässä. Vastapäisen hotellin läpi ei saa oikaista, turvamiehet tulee heti paikalle. Safetybox maksaa 3€ vrk ja allaspyyhkeet 2€ pv joka naurettava tämän tason hotellissa. Kuntosalille vain yksi henkilö kerrallaan ja se maksaa 5€ tunti, eli kaikesta yritetään rahastaa


Kirjoittanut Krzysztof Z

experience from several stays

We were in the hotel for the third time. In the meantime, the hotel has changed hands and has been completely renovated. When it comes to rooms, the standard has been clearly raised, it is really comfortable and elegant. In the same way, the food and the canteen have also gained, which does not mean that it used to be bad. Negative sides of the renovation. It used to be a hotel located in a "botanical garden" - the number and variety of plants and flowers was simply stunning! And now 80% of this wonderful vegetation has been cut down and it is just empty. Unfortunately, the architect also decided to live on the architecture of the complex. Once it was a uniform architecture modeled on the tradition of the palace in Knossos in Crete (characteristic "inverted" red columns and other details) - man felt that he was in Greece - in the Minoan tradition ... And now most of these columns have been replaced by expressionless white rectangular "frames" - fashionable, but the same all over the world. The buildings are now boring, expressionless, clichéd. Too bad.


Kirjoittanut Victoria W

Apollon hotel

Me and my mum spent 7 days in Apollon Hotel and they stay was very lovely. The receptionist Cindy was very welcoming and helpful in providing all the relevant information. The cleaners did a fantastic job at maintaining great service. The restaurant staff were wonderful as they were very efficient at their job and providing amazing food. A couple of improvements: the hotel is paid for as all inclusive, but needed to pay extra for safe, pool towels, gym, bikes etc When eating during meals, there was a lot of tension and observations of who took what from the buffet which was a little bit uncomfortable. Overall, a nice place to stay for holidays and would recommend to others.


Kirjoittanut Lesley T

Definitely not all inclusive

First impressions on arrival were good, hotel is very clean, we had a triple room (for 2 people), not sure where a third bed would fit. Good points - very clean, housekeeping very good, although disappointed that no toiletries were provided (even a premier inn give you shower gel). Food was good, with a wide range to choose from. The pool was very nice and again very clean, usual bug bear of people putting towels out at the crack of dawn to reserve beds, which I admit we did do on the last 2 days. Restaurant staff on the whole were very friendly and helpful, in particular Effi, every day greeted us with a smile and always stopped to chat to us. A real credit to the hotel. Now the down side-: Lots of hidden extra payments, so not really an all inclusive package 5 euro per day for pool towels 5 euro per day for WIFI in your room, and that price is per device! so 2 sharing a room would add an extra 70 euro to your holiday No toiletries in the room Absolutely awful drinks - I can tolerate most 'local' drinks, but these were on another level, also the mixers were 'on tap' not usually a problem, except these were so watered down and did not taste like they should! 'tonic water' tasted like perfume! Long queues at the bar, only usually one person on at a time, and one young barman in particular was very rude, slamming drinks down on the bar, and never cracked a smile. The inside bar was closed all week, which meant that we had to drink out of plastic glasses inside the hotel and again queue at the pool bar. I would also add that one receptionist was very unhelpful also. On the whole we had a great week, but this hotel is not all inclusive, and I think would benefit from some staff training (Bar and reception staff)


Kirjoittanut trueyorkie Lontoo, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Disappointing stay - unexpected charges and poor drinks options

I must say that the staff that we have come across here were all friendly and helpful, as much as they are able. The rooms are clean although a little sterile for us but that's personal taste. The bathrooms are amazing the best we've had in Greece. We had the misfortune to stay all inclusive - that is all inclusive apart from the safe at €3 per day despite their own website stating free of charge for safe in room! Think this may be against some rules- would be in the UK! €5 per DEVICE per day for WiFi in the room, €3 per day for use of pool towels - €42 for 2 weeks! Good job we're not gym bunnies €5 per hour. More penny pinching bottled water in room advertised 1 bottle on check in only - you need to buy more at the bar they told us! I mailed beforehand to check toiletries provided to be told yes - they failed to mentioned 1 mini shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion for whole stay! We would rather pay more to have proper services. AI drinks were very poor, small plastic glasses of beer, wine - one red one white, postmix soft drinks and juice, 4 cocktails only and very weak. Food ok and varied but lukewarm. Coffee with breakfast only too no finishing dinner with a coffee. It is a real shame as they have put effort into the rooms but it's not all inclusive nor is what is done, done well. I'm afraid we will not be returning! We spent more time and money out of the hotel than in it!!