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7 10:stä

Näköala oli aivan mahtava sekä Monteparaisosta että Riosolista! Huoneet ja yleiset tilat olivat siistit, samoin hotellien ympäristö. Hotellien henkilökunta oli ystävällistä, ja kaikki tervehtivät iloisesti aina tavatessa. Majoitukseni oli Monteparaisossa, mutta ruokailut Riosolissa - ruoka oli hyvää, ja ravintolassa noudatettiin hyvin koronarajoituksia, henkilökunnasta kaikilla oli maski asianmukaisesti puettuna, toisin kuin rantaravintoloissa, joissa maski oli yleisemmin tarjoilijalla vain leuanpeittona. - Monteparaison asiakkaana sain nauttia "oman" uima-altaan rauhasta, tai käyttää Riosolin vilkasta uima-allasaluetta.
Huoneistot muodostavat laajan ja sokkeloisen labyrintin. Osaan Monteparaison huoneistosta kuljetaan kahdella hissillä, joten hyvä opastus saavuttaessa on todella tarpeen! Varsinkin pimeän aikaan saavuttaessa olisi hienoa, jos tarvittaessa saisi respasta jonkun mukaan neuvomaan reittiä. Esimerkiksi Monterparaison portin lukko reistasi koko ajan, ja sen kanssa sai tuskailla monta kertaa, ennen kuin keksin toisen reitin Monterparaisosta Riosoliin. Suosittelen torakoiden torjunnan tehostamista Monteparaison osalta.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-11-11

5 10:stä

Kyllähän sohvat sängyt muut kalusteet päivittämistä vaatisi.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-03-07

7 10:stä

Pussilakana ja kunnon peitto (ei huopia) kahvinkeitin

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-02-29

5 10:stä

Huoneiston koko ja rauhallisuus
Omat palvelut ja lämmityksen säätö

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-11

8 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-09

8 10:stä

Jos maininta rajoitettu näkymä niin näkymää ei ole ollenkaan

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-02

8 10:stä

Maisemat, vuorille, merelle ja keskustaan.
Hotelli kansiota ei löytynyt. Oisin toivonut mainintaa siitä, että naapuri hotellin lämmitetty allas oli myös meidän käytössä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2020-01-02

8 10:stä

Hyvä sijainti.
Huoneistoita voisi päivittää, etenkin kalusteita. Kahvinkeitin olisi hyvä lisä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-11-30

8 10:stä

Hotellin sijainti,rauhallisuus,iso uima-allas
Wifi Monte Paraisossa huonosti esillä,tiedossa

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-11-28

8 10:stä

Näköala ja sijainti. Uima-allas reilunkokoinen ja rauhallinen, joten siinä pystyi myös uimaan.
Iltakoneella saapuville ohjaus Riosol hotellin respasta hotelli Monteparaisoon selvemmäksi. Alueella oli pimeätä ja sijainti sokkelomainen. Tallelokeroiden käyttöohjeet selvemmäksi ja helpommin ymmärrettäväksi.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-11-21

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Kirjoittanut petefinland-70 Loviisa, Suomi

Monteparaiso, much better than its reputation

Visited Monteparaiso Feb 2020 for 10 days with family and friends. Booked a apartment with 2 bedrooms via Hotels.com for a quite reasonable price. As we all know the hotel is located on the top of Puerto Rico next to Riosol hotel. Shopping center Europa is 200m away so not a long walk to supermarket or Danish bakery with delicous breads and it opens every morning 7:30. It depends in which floor your room is located but stairs to walk anyway. Lifts available too. Our room was located on the groundfloor -5 next to pool and could not be better with kids ! Nice and clean apartment with a large terrace. Only small complain for the dryed and dead trees and bushies which blocks part of the view to the walley. The sun shined on our own terrace from 8.am to 3pm. Sunbeds included. Riosol pool area was crowded every day but the hotels own pool was nice and quiet to swim and enjoy sunbathing. Free Wifi and it worked well in the apartment and pool area ! If you like stunning vievs, are not afraid of stairs and walking is Monteparaiso definitely worth every penny !


Kirjoittanut Helenterryence


Thank god we've only checked in for one night, you check in at the riosul Hotel and then we had to take 2 lifts to the dingy apartment...that look like high rise flat lifts. Overgrown trees hide any view that there should be, the shower base needs scrubbing with a scourer, I scratched it with my nail and the scum came off, there is no plug in the sink and no shelving in the bathroom so all toiletries have to go on the floor. I feel sorry for anyone who books this place for a weeks holiday... Its absolutely horrible.


Kirjoittanut jonbrackenridge Oakham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Family holiday, wouldnt stay again

Where should I begin, we arrived and checked in fine finally found our apartment through the stairs and lifts maze to be greeted with 2 single beds in bedroom, a sofa (not a sofa bed it was just a sofa) and a mattress on a piece of wood that slid out from under the sofa 🙈 not to put a downer on the holiday we just went with it. First day as we arrived at lunch we took a walk to the bottom of the mountain (this hotel is at the very top so great views not great if your not relatively fit Haha, walked back up and we were all knackered so decided showers dinner and see if there was any night entertainment in the hotel, showers well it wasnt until day 4 we worked out we had to leave at least 30 mins between showers to keep them hot if you get in after each other by the middle of shower 2 it was stone cold not great when your already tired and just want to relax, that's when I was introduced to the apartment next door, they clearly live there and the hotel thought it was a great idea to allow them to have a pet parakeet, so from 5am every morning until 11pm/12am every night it was the noisiest bird iv ever heard constant chirping/whistling etc!! The hotel itself is having building work done currently to a VIP area (which also has an EXTRA daily cost if you want to use it) as for night entertainment, there is one girl (that we saw anyway everynight) and although she seems a lovely girl she hasnt quite got what is needed, she was great with the kids disco (although that's just the same 7 or 8 songs every night for half an hour) but other than that it's very very poor. The staff are not overly great they seem to be of the attitude yea I showed up for work that's it, I spoke to one male on the front desk on our last day and wed decided we didnt want to bother walking around for dinner so enquired if because I'd already paid for 2 breakfasts that we had missed first due to arriving an hour past breakfast and then second due to us leaving 20 mins before breakfast started to catch the flight, I simply asked if we could swap it for dinner for the last night, well youd think I'd just swore and spat at him he spoke to me with an how dare you even ask that attitude. Refused that point blank and said we had to pay, that's fine I had no problem with that I just thought I'd ask the question. So went for dinner on last night (€60 for 4 of us) on leaving I was then told I had to pay EXTRA for the water we had with dinner! So after again trying to understand why we had to pay for water with dinner (nothing fancy just normal water probably out of a tap) I was told and I quote "you have to pay for water everywhere in the world" umm no my friend unless I ordered bottled water or a specific water tap water / filtered water surely was given with dinner in the end I paid the extra €6 for 4 waters. Overall the hotel / apartments are ok and there clean but it's the finer touches missing, they feed the cats on the footpaths within the hotel so there is an abundance of random cats roaming the paths at one point the kids counted 12 within 6 rooms. Overall if I was to return to Gran Canaria I'd look elsewhere and I wouldnt stay here again.


Kirjoittanut Melanie L

Wouldn’t stay again

Arrives and no reception had to find a local at 1am in the morning as gate to apartments locked and no information where to go, to be told we needed to go to hotel next door, finally managed to check in was given a map and sent off. Lift not working so had to struggle down 4 flights of steps with our suitcases Room very basic, lights switch hanging off roof in kitchen, only 2 chairs on landing so not all of us could sit down and only enough towel etc for 2 despite there being 3 of us. Also chairs in kitchen were broken Maid was good and helped despite not speaking any English No one round pool, no bar, no music, no activities or entertainment and no shop had to trek to Europa centre for any provisions. We have found out this place is mainly residential but this wasn’t stated on any reviews we read which had it of been we would have reconsidered our booking. It was reviewed as 4 star on here but I can’t see how most we would give it is a 2 and that’s pushing it


Kirjoittanut Janice J London, England, United Kingdom

Worst place I have stayed in

On first arriving the reception staff were helpful and the apartment looked fine. However that was before the cockroaches, wood mites and ants made their appearance known. This was accompanied by the vile stench of the bath room which came and went over our stay. The bar staff in the Hotel Riasol (which the apartments were part of) that we encountered were extremely slow and quite rude so after two visits there we went elsewhere. There were signs pointing the way to a pool bar but this was shut the whole time. The pool in the apartment complex was adequate but the lifeguard on the one visit we made to it was very unfriendly and no inflatables were permitted. A bit strange seeing as the website clearly shows inflatables at the pool. After that one visit where we felt extremely uncomfortable we used the Riasol pool. The only reason I gave this place one star is for the stunning views and beautiful pool in the Riasol hotel that we had use of. Otherwise it would have got zero