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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
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Kirjoittanut reissaaja_nina

Kuljettaja oppaana

Suosittelen naapurihotellin (Cameleot-hotellin) suosittelemaa kuljettajaa. Meillä oli Anton-niminen kuljettaja useampana päivänä oppaana meille retkillämme. Anton on miellyttävä ja mukava henkilö ja saimme paljon tietoa Sri Lankasta häneltä.


Kirjoittanut 204helin Helsinki, Suomi

Hieno hotelli

Oltiin tässä hotellissa 5 yötä. Uusi hotelli, puhdas, tyylikäs, mahtava näköala merelle. Henkilökunta ystävällistä. Hintansa arvoinen. Liikenteen meteli kuuluu huoneisiin, mutta se hiljenee yöksi. Herkkäunisenakin sain hyvin nukuttua. Suosittelen, voisin mennä uudelleen.


Kirjoittanut Gary M


I had originally booked to stay 12 days/11 nights at the Heritance Galle at the beginning of June. I chose Galle as I knew this time of year would be pleasant without the heavy rainfall of resorts north of Colombo. I paid over $2000 for the hotel room. Just 5 days before departure, the hotel advised me that they had to move me to their hotel in Negombo as the Sri Lankan government needed the hotel for Covid patients. I had no choice but to accept this as I desperately needed a holiday and I hoped the weather might improve. I knew Negombo has heavy rain, thunder and lightning at this time of year, but everything was booked and I couldn't rebook for later in the year due to work commitments. On arrival at Heathrow Airport to fly out, I was informed by the Sri Lankan Airlines staff that I had to stay in 14 days quarantine at the hotel, so I had to phone the hotel and book another 3 nights at a cost of $546. I wont comment further on the airline as this is now the subject of legal proceedings. I must point out at this stage that the hotels own terms and conditions say that 50% is due on booking and the balance on check out. On arrival at the hotel, I filled in the registration documents and they wanted the extra $546 straightaway. After a near 11 hour flight and going through the airport and then transfer, I was too tired to think about any questions. I was informed I would have to quarantine in my room for 24 hours until the results of the PCR test came through. Everything seemed fine and the service by the staff appeared attentive. Upon release from quarantine, I was fortunate enough to spend 15 minutes in the pool and relax in the sunshine. I understand there was less than 10 guests in the hotel. Lunch and dinner was very good but the menu was the same. Its a la carte service only. Day 3. Rain, thunder, lightning and this continued non stop for the next 3 days. Same menu. Nothing to do. Cannot leave hotel. Feeling rather aggrieved that I have paid $2500+ for a room with a view of rain, rain and more rain. There is absolutely nothing to do other than watch TV, eat or drink. The menu is the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. On day 4, it was announced that Sri Lanka was going on to the red list so I needed to get out of the country (like many, many others) before the deadline. I discussed this with Mr Lashan the duty manager, and he asked me to email the reservations department and let them know. Considering I was only going to actually be a guest of the hotel for a total of 4 night/5 days, you would think a partial refund might be considered. Nope, not a penny. Not even the $546. I asked the senior management to reconsider and it was again refused. My overall opinion of the hotel is that it's nice, but nowhere near 5*. Probably 3.5*. The customer facing staff do their best, but its definitely very overpriced. That's the good bits. Now for the bad. The back office, Reservations and senior management are a disgrace. The best way to lose returning guests is to rip them off. They could have maybe offered a partial refund, or a voucher towards staying once Covid is over. Outright refusal via email is the worst method of communication. I was tempted to take my family on holiday to Sri Lanka next year. I will probably still do it, but I would not recommend this hotel group. And as a final comment, I had an expensive pen with me. It was a 50th birthday gift 3 years ago and I took it everywhere with me. It went missing from my room the day before I had to come home and despite an exhaustive search everywhere, it could not be found. Maybe the heavy rain opened the balcony door, swirled the pen into a maelstrom and took it away to pen heaven. I have visited Sri Lanka on many occasions, and have stayed at 1* guest Houses with better senior management than this hotel. My additional regret is that I can't give a zero score on Trip Advisor. If you want to go to a hotel that cares for its guests, doesn't overcharge, has facilities such as a library or pool table or other leisure facility, and want decent ever-changing food, then go anywhere but here!!!. Aitken Spence is a by word for Appalling Senior Management.


Kirjoittanut adeeshaj2019

Friendly Staff and a really nice place

I spent all 14 days of my quarantine period at the hotel. Friendly staff and a peaceful environment. Special shoutout to Rasanga in room service. Thank you for making my quarantine period less boring.


Kirjoittanut gayathriw2014 Denver, Colorado

Bad customer service

Wanted to make a reservation.The reservation executive was so unhelpful.I was speaking to Methmal Rosa he was rude and disrespectful.I had to change my travel plans because of his inefficiency.He did not allow me to speak to anybody else .He was acting like, you have to take what I give you you dont have a choice.