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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
  • 4,5/5 Nukkuminen
  • 4,5/5 Huoneet
  • 4,5/5 Palvelu
  • 4,5/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 4,5/5 Siisteys

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Кофе маш амттай байлаа

Trishnaгийн үйлчилгээ маш сайн байлаа. Дараагийн аялах найз нөхдөдөө дамжуулах болно. Бусад хүмүүс ч бас сайн үйлчилж байна. Өглөөний унд болон кофе амттай байлаа. Дараа жил ирэхдээ дахин үйлчлүүлэх болно


Kirjoittanut Alina G Pietari, Venäjä

Прекрасный отель

Отель замечательный! Мы ехали именно в этот отель, потому что мой друг Иван здесь уже был и он сделал мне видео отеля, территории за несколько недель до нашей поездки. Мне понравилось, поэтому мы решили приехать сюда. Все чисто, цивильно, убирают каждый день. Каждый день меняют полотенца, кружки, ставят воду. Все вежливые, всегда готовы помочь. Достаточно быстро починили розетку и фен. Хочу сказать большое спасибо работникам на ресепшене. Всегда вежливые, заботливые. Подскажут, куда лучше пойти, где поесть, как добраться. Спасибо всему персоналу, кто убирал каждый день. На территории хороший бассейн. Прекрасный вежливый и всегда-улыбающийся охранник Pramod четко следит за порядком в бассейне и на территории бассейна. Профессионал. Хорошие официанты. Быстро помогают. Gurdeep, Nikhil, Om. Спасибо большое милой официантке по имени Trishna. Она профессионал своего дела! Всегда подскажет, что где и как, поможет. Спасибо всем за душевное поздравление с днем моего рождения! Это было неожиданно и мне было очень приятно принять поздравительную песню и торт! :) Мы будем скучать!!!


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The Essence of Excellent Service in the Hotel Industry

Experiencing excellent service from a hotel can transform a routine stay into a memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression on guests and encouraging them to return. Whether it’s a luxurious five-star resort or a modest bed-and-breakfast, the essence of exceptional service lies in attention to detail, genuine hospitality, and a commitment to exceeding guests’ expectations. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what excellent service in a hotel entails and how it enhances the guest experience. ### Warm Welcome and Smooth Check-In First impressions are crucial, and a warm, friendly greeting sets the tone for a guest's stay. Excellent service begins the moment guests arrive, with staff offering a genuine smile, assistance with luggage, and a swift check-in process. Personalized touches, such as addressing guests by name and offering a welcome drink, immediately make guests feel valued and appreciated. Efficient handling of check-in formalities ensures guests can quickly settle into their rooms without any hassle. ### Personalized and Attentive Service Personalization is a hallmark of excellent service. Hotels that invest in understanding their guests’ preferences and anticipating their needs create a deeply personalized experience. Whether it’s remembering a guest’s favorite drink, accommodating special dietary requirements, or noting a preferred room type, these details show that the hotel values each guest as an individual. Attentive service also involves being readily available to assist with any inquiries or requests, ensuring that every guest feels well taken care of. ### Immaculate Room Standards The quality and cleanliness of the rooms are pivotal to a guest’s comfort and satisfaction. Excellent service is reflected in rooms that are meticulously cleaned, well-maintained, and equipped with thoughtful amenities. This includes comfortable bedding, high-quality toiletries, and a well-stocked minibar. Attention to detail, such as fresh flowers, a handwritten welcome note, or a complimentary fruit basket, can make a significant difference in how guests perceive their stay. ### Exceptional Dining Experiences Culinary offerings are a significant aspect of a hotel stay, and excellent service in this area involves more than just high-quality food. It encompasses the entire dining experience, from the ambiance and presentation to the attentiveness of the staff. Whether in a hotel restaurant, room service, or a casual café, prompt service, knowledgeable staff, and the ability to cater to specific dietary needs contribute to an exceptional dining experience. Special touches, such as chef’s recommendations or customized meals, further enhance the guest experience. ### Prompt and Effective Problem Resolution No matter how well a hotel operates, issues can occasionally arise. What distinguishes excellent service is the ability to address and resolve problems swiftly and effectively. Guests appreciate when their concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly, whether it’s a maintenance issue in the room or a misunderstanding with a reservation. Offering sincere apologies, compensation where appropriate, and a proactive approach to problem-solving can turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one. ### Engaging and Knowledgeable Staff Staff who are not only skilled in their roles but also genuinely enthusiastic about their work contribute significantly to the overall guest experience. Knowledgeable concierge services, for instance, can provide valuable recommendations and assist with bookings for local attractions, enhancing the guest’s stay. Friendly interactions, where staff engage with guests and share local insights or stories, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. ### Thoughtful Departure and Follow-Up The check-out process is another critical touchpoint where excellent service shines. A seamless and efficient check-out, coupled with a genuine farewell, leaves guests with a positive final impression. Thoughtful gestures, such as assistance with transportation, offering bottled water for the journey, or providing a small departing gift, can make guests feel appreciated. Follow-up communications, such as a thank-you email or a feedback request, show that the hotel values guest input and is committed to continuous improvement. ### Conclusion In summary, excellent service in a hotel is characterized by genuine hospitality, attention to detail, and a relentless focus on exceeding guest expectations. From the initial welcome to the final farewell, every interaction and touchpoint contributes to a memorable and satisfying stay. By consistently delivering personalized and attentive service, maintaining high standards, and effectively addressing any issues, hotels can create lasting positive impressions and foster guest loyalty. Regards, Rajeesh Manayelath. Kozhikode, Kerala.


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It was Awesome

First of all, I want to say thank you to the stafff the staff was very polite and friendly. It was very lovely experience. The food was so delicious. Rooms and room service was quite nice.The interior was very nice in resturant giving the out of country vibes. Especially thanx to the secuirty gaurds as well who was giving us idea to explore the goa . Like, What time where to go or where to not.


Kirjoittanut Happiness10470850550

Best service from prathama

Fantastic hotel luxurious facilities we loved their food excellent breakfast food is just amazing cooperative staff helpful prathama is amazing helpful always happy face smiling thank you bloom suites for the superb services especially prathama hope will meet her soon thank you