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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
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  • 4,5/5 Huoneet
  • 4,5/5 Palvelu
  • 4,5/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
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Kirjoittanut Rypale Helsinki, Suomi

Many surprises

There are many good things about this Hotel as you can read from the other reviews here. However, on this review I'm going to focus on things that do not work or where the service fails so you know what to expect and how to prepare yourselves for your visit. 1. High noises from the bar on evenings: The music is played so high that you should bring your earplugs if you want to go to sleep before 11 pm. (and yes, the music is until 11 PM even though the reception says 10 PM) Most of the rooms are nearby the bar so the noise pollution will affect almost all rooms. In our room you had to raise your voice so that the other one hears you! This is exceptionally annoying if you travel with small kids. 2. Case Late check out: Three weeks before our arrival to the Hotel I sent an Email and got the following answer (direct quote) "late check out to 4 pm is 40,e,this you can arrange upon arrival". On the arrival I got the following answer: "We let you know 2 days before your departure if late check out is possible" One day before departure I got the following answer: "Late check out is possible" Two hours before check out time I got the following answer: "sorry, we are fully booked, there is no possibility to late check out" Why do you tell your guests to ask if late check out is possible 2 days before departure when you can only LIE to them at that time?? In my opinion If you tell your customer that late check out is possible the day before departure and the customer have also agreed on paying the price for it you can't book the room. Your service is unprofessional and it's far from a 5* hotel. If we hadn't complained about this unacceptable behavior the Hotel would not have compensated this for us in any way. And again, this is exceptionally annoying if you travel with small kids. 3. Hotel service failed also with following things - We ordered a Taxi with a baby seat from the hotel to pick us up from airport -> We got a taxi without a baby seat (taxi driver told us that no baby seat was ordered) - We had to ask for an Iron 5 times from the reception before we got one that worked - Hotel employees (no room service/cleaning) entered the room without knocking and tells no reason for the visit CONCLUSION AND TIPS: BRING EARPLUGS, DO NOT TRUST WHAT THE RESEPTIONIST SAYS, LATE CHECK OUT IS A JOKE, DON'T GO WITH SMALL KIDS IF YOU DON'T LIKE SURPRISES


Kirjoittanut 0090876

Lti asterias

I will be in the hotel, no hot water in the shower, twice I asked to arrange it, but do not relate. I asked to open the gym, told me 10 minutes took them an hour. There are ants in the room. Not feeling 5 star hotel feels like 3 delicious food and service in dining room, good


Kirjoittanut 999T


We have just come back from the Asterias Beach Resort, the hotel is great if you are German as TV / Entertainment is all in German only the staff speak English. Food was average, do not expect any sea food or ham to have with salad as they only have cheese. Please don't go if your English as you will be quite upset.


Kirjoittanut ctchris08 Famagustan alue, Kypros

Lovely family holiday

We stayed at the Asterias beach for a week together with our friends (4 adults and 7 children in total). The hotel has a beautiful location outside the hustle and bustle of the main tourist area but very close to amenities, 25 minutes from beautiful Lindos village and 35minutes from rhodes town. The hotel itself is big, spacious, modernly designed with a beach front location and has good facilities for everyone (kids club, various pools, two restaurants, entertainment). The staff were friendly and very helpful at all times. Our room (for 5 persons) was huge and very comfortable for us all. Generally we had a lovely stay and would definitely recommend


Kirjoittanut tamianka Gdynia, Puola

Not perfect, but quite nice

A nice place, quite calm and quiet - the kids club is on the side, there is no overly loud music on the pool and generally hotel is not that big, so there is plenty of space. There was never a problem to find a free sunbed near the pool (although there was sometimes problem on the beach), even at 11. Beach is not sand and gravel (as it was advertised by Itaka tour operator) but rather gravel and stones - it's best to have some water shoes. Dining area was big enough to always find a place to sit. Food itself was quite monotonous - for lunch and dinner you'd always find one chicken dish, one pork, few fish/seafood, sometimes some beef or more poultry. Other than that, food was the same every day. We arrived late in the evening, long after dinner was finished, and got some food. Late breakfast was a joke - at 10 everything started to be taken back to the kitchen, so if you are there shortly after 10 you'd still get something, but I don't think anything good will still be available till 11. Room was half good, half bad. We had family room rented by tour operator, received junior suite with 2 "rooms". One was nice, a standard room, with big bed, ample space, balcony, etc. The other "room" was a pass-through that looked and felt more like a corridor with 2 sofa beds added rather than room. Picture is attached. We were already in few family rooms in the hotels of similar standard and nowhere it felt this strange, although one room will always be a pass-through. Adding curtains instead of blinds, bed tables, wardrobe, different room setting, maybe a screen to divide beds from rest of the space and it would have felt much better. Plus for a separate air conditioning in both rooms, no problem with additional card and towel upon asking (although hotel knew, there will be 3 people booked, so they could have provided it themselves). There is rent-a-car facility in hotel, with quite good prices. A shop with most necessary items in good prices. There is also a supermarket on the other side of the street and tourist village with lot of souvenir stores 1,5 km away. Airport drive took less than 30 minutes. Rhodos and Lindos are both 30 minutes away as well. Overall a good location and quite fine holodays.