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Kirjoittanut Roxyeaves91

Honeymoon visit to hotel

Rooms are spotless hotel spotless,entertainment absolutely diabolical( bingo one night u shout bingo but don’t win, and are given toothpicks to mark your numbers that are called through a Bluetooth speaker Food is good but gets repeated but you can understand that at this time of year Hotel is great location right near everything Staff all friendly and helpful The big problem is the entertainment there isn’t any actual entertainment. The pools are freeing inside and out the jacuzzi is cold water outside , the sauna is no where to be seen If you want a quiet holiday then this is the one for you.


Kirjoittanut Khfryuh

Not the Best..

Great Room looking over the Beach and pool... very clean throughout. Downside in my view was the food, not great but others had full Plates. Strange set up with lobby bar, you have to pay for drinks even if A/l..just get drinks in other area and take them in there..I want the Barmans Job... Forgot to mention that 95% of the Dining room Staff are like load of Robots walking around, probably don't want to be here as hotel closes next week


Kirjoittanut unteebunty Scotland


superior room was great although garden view and not beach facing as we asked but was ok, low floor and garden was extremely hot from 4pm onwards and kids club played games there late afternoon. usual fight for sunbeds and same people put towels down every morning, hotel has a lift towel policy if nobody on them from 9am but we saw lifeguard and security walk past certain towels daily and the folks didnt show up until lunchtime. hotel was beautiful and exceptionally clean, team of cleaners all day working. pool was cleaned every morning and was lovely. jacuzzi pool was full of kids on inflatables daily which was a shame as there was a large kids pool at other end but nobody told them this. we would usually go bnb only nut we didnt het an option for this so we were all inclusive, breakfast was amazing and you would be hard pushed to not find anything to eat, lunch was great too and snack bar all afternoon great and unlimited local drinks n beer n cocktails most of day, brilliant. dinner was not so good, seemed to cater more for german,bulgarian and european taste as opposed to uk but we like to eat out anyways. local bars n restaurants so cheap and never had a bad meal. the hawaii steaks were like melt in mouth, chinese at back of old globus hotel was amazing. if doing one trip do khans tent, spectacular views and show was great. food just ok, and 1 soft drink included in price. nxt time i would book myself for actual restaurant in khans and take in show while there.


Kirjoittanut Anne J Manchester, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

June holiday

Not the best Sentido we’ve been too most of the staff really nice Shame there is not any no smoking areas round pool and bars nearly choked with smoke and animation shows in a pit so unless you like to go down steps to watch there’s not much chance of watching show as people stood around edge so if you want a sit down at a table don’t expect to see show Need to also learn to deliver some varied meals even desserts were same night after night Some of food rather unusual duck hearts, full roast pigs tongue, chicken neck and dry roast rabbit also monkfish tails (with lots and lots of bones) Food is tasty but very very repetitive Hotel itself lovely and clean and in a great spot but lots of Germans and did get told it was better to order drinks in German unfortunately I do not speak german


Kirjoittanut AliAl-Aswad Leeds, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

If you like Sunny Beach, this hotel may be worth looking at...

This a beautiful hotel, quite small by today's standards, but a nice size in my opinion. It is located right next to the beach, and a short walk from Flower Street. The hotel is kept spotlessly clean by hardworking housekeeping staff. I paid extra for a superior room, with a sea view, and was glad that I did. It was a lovely room, and very well-appointed, with both a kettle and mini bar. I even liked the painting on the wall. The bed was among the most comfortable hotel beds that I have ever slept in. The balconies are quite nice, but not very private. There is a lovely lady at Reception who speaks good English, and another who speaks a little, but when they are not there, the reception staff will respond to even the simplest of enquiries with either, "Come back later." Or, "I don't know." A few of the other staff speak a little English or German, but most do not. You will benefit greatly from learning a few words of Bulgarian. There is an outdoor pool, and a small indoor pool. Both are unheated, and in May, were not really warm enough to swim in, though one of two brave souls did try. The main buffet restaurant is pleasant, but the food can be a little repetitive, and labelling of the food is poor. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, I strongly advise that you do not eat here. In my case, as well as mentioning this issue in advance, I spoke to Reception staff, the Jet2 representative, the restaurant managers, the hotel manager, and the head chef, as well as writing it down in Cyrillic, and I was still given food which made me ill. There is also supposedly an A La Carte restaurant, but it isn't really a restaurant, and negotiating a booking is not easy, as some of the Reception staff are lazy. Very few guests were able to experience this alternative to the buffet restaurant, which is perhaps just as well, as what I witnessed personally would have had Basil Fawlty blushing. Beer, and wine can be found in the buffet restaurant, and in the evenings you can also obtain local spirits here. There is a roof bar, staffed by young Ali, who speaks excellent English, but it was too cold to drink here in the evenings, which is when it is open. During the day, there is a pool bar, staffed by a most miserable man, but where only one cobbled-together cocktail is served, and only for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The only real bar is the 'Reception Bar', but it is not included in the 'all inclusive' package, which I think is rather scandalous. Only local spirits are included at the other bars, though I found them quite passable, and at least they do not appear to be watered. In terms of 'entertainment', in May, there wasn't really any, much to the annoyance of many of the guests. There were a couple of threadbare karaoke sessions, and a badly constructed pop quiz, which I would have certainly paid to avoid. As we were dining, one evening, there was some traditional Bulgarian dancing, and this really was very good, but it wasn't advertised (nothing was). The animations team seem pleasant, and a couple of the young women spoke excellent English, but they departed to work at other hotels. Disabled access is reasonably good, and the hotel were quick to arrange the hire of mobility scooters for a couple of guests while I was there. A few more toilet blocks might have been welcome, as sometimes they are a way from the bars. The resort itself varies hugely throughout the year, being dead as a door nail for much of the year, loud and crazy during the short holiday season, and quiet during the months either side of that. My recent visit was in the second week of May, and I quickly learned that the vast majority of attractions I had been promised were closed, along with most of the shops, bars, most of the hotels, and even the tourist info offices. If you want a quiet holiday, and can find a nice hotel, you can enjoy empty beaches, though the sea is still cold. I had beautiful views of the entire bay from my hotel balcony, but the views on the other side of the hotel must have been pretty horrendous. Walking round the broken streets of Sunny Beach, with its stray dogs, collapsed hotels, ruined businesses, and impoverished people, it’s really hard to believe that you’re not in a war-zone. Included in my ‘welcome pack’ at the hotel, was a full double-sided A4 sheet from the police, warning tourists about how they might stay safe, and not be robbed, injured, or ripped-off. On the first couple of days I was in Sunny Beach, I struggled just to buy bottled water, but when a few shops did start to open, they all sold much the same thing, cheap fridge magnets, overpriced postcards, fake designer goods, and a large array of weapons, such as extendable batons, knives, and knuckle-dusters. Expect to be ripped-off everywhere you go! The main tourist area is Flower Street, which runs from a rotten jetty on the sea-front for about half a mile, and is lined with bars, sex-shows, tattoo parlours, and fast-food eateries. Again, expect to be ripped-off everywhere you go, with drinks prices changing from round to round, and from customer to customer. Prostitutes ply their trade here, and along the sea-front, and at the top of Flower Street, you may get accosted by Bulgarian drunks (in both cases, they are quite friendly though). Apart from being ripped-off, Sunny Beach is probably a good Stag Do location in July and August, but if you’re visiting at this time of year, and do not want to stay up all night, you might want to take ear-plugs. Would I go again? No.