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Kirjoittanut Mike F Wolverhampton, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Big disappointment

I agree with everything in review that Crackerjack 2423 wrote except for one thing The room I had was 2star at most . The skirting boards looked like a bad D I Y effort ,with paint on them . Whoever fitted shower ,was probably their first time . .The laminate flooring needed changing, a couple of years ago at least. Definitely resent paying 5star prices for a 4star hotel and 2 star bedrooms . Would not recommend . Needs reclassifying.


Kirjoittanut Crackerjack2423 Manchester, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Not so good

Stayed at the hotel for two weeks over Christmas and New year. Food was okay and service of staff good. The hotel guests were mainly German in their later years and the lobby resembled more of a German old people's home, people sleeping, staring at people or knitting and the room was very hot. Most of the staff spoke little or no English. Fortunately I speak German, so I was able to get by. There was only one cocktail included in the all-inclusive concept, all others have to be paid for as were branded drinks. Christmas was very disappointing. We had Turkey in some form or another virtually every day, ironically not on Christmas Day. However, New Year's Eve was excellent, they turned the lobby into one big party room, we all booked tables and they had a fantastic show, fireworks on the beach at midnight the bar was open till 3:00 a.m. our rooms were in the annex, which was accessed through a long tunnel under the road, which was quite a long walk. It was sometimes difficult to get a table for dinner because the dining room was split into two rooms, one of the rooms was used for the evening entertainment and so people used to hang on to the table for the entertainment. Some of the shows that they put on were good, others were average and catered more for the German guests. Accommodation was okay and cleaned daily to a good standard. There is a fridge in the rooms which was stocked with soft drinks. Room safe had to be paid for, €2 per day. Free Wi-Fi was only available in the lobby, if you wanted it in your room and the rest of the hotel it costs €2 a day. Would I return to this hotel? . . . No. Would I recommend this hotel? . . . No.


Kirjoittanut Tracey D

Hotel (care home)

This has to be the worst hotel(I use that term loosely) it was more like a care home for the elderly and sick, it says on the description they speak English that's a lie, there was plenty of food if you like soup slop and pizza, there is no entertainment what so ever unless you like darts and bingo. It also said on the description 24 hour bar also not true, it was my first holiday with my new partner, the room we stayed the floor was absolutely disgusting not been mopped from the last unlucky tenant. When it rained there was water coming in the window and down the wall(had to ask for towels to soak the water up) myself and my partner both got some kind of bug from the delightful residents (sickness and diarrhea) the staff are rude and ignorant, I would not recommend this hotel to my ex mother in law(and I cant stand her). It says on a board outside they have an award for the cleanest beach what a joke, the infinity pool I wouldn't let a frog swim in it, the indoor heated pool again I use the term heated loosely as it wasn't heated at all, the waiters in the restaurant wiped the (clean cutlery) with their fingers, the glasses leave a lot to be desired. At most I would give this care home sorry I mean hotel a 2 star rating and I will not be returning.


Kirjoittanut N5448PDsophied

Long post but worth reading if considering this hotel

**Long post but worth a read if condidering this hotel** This hotel was booked as our first and most probably last family holiday (due to mums health issues). There was 8 of us in total on the holiday this included myself, partner, 2 daughters, mum, my brother and partner, and another brother. On arrival I was extremely upset to find that my family had been booked into a room that sleeps only 3 when I had put in the original booking 2 adults and 2 children sharing, after telling the manager that I was extremely uncomfortable with my daughter not being in my room or us all squeezing in the small room the only option I was given was to pay 350 euros for a family room. I think this is absolutley terrible, this was refused as I simply couldng afford so this set us of to a bad start. The next issue was that my mum is disabled and cannot walk, she was put into the furthest room (only accessed by at least a 10 minute walk under the subway) I asked for her to be moved closer this was refused I genuinely thought she may not make it home after all the walking. We tried in vein to hire some type of mobility scooter, searched both towns and found nothing, however, the hotel was more than happy to hire a wheelchair (not fit for purpose) for 25 euros a day 🤯 that is literally 5 euros less than hiring a car. This didn't make it much easier for us as we had a steep hill to get up each night and she is quite a large woman. On many occasions I thought we was both going to be rolling down the hill, this was supposed to fulfill one of my mums final wishes, a family holiday, she told me she just felt like a burden. The rooms if big enough was ok, comfortable beds, tea and coffee making facilities, shower gel, 1 2 English channels on TV (news) was bearable. However, each day we hung the sign on our door to have our mini fridge restocked and this didn't happen once? I'm not quite sure why? To be honest I got the feeling that the staff just didn't like us 😕 which as you can imagine made us quite uncomfortable. The beach I cannot fault at all it was absolutely beautiful and literally on the hotels doorstep, managed to get sun loungers no problem each day. The sea also is stunning beautiful colours and beautiful sunsets each night. The weather also was in the 20s each day which was a very pleasant suprise. The pizza bar by the beach was great freshly made pizzas and salads was very nice and the downstairs barman seemed friendly. We also tried the mock tails and milkshakes at an extra cost (4 euros) was worth a treat. The upstairs restraunt had plenty of options and the food was enjoyed by the majority of the party. Always seemed to have something available for fussy eaters and the English pallette. To eat on the balcony with a sea view was a really treat. The nighttime entertainment was also very good always translated to English to so we could all understand some fab dance acts. On one occasion my 12 year old daughter asked for coke lights and was served with very strong Gin coke lights (who even drinks gin with coke) luckily they took a sip and spat it out when I asked the waiter why this happened he gave me no apology or anything infact he didn't even bring them fresh drinks which I think is shocking. If you are going with children this is most certainly something to look out for. Another occasion we was in ghe indoor pool and my brother partner and daughter was standing in swimwear in the outdoor area (it's very small) I was in the water and could tell that this man was taking pictures/videos, of them in their swimwear. I told my partner who demanded to see his phone and right there was photos and videos of our daughters infact our whole family. I went straight to the desk to ask for the manager I explained the situation and he came out and took the other man's side and made us feel like we was in the wrong. I have no idea how My partner did not do some type of damage as emotions was very high. Now maybe I'm missing something here is that acceptable to do in Turkey? When I asked this question I was told no, so I would like to know why we was made to feel like we had done something wrong?. Despite this bad experience previously my daughters thoroughly enjoyed the pools two of them was very clean and we made some happy memories there. The infinity pool however was disgusting full of dead creatures definitely needs cleaning or emptying. I am more upset than anything as this holiday was supposed to be special in many ways, we did manage to have some good moments but it was overshadowed by how we was made to feel unfortunatley I would return to this part of turkey but I am very unsure that I would ever return here.


Kirjoittanut Yuliya533 Aachen, Saksa

Very bed experience, even for Turkey

There are two things which makes this hotel absolutely horrible: arrogant people, working in hotel, and very busy road just next to the place (you can hear the noise even with closed windows). On top of that, people speak almost no English. Hotel itself has no territory, the beach is overcrowded. The room is OK, but the bed was too small for two people. The food was OK, but not a big variety. Honestly, I'm surprised they consider it as 5 stars hotel. I've seen 4 stars much better in Turkey.