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Kirjoittanut Jack B

Do Not go! Please save your money and nerves!

It is a scam, and everyone involved, from your tourist local agency to so called management here. It is not all inclusive, pools are small and only for rooms down not for rooms on flor. It is not hotel! It is apartment village with poor conditions rooms. You can feel bad smell immediately after enter. You must wait with childrens until your room is available. Food is cheep, apple juice and orange juice is not juice it some sort of water with flavored sugar. Everything will cost you, wifi per device ! (15euros per 7 days) Childrens fun par in the complex you must pay. This is organized scam crime, only purpose is to you to give money to your agencies and pay extra here for absolutely nothing. Very dirty. Beach is pathetic. Never again here, worst all inclusive ever. If you like to treat you as a sheep this is best spot for you.


Kirjoittanut Alice W

Very far from a paradise

- 2/3 start hotel , basic and standard - Budget family hotel not a premium. - Reception area is very basic, untidy and very dirty. - Staff are not very pleasant or friendly - You pay for WiFi and for pool towels and you use the same towels while you are there ! So disgusting!! - No welcome drinks upon arrival just really impersonal service. - No WOW factor at reception or entrance - Food is very horrible , no taste, badly presented, it’s not labelled so you don’t know what you are having except for chips , boiled potatoes and rice. - Loads of activities for kids that you have to pay for even if you are all inclusive at the fun park -so bring loads of cash . - There is a descent ish water park nothing different , just2/3 slides - Food is not good and not labelled - It’s a very polish resort and other guests can be very rude and abrupt . They were using their hands to pick food . It was disgusting - No bar lounge in the reception area - Hotel Room It stinks sooooooo much ! It smells of urine and rotten as the drains overflow and when you are in the shower 🚿 - Good size room There are no do not disturb signs! So housekeeping will come and knock at least . - Shower was not very clean and it stinks ! The Drains smell so bad and you gag as you walk into the bathroom - AC only one side of the room so we all ended up in one room. (4 of us ). - A.C is loud and does not really change mode - Drains smell so it constantly smells stale and of urine . You feel sick as you use the bathroom. There are two drain holes one on the shower and one in the middle of the bath as they overflow and stink ! - Not even a bottle of water in the rooms so never mind a drink. - We found a dirty wet towel in the mini bar fridge , it was so disgusting 🤢 - Room was not very clean and the drains were smelling , as you walk into to the room it smells stale and the smell hits you and you feel sick - Entertainment Present but not authentic and it’s designed for Polish people . Nothing in English . The resort is predominantly Polish. Food Horrible, lack of variety , cold and there was in hair in the food a lot times see pictures . It was very basic and boring. It was not a particular cuisine , boiled potatoes , overcooked or undercooked meat . There is only one place to get drinks so if your room is fat you have to walk for ages. People use their hands 🙌🏾 to get food meat and fruit 🍉. It’s very uncivilised! We stopped eating there after 3 meals and started eating at Noka Grill and Bar and Amboula restaurants at the beach . Those two are lovely and better food. Swim up room is not worth as anybody can use it even those that fine have them can just come and use it.


Kirjoittanut Mindaugas K

Very average hotel, maybe 3***

Hotel maybe is a 3***, mainly for Polish and British families with kids, nice aqua park, and kinder play park, close to shops and beach is about 5 min walk. Food quality, drinks is so so, animation very average level, very big noise till 11 PM from kinder play area and night entertainment.


Kirjoittanut Lynn H

Not 4 star - 3 star at best

Not 4 stars as advertised by tui. Very over priced for what we paid. Drinks are terrible, food average. Very clean and good water park though. Bad points Drinks - All inclusive drinks were terrible, to the extent that we left the hotel in the evening after the first couple of nights and either bought drinks in from the supermarket or went to local bars for a decent drink. The wine was undrinkable. The beer is Zorbas (which we didnt even find anywhere else nearby in either shops or bars/restaurants). Cocktails are okish. The soft drinks are acceptable but clearly very cheap versions. Bar closes at 11 on the dot! Bars only open 11 until 11 so nowhere other than the restaurant to get a soft drink before 11am! Nowhere at all to get an included drink other than water after 11pm! Restaurant Food - very average and definitely not four star quality. Salads are fresh and enjoyable. Fresh bread enjoyable. Lots of pork and chicken, some better than others, some average fish dishes. Very little fresh fruit (oranges, apples, melon and sometimes plums or nectarines) all other fruit is canned fruit in syrup. We ate out a few times to get a decent quality meal. Desserts average. Snack bar - the offerings here are okish. Gyro’s acceptable but the meat was a bit fatty sometimes. Fruit is canned fruit salad. Salad is a bit of shedded cabbage and not much else. Pizza is pitta (more like a flat bread than the pitta we are familiar with) with tomato sauce and a bit of cheese but they are made in advance and put into paper bags and the cheese sticks to the bag so you’re left with flat bread with tomato sauce! Chicken nuggets, fish fingers, chips, burgers and hot dogs on dry rolls, cheap bread sandwiches). Not what you’d want to eat every day and definitely not good quality. The ice cream is really good. Snack bar only open until 5. Ice cream only available 11-5 daily. Italian Restaurant - needs to be booked at the main restaurant. Similar to the main restaurant but less choice. Still buffet style. Pizza is good. Salad and breads are nice and fresh. Everything else is average. It is clear that the food and drink quality is cheap, not high quality at all and not the standard expected for the price we paid. Possibly the worst quality/availability of food and drink we have experienced in all inclusive and we’ve done a fair few over the years in several different countries. There is nothing available to eat after 9pm which is a pain when you’ve got hungry kids and nothing for them to eat. Wi-Fi - free in reception but you need to pay (per device) to have Wi-Fi access elsewhere (including your room). Really don’t agree with this, it’s a basic thing in this day and age. I wasn’t bothered to use internet when on holiday but the kids and other family members were. Would expect this to be included as part of the all inclusive. Towels - 10€ per towel deposit which is fair enough but it’s 1€ per towel change per towel which shouldn’t happen in an all inclusive. Entertainment - All in polish. Seems great from what I could see if you speak Polish. Nothing at all for any other nationalities. Gym - only open 10am - 6pm. Not sure why it doesn’t open when it’s cooler early morning/later evening. Amusement Arcade/Inflatable - expensive. Al a Carte Restaurant/Bar - on site but not included in the all inclusive. Decent drinks (including decent local beers/wines) Lovely pizza and crepes. All need to be paid for though. Good Points Cleanliness - can’t be faulted, the place is immaculate! Rooms cleaned to a high standard every day. Bedding and towels changed every other day. Restaurant is clean, plates cleared quickly. Tables cleared and cleaned quickly. Rooms - again, can’t be faulted. Modern, adequate size, huge walk in shower, comfy enough beds. Good air con. Swim up room was fab for the kids. Pools - Main pool, kids pool and water park. All immaculately clean. Water park is small but kept our boys (6 and 11) entertained most days. Plenty sun beds in each pool area. Water park has lifeguards. Reception - cool and clean. Staff reasonable friendly and helpful. Staff - some friendly, some not so much. Really depends on how you interact with them. Some guests were simply rude so I can understand why the staff can be unfriendly in return. I found them all fine, a smile and an acknowledgement goes a long way and costs nothing. Yes, they’re paid to do a job but they do it well. Ice Cream - lovey! If you’re in block D - beware of the cockerel in the field at the back, he’ll have you up before the crack of dawn! 3am most mornings. He and his lady friends like to come into the hotel grounds to say hello though, the kids enjoyed seeing them every day. All in all, we had a decent holiday as we made the best of it but we wouldn’t return and wouldn’t recommend based on value for money, poor quality of drink/food and availability of the ‘all inclusive’ drink/food. We spent a fair bit extra eating/drinking out to get a decent drink/meal as we didn’t want to ‘make do’ with poor quality while on holiday having looked forward to it for so long but we shouldn’t have felt the need to do that given how much we paid for the all inclusive holiday.


Kirjoittanut Dreamer26587356504

3 stars hotel, not worth the price and serves bad quality food

It's not 4 stars hotel, but 3. Food is poor quality an bad look as in canteen. They serve wormy oranges (photo attached) The snacks are just dry bun withth sausage or meatball or just cabage with majonaise, pizza is just pita with some ketshup and cheese. All inclusive drinks are just limonades woth drop of alko (no oranges, limes or lemons on top) polish tourists are the majority (animators also talks polish) and most of them are ugly also their kids. Shower rooms has glass doors whitch has no noise isolation so everyone in the room will hear you showering or doing other things.. We had swim up room whitch i thought has private pool, but neibourghs form second floor has come and used pool and sun bads in frnt of our terrace and every day, because where was no control. Swimming pools, pleasent service staff are the only good things. Price of the hotel is too expensove for that quality.