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Kirjoittanut elenig431


An excellent location..... A clean and comfortable room with beautiful view from its balcony. The breakfast and dinner were excellent. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. It a place that I will visit again


Kirjoittanut Simelaki Cyprus

Nice view but...

We booked a 5 night stay at Myroandrou in July for our summer vacation. The price I thought was a bit expensive but when we came and saw the apartment and the view I agreed that it's money well spent. But since I always give attention to details here are my comments. First of all you can park right outside your room which makes things easier. The main bedroom is quite big with a big comfortable bed. For the kids there are two sofa beds in the main area of the apartment which are not as comfortable as a bed. There is a small window connecting the main bedroom with the main area which is pretty annoying because if the person sleeping in main area decides to open the curtains then lots of light comes in the bedroom as well. There are extra pillows and enough wardrobe space. Kitchen has everything you may need to cook, but bring a sponge and some fluid to clean the dishes. The fridge is adequate for 6 big bottles of water and more at the door which is enough. There is a microwave,  a toaster and a coffee maker but bring the coffee. There is a supermarket at the premises where you can buy anything you may need which is convenient. Bathroom is one of the things I notice before booking a place. This one is a disappointment since the toilet seat is pretty old, the shower pressure is just normal,  not great,  and there is a curtain that touches you when trying to shower. Also there is no chance not to make a mess with water when you shower since it's small but there are mops outside the apartments for that. There is a soap dispenser in the shower that can be used for hands as well but that's it. No more toiletries. Pool area: Very nice pool with a separate spot for children. The pool beds are very comfortable and in general there is a nice calm feeling. You can easily go to the beach from the pool and get back. There is a kiosk at the pool but wasn't open end of July which I thought was weird. It would be very comfortable to buy a frape or a sandwich since we spent lots of hours by the pool. Restaurant: The breakfast was rich with many choices appropriate for a 3 star establishment. Dinner: Location of the restaurants for breakfast and for dinner is sea view and beautiful. Covid wise, there is antiseptic when entering the buffet area but no gloves for serving. Also nobody is checking if you are wearing a mask when entering the buffet area and lots of people didn't. Another thing I noticed and did not like was the fact that one lady waiter when she brought our drinks,  she held the glasses from the glass mouth and not the base as supposed to. The 1st night was Italian night.  Of all the buffet I only liked the pizza,  a salad and a lamb dish. 2nd night was Around the world night.  I liked the salads but the food was nothing special. 3rd night Greek night. We really liked the food, by far the best night so far but some dishes were empty and there was no bread. At 8 o'clock when is the time you expect people to come for dinner you should have the trays filled and the bread ready. And when a lady asked if they are bringing more zucchini balls the kitchen person told her: Next week! (as if she will be there next week  waiting!) One night we went out and slept late so we needed the extra sleep in the morning. But no, at 9:30 we got woken up by the noise the cleaners were doing cleaning the apartment upstairs. They were dragging furniture for at least 10 minutes. Conclusion: We would think to book again but not if we wanted to sleep late and if the showers and toilets change.


Kirjoittanut markandnicola2018 Wigan, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Great place

We have just visited the hotel and enjoyed it very much. It is in a great location, the rooms are spacious and well equipped. The food was delicious with a good variety and the view from the restaurant was fantastic. We will definitely visit again!


Kirjoittanut Excursion66616919412 Moskova, Venäjä

it would seem that everything is good but there is a big but

the sea view is great, the staff is friendly, the food and cleaning are in line with the category. a huge minus is a lounge cafe on the beach on the territory of a neighboring hotel, every evening until one in the morning - music (on Saturdays - a live concert), the volume is such that you will not fall asleep. Moreover, the columns are deployed from the neighboring hotel not even towards the sea, but at the myroandrou beach hotel. if you are without children, then in the farthest room you can fall asleep, and if with children, then it is better to choose another hotel, otherwise someone will not get enough sleep. I specially recorded several videos from the room and looked at the comments on the law on silence in Cyprus (in the summer season, music should be muffled from 23-00)


Kirjoittanut S3601TKtinam Trowbridge, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Fab place but let down by noise

We are on our last night here and are tired! The rooms, the site and the staff are perfect, couldnt ask for more...except more considerate neighbours. The next hotel holds wedding receptions practically daily and the music is very loud. It is turned right down or off at midnight but if its every night its too much. (we had at least 4 nights of this in a week) We then got woken up at 4am twice in a week by the the private villa residents with more noise...loud music, shouting and people being rowdy. So we were getting about 3.5 hours sleep on more then one occasion. I appreciate this is not Myro Androus fault but we needed a restful holiday and it definitely was not. We went out and bought ear plugs and I shall be using them, just wish Id had them sooner. 10 out of 10 to the hotel itself on every aspect. If you dont mind noise its a brilliant venue, fab pool, extremely clean and well looked after. Saddened because we came back a second time because of the peaceful and calm environment.