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Kirjoittanut K1173NJdeborahh


I have just come back from 11 nights in sol nessebar palace - this is my 3rd visit with my family - have always loved it & would recommend it to friends- reading reviews where people say it’s not clean always shocked me , but this visit really dissapointed me - since my last visit aug /sept 2017 we all thought the food wasn’t as good - the have done the restaurant out so food area isn’t as big so not as much Choice, chicken and pork every nite but most days chicken was not cooked & very pink in middle which we did mention, but snack bars still really good so we mainly ate at them , but what shocked me the most was my room , my daughters was the same - clean towels & bedding most days & bin emptied but nothing else done , bath had a tide mark round it ( I’d had a bath 3rd day) & sink was was never washed so that was scummy & round sink area was never cleaned , if we had a drink in room the ring marks from cups were still there all throughout the holiday- my son left a couple of levs on hes bedside table & they were taken , he confronted cleaner who eventually put her hand in her pocket & gave him them back - I did report the taking off the money ( wasn’t going to mention the uncleanlinesses of the room until the money was taken) but we did meet other hol makers on different floors who said there rooms were spotless after cleaners had been in , so maybe we just didn’t have a good cleaner. Would still recommend this hotel on hope you don’t get on the same floor as us


Kirjoittanut MCwenz

Sol Nessebar Bay

This hotel is shut closed on Arrival doors locked had to walk with all our cases to the place for check in we got shown to our rooms had nice sea view room but kids room at other end of corridor took 4 days to get moved with help from the manager lost sea view that was payed for but thats fine kids close now , room only and pool open no facility you have to go to the Palace for drinks and food you are not allowed to use the place pool you get asked to move did speak to the manager again explained we payed a lot for this holiday was not cheep get away and bay was shut so now was able to use pool we had a 11 day stay ..Food ok did have normal all inclusive variety bread salad s fruits ect,,but meat cook station pork and moor pork lots of pork ..also they cook chicken every day and did get raw bit trying to cook it to fast as there was a long que for this good variety on drinks...Entertainment fantastic animation team fantastic well done ..nice beach .some of the staff a bit rude pool lifeguard came to shut umbrellas because it rained but there was no care for the guest and closing them on peoples heads no lifeguard at the bay,,. kids had fun and enjoyed there stay just a shame we had a few issues otherwise could have been better


Kirjoittanut Yve S Bourne, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Great for the Grandkids .

Arrived to discover our part of this triple hotel was only open for guest accommodation. Everything else, food, reception, shop, etc was in the Palace hotel in the centre. Accessible via a long convoluted internal walk on the 1st floor or a circuitous walk on the ground floor outside. Alarming thing to point out , no obvious exits available in case of fire except the one door to the pools. Rooms were clean and interconnecting as requested. Slight discrepancy over the cost of accommodation ( we paid direct to hotel , not a package deal). Towels were changed daily and beds made . Food on offer was very wide ranging and should have suited pretty well everyone. Downside to only the Palace being open for meals was a very noisy and crowded experience if you weren’t in early to beat the crowds. Not pleasant . However, the waiting staff were very attentive at clearing tables and the serving staff kept up very well with demand. Evening entertainment was of a good standard and apparently the magic show I missed was spectacular. Lots for the kids to do , water slides, target range , indoor bowling, pool, etc. sadly for me ( a grand ma, not a lot to occupy me . You can only do so many crosswords , read so many books. Not much to see locally although one day we did take the water taxi to Nessebar old town which was very interesting and we also had a really lovely civilised lunch over there too. Lots of knock off shops and souvenirs to be had. Took the road taxi back as the water had become choppy. Peaceful nights, got plenty of sleep. Took advantage of the spa twice , a tired back massage which worked wonders and a manicure and pedicure which outdid any I’ve had here in Uk.


Kirjoittanut jomacca South Cave, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


Ok so we’re here now and have been about a week but I know I was reading reviews right up until the day we came so I thought I’d take 5 to write this in case anyone else is doing the same. Were a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 teenage boys aged 14 and 17. We think the complex is great. We’re staying at the Bay and was a little confused before arrival as to what we could and couldn’t use. Basically, the Bay serves as almost like an annex of the Palace. It’s reception, bar and restaurant are not currently open and I don’t know why but it really doesn’t matter as the palace is about 1 minutes walk (either outdoor or indoor) away and has everything you need. The only think I’m aware of that you “shouldn’t” use is their sunbeds. The eateries, facilities and entertainment are all at your disposal. The waterpark is at the Mare and pool games at the palace but it’s all conjoined so you really don’t even notice that. There is food and drinks on tap from 7am to 11pm. Loads of choice. The food IMO is great. Loads of freshly cooked variety every evening. Nobody could ever go hungry at any point here. We ate like kings. There is so much choice! They even have back bacon at breakfast freshly cooked (tho you’ll have to bring your own brown sauce if that’s your guilty pleasure). The palace beds get taken very quickly in a morning but you can get beds at the bay all day long and there's hundreds stacked at the side if you can’t (although never been a day when we couldn’t get out bed of choice even at 11am and this is peak summer hols). The palace pool is quite full-on anyway so it’s nicer to get beds at the Bay and dip in and out the activities at the palace. Our teens enjoyed all the activities during the day. There’s a teen an adult programme and they joined in both. On an evening there is pool, table tennis, air hockey etc so lots for teens. For little ones the mini club runs into the night and there’s also henna tattoos, pottery painting, zorbing in the pool etc. ours are a little old for this and some are chargeable but I don’t know how much Rooms are fab and spacious. A quick spruce up daily by the maids and fresh towels etc. they’re quick and efficient and very friendly. I’d suggest you bring a hairdryer perhaps as the one in the bathroom is a little slow and weak but that’s just a little tip. Bars are all fab too. Special shout out to Ivan and Antonio in the Tapas bar who are great! The beach is lovely and cleaned every morning. It’s not huge but sufficient and there are banana boats and jet skis etc. reasonable too. Ours went on the “sofa” ride and it was 20lv each (£10). We’ve been to Nessebar old town which is nice for a half day out. Lots of cobbled streets, church ruins and shops and restaurants. Not exciting per se but nice to say we’ve been and only 20lv in a taxi. Make sure you agree a price first. Taxi there was 20lv from hotel but they try for 40lv coming back. Just say no and walk away and you”lol get them to 20 with no great shakes. Headed out for the bus to Sunny Beach today. Taxi from hotel was 30lv but a taxi driver at the bus stop offered us 20lv and then gave us his number and we called him to come back us too at 20lv. Never pay first offers or even second. It’s not even hard core haggling, they just try their luck. Hotel staff are all lovely and will help you in anyway they can. It’s a super place and I can’t fault it. There are water dispensers on every floor which is great and the lifts are fast and frequent. There isn’t really anywhere to walk to on and evening so if you’re the evening walking types you’d have to probs get a cab and walk around sunny beach etc. A couple of local restaurants but no bars. Sports bars are in sunny beach too so if you’re after a sky sports Saturday then that’s the place to head but £10 in a cab. Beer is cheap in SB, paid £7 today for 3 big beers. Shows on a night in the hotel are fine. Considering they have hundreds of folk to entertain from age 0-80 they provide variety. Some are bought in and some done in house but always light and entertaining. I’ve heard the spa is lovely but haven’t personally experienced. The gym is fab and lots of equipment and well utilised, as is the indoor pool if you’re the sporty type and you want to keep fit whilst here. All in all they go all out to cater for every need here (there’s even jars of baby food in the restaurant!). We can’t fault the place to be fair. Credit to the management and staff. Great Job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Kirjoittanut Maps22006930546 Cardiff, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


HONEST REVIEW!! Just got back from a week at sol Nessebar BAY hotel. This is my first review of a hotel and I’m writing this as I’m so impressed with this place and hope anyone sees this will book with peace of mind. I’ll keep it brief but honestly this hotel was amazing. Something for everyone. First holiday where I haven’t wanted or needed to eat elsewhere. So much variety in food throughout the day / evening from pizza to paella & fresh made donuts to an ice cream shack on the beach. Pools were great, clean and perfect temperature to cool off. The rock pool / fountain pool was a massive hit with our 3 year old. It was safe and right next to a park which he loved going back and forwards to. The slides in all pools were amazing. Every child I saw was having a fantastic time. The beach was lovely, sea was warm quite a bit of seaweed / leaves in the sea but it was lovely. I’d recommend going down the path by the lazy river as it takes you to more of a quieter part with a park and beach bar. Hotel itself was spotless, our room was cleaned daily with fresh towels provided. Lots of staff walking around cleaning up. Lovely little on site shop, lady was absolutely lovely and beyond helpful. Fantastic shows every night, animation team work long hours and they really do put on a show every day. Now for a few of the bad points. The main hotel here is the palace. The other two hotels are BAY & MARE. When we booked it was advertised we could use all of the facilities on site. When we got there we were made aware that we weren’t very welcome elsewhere. We weren’t allowed to use any of the hotels other pools even though this was where the water activities and games were. This didn’t affect us directly as we only had a 3 year old but for older kids staying in the BAY & MARE it was really disappointing that they couldn’t participate in any of the activities and made to feel very unwelcome. Our hotel was like a ghost town. No reception no bars / restaurants open, you have to go to the palace for everything. Although this didn’t bother us it felt strange they were picking and choosing what we could and could not use in their hotel. Staff were not very friendly / chatty it was very much serve you and move on which again didn’t really bother us. A few came across rude but different cultures an all. Talking of different cultures, I am completely happy sharing a hotel / holiday with anyone and everyone but my god 90% of the guests were Russian or German and the rudest people I’ve come across. They stare, you smile at them they just look away, they push in front for the lifts and queuing for food drinks etc. The kids would steal anything around the poolside - other kids toys, lilos etc so just beware. Wouldn’t get this from the Brits so just something to be aware of. All in all. It’s what you make of it, we could’ve spent the whole holiday looking at things to moan about and taking pictures of a bit of mould on a shower curtain but enjoy it for what it is. Appreciate it and you’ll have a lovely time!