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Kirjoittanut jove2017 Hamina, Suomi

Kävimme 2007 ja 2014 oli taso tippunut 7 vuodessa

Toivottavasti uusi omistaja korjannut tilanteen. Upeat näkäalat rinteeseen rakennetussa hotellissa omalla rannalla.Saari on kaunis ja kannattaa ehdottomasti kiertää ympäri, parkkipaikat vain ovat välillä hyvin vaikeita löytyy ja kävelymatkaa kertyy.


Kirjoittanut alex072013 Ateena, Kreikka

Poor quality

The hotel has a great potential but it needs a serious renovation. Although it is situated at a great spot, all the furniture and rooms need to replaced. Also it does not feel like a clean place: destroyed towels, dirty sun-beds , etc. therefore the price does not reflect the service that you will finally receive.


Kirjoittanut spirosp13


The location is amazing, incredible views but, the moving between levels is so difficult and confusing many times(you need to take 2-3 elevators or use many steps to go to your rooms-restaurant-pool-beach. All the communal areas (restaurant- elevators) although is thousand degrees outside (Its August now that i am writing this), they dont dont have air-conditioning. Now if you want to eat you dinner on the balcony (amazing views) you will be joined with wasps. But the amazing management of the hotel, they have found the solution by burning in coffee beans in bowls. It works, dont get me wrong, but the atmosphere is suffocating, as they put 5-6 bowls (its like you throw a smoke-bomb) Also on Dinner, you need to pay for the bottle of water, although on breakfast is free, and on breakfast, butter is not kept on the correct temp (almost melting), and the orange juice seems very sour. The rooms on the other hand are vey clean and in good condition, but if you have a room with a pool, the water is dirty, the floor of the pool starting to erupt (the paint i coming off) and the deck with the sunbeds, is in a bad condition (planks moving, sunbed broken, found a plastic cup under one of the sunbed) Any room, you will fight with mosquitos as they dont have any sort of net to protect you from them.. The main pool, is again dirty and needs maintance as most of the steps are not screwed correct and they move around and full of rust. elevators are too small (4 persons max, and waiting forever to come) and very old and bad maintained with no aircon. The beach (is not a beach, is a deck full of sunbeds and umbrellas, is ok but the beach bar is bit far from it. The sea is very clean though with clear waters and a small pier to jump on the water. The metal steps to come up are full of rust and again moving around (the first step almost broken). The staff are very helpful and polite, with a smile on their face which makes a bit happier your staying. I have talked with many of them and they all agreed with all of the above. So it makes you think if the stuff thinks that, its not good right? Last but not least, the parking spaces, are limited within the vicinity, but you can park your car on the main road (not protected) Hope, this review gives you an incentive, not to choose this hotel Spiros


Kirjoittanut FindingMojo Elgin, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Beautiful hotel being run down by very poor management.

Summary: Facilities in shabby condition (or not available) made worse by shabby behaviour during checkout. Fuller story: No one in reception when we arrived at midnight. Over 35 minutes, and requests to 3 members of staff, before someone arrived to show us to our room. After 17 hours travel (flight delays and food services not available) we'd been very much looking forward to the warm welcome promised when arranging the booking, especially the selection of "cold dishes" due to be in the room (given that we'd arrive too late for the included-in-the-rate dinner.) There was no food waiting, unless you count the extensive selection of dead moths in the pool. In response to our complaint, a plate of fruit and 2 small bottles of water was brought, which didn't quench our thirst or our disappointment. We tried to simply fall asleep but a big party with very loud Greek music still going on well after 2am spoiled that. In the morning I asked reception what had happened. Had they forgotten we were coming despite the emails? Response was defensive and belittling. I explained that I would pay for only 2 of the 3 nights that we were staying, i.e. not for that half a night with little food and little sleep. A couple of hours later an apology basket arrived - same fruit as the disappointing plate the night before (apples, bananas and kiwi - I'm not a fan) and a bottle of white wine... without a corkscrew (no corkscrew in room, nor any of the tea/coffee making facilities and water etc. to which international travellers are accustomed) On departure, the attempt was made to charge me full price for all 3 nights. Although reception staff tried to help, they were clearly being dictated to by the "owner". Eventually the "best offer" was half price for the first night's stay. Not appropriate in the circumstances, so I tried to negotiate further, at which point the "owner's" offer was raised back up higher and I was told that the Tourist Police were on their way, would be there in 5 minutes. I didn't believe they were, and they didn't arrive in the next 15 minutes, but I did take it as evidence that the "owner" was willing to play shabby and outdated negotiation tricks, so I paid the half price offer and left (by then running too late and having too many people waiting for me to call the owner's bluff) I was/am looking for a venue for retreats for groups of international business leaders. Not here! In fact, this episode reminds me of that Julia Roberts' moment in Pretty Woman: "Big mistake. Huge!" Much sympathy for the staff (some of whom were very helpful) who displayed numerous behaviours indicative of being cowed by intimidating, overbearing and bullying styles of leadership.


Kirjoittanut W4320YKamyj

Amazing views and lovely hotel

Hotel is a little dated but its clean, staff are very friendly and for the price you are getting an absolute bargain. The pool is huge and over looks the stunning sea and mountains. Hotel offers half board stay and food was decent selection was ok but you can't really fault this hotel. Boat trip to different beaches goes from the hotels pontoon so perfect for anyone wanting to explore the island