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  • 4,5/5 Sijainti
  • 4/5 Nukkuminen
  • 4/5 Huoneet
  • 4/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 4/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut Matkamies73 Jyväskylä, Suomi

4 tähteä, mutta pölystä iso miinus

Plussaa: - Yhdistettävät huoneet perheille, uudistettu huone, hyvä ilmanvaihto, pimennysverhot, huikeat näköalat (16. kerros), kylmä tyhjä minibaari eväille. - Kattava aamiainen koronarajoituksista huolimatta, pieni kuntosali laadukkailla laitteilla, uima-allas, ystävällinen henkilökunta, rauhallinen sijainti kuninkaanlinnan naapurissa. Miinusta: - Huoneessa paljon pölyä pinnoilla ja lattialla. Muuten huonesiivous ok, mutta pölynpuhdistus lähes ala-arvoista verrattuna muihin yöpymiini Radisson-hotelleihin esim. Suomessa. - Ei tyynymenuuta kuten kotimaan Radissoneissa. - Patjat pehmoisia ja niiden reunat antaa niin periksi, että huolimaton sängynlaidalle istuja on muksahtaa lattialle. Petauspatjakin liikkuu ikävästi paikaltaan kun kääntyilee. - Huoneet pieniä, vaatteille niukasti hyllytilaa. - Herkkäuninen kuulee ohikiitävien ratikoiden äänet myös yläkerroksiin (autoliikenne vähäistä).


Kirjoittanut Hanna T Oulu, Suomi

Tavallinen hotelli, erikoinen tapahtuma

Hotelli oli muuten melko tavallinen eikä yllättänyt suuntaan tai toiseen. Mutta jäin lukkojen taakse oman huoneeni kylpyhuoneeseen, koska ovenkahva oli viallinen. Edellinen yöpyjä oli siitä raportoinut, mutta tieto ei tullut esiin ajoissa ja sain huoneen varhaisessa sisäänkirjautumisessa. Onneksi sain hälytettyä apua puhelimella. Vika korjattiin päivän aikana, mikä kuitenkin hieman haittasi huoneen hyödyntämistä vapaasti. Odotin, että hotelli hyvittäisi jotakin oma-aloitteisesti, mutta sitä ei tapahtunut. Hyvitystä pyydettyäni sain sitten lahjakortin samaan hotelliin.


Kirjoittanut MariR366 Oulu, Suomi

Hyvä hotelli hyvällä sijainnilla

Yövyin työmatkalla Radisson blu scandinaviassa. Plussaa kätevästä bussiyhteydestä suoraan lentokentältä. Huone oli erittäin siisti ja moderni, kylpyhuone puhdas ja nykyaikainen. Aamiaisella olisin voinut istua pidempäänkin!


Kirjoittanut Penticles Malta

Great facilities but management system needs a rethink

I took a long time to think of whether the review merits a score of 2 or 3. On the outset it has the right location, good facilities and decent food (we only had breakfast to be honest) to be a sure winner. If you are flying into Oslo the flybussen stops right in front of the hotel. So whilst there are great positives, something is just not right with the running of this property. Let me explain our experience. Check-in: When we arrived we were surprised to find a queue of people checking in. The reception staff seemed overwhelmed and every check-in seems to take a while (including ours). However at this point we had no issues and assumed that we just arrived at the wrong time. Cleaning and hygiene: We booked a family room with a terrace and the plan was to unpack quickly and head out to see the city, as it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Unfortunately as we started to unpack we realized the room had either not been properly cleaned or not cleaned at all. The fitted carpet and one of the beds was full of hairs and the fridge still had food presumably from the previous guests. We later also discovered an chocolate wrapper under the bed. Obviously in Radisson style, the phone has a ‘one touch’ button for room service and one for the reception. I called both repeatedly over a 20 minute period but no one answered. I had to go down to the reception myself where I found an even bigger queue right to the entrance door. I went to the side of one of the receptionists and told him about the room. He took down the room number, no apologies offered, and said it would be seen to right away. When I got back to the room I read a welcome letter from the General Manager a certain Mr. Osmundset that included a whole paragraph about being certified with Radisson Safety hygiene protocols that include a 20 step approach to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness (photo attached). I therefore sent an email addressed to him letting him know our experience in cleanliness and service. After losing almost an hour with these issues we went to start discovering Oslo. We returned 3 hours later and nothing had happened in the room. Once again the phone was useless as no one ever picks up. So once again the guest has to go to the reception - great service! I was more vociferous this time that nothing was done in spite of promises to see to the room immediately. I also sent a second email. This time I first got a knock at the door by a cleaner asking what was wrong with the room. When I showed her what we were complaining about she asked me what we wanted her to do. Hello! How about vacuuming the carpet, clean out the fridge and replace the bedding that was obviously not replaced for starters? She returned with a vacuum that is past it’s expected life and started ‘vacuuming’. In the meantime I received a reply from the hotel via email (could a phone call have been quicker?) apologizing for the issue and even offering us a change of room to a higher floor. I replied immediately that since we had unpacked most of the stuff I would like to look at it first. There was no reply to my email….. So once again I had to go downstairs and wait to be seen to as the queue never seemed to end. I was told that the lady who had just sent me the email had gone home for the day but before I blew my top I was directed to another gentleman at reception. He seemed to have found the email and gave me a card to the room. We decided to take the new room on offer particularly as it had no fitted carpet and in all fairness better views. At that point from my end matters were settled. Communications: Unfortunately two other instances occurred that brought back the same issue. We left a card in the slot that activates the power in the room (all the lights were turned off). When we returned the card was not there. I assume the cleaner took it but the question is why. I called the reception and one touch numbers but as always the calls remained unanswered and I frankly gave up. This next morning I tried to by-pass the useless one touch and reception numbers by telling the cleaner who came to the room that a bulb in one of the lamps died and needed replacement. I showed her which one it was and she promised to take care of it with maintenance. Needless to say the bulb was not replaced and the one touch and reception numbers remained useless. One just rings and no one picks up whilst the other leads to an answering machine that simply keeps you on hold. I sent an email again but this time even this remained unanswered Checkout: On checkout day I queued and made sure everything was settled way in advance. I specifically asked the receptionist to leave our cards running until 12:00 as we were not leaving immediately. We went out for a final stroll of Oslo and the plan was to return in time to get our luggages and board the flybussen. Though the card never failed us, it did on this occasion probably because once I had ‘checked out’. We had to be a little rude in jumping the queue to get a replacement card as we were going to lose the flybussen. The receptionist tried to justify this by saying that we kept it close to a mobile phone. Actually not the case. It is a pity as the hotel is great but something in the running is obviously not working as it should.


Kirjoittanut SROVirginia Leesburg, Virginia

Stifling, Unclean, Expensive

Yes, the location is great and the breakfast is excellent, but the rooms are not optimal and certainly not worth the price. My room, on the western side of the building, received afternoon sun and became quite hot. There is no A/C, only an "air handling" system and mine was broken. The fan element of the system did not move any air, let alone cool it. I asked to be moved to a different room, but the young male at Reception told me that the hotel was fully booked. That may have been true, but only 10 minutes earlier (I reminded him) he had been asking me what sort of room I wanted (bed size), so clearly there were other rooms available. I said that I'd prefer one on the east side of the building, which would be cooler, regardless of bed size. He said that he had no way of knowing where the rooms in the hotel were located, so any other room that he might offer would just be "a wild guess" as to location. I returned to my floor (16th) and made note of which room numbers were located on which side of the building (1603, 1605, etc.), then returned to Reception, where the young male offered to move me to room 1501. I visited room 1501, which looked to the north and was cooler, but also darker -- with a depressing view of duct-work, so I chose to stay in my overheated room. He did give me a fan, but he did not offer to have anyone from maintenance check the "air handling" system. As for cleanliness, someone appeared to have pushed a mop through the middle of the room, so that dirt and debris gathered along the baseboards, under the desk, etc. The phone, which I used to try to call Reception about the heat, was filthy. The hotel boasts "panoramic" views, but those seem only to be from the rooftop bar, not from individual guestrooms. The rooms on the eastern side of the building have views toward the water, by the way, which may be why the young male did not want to give me one; they may have cost more than the price that I received via a large booking website. (The women who worked at Reception seemed to have much more polite interactions with guests than this kid did with me.) Lastly, the FlyBuss stops immediately in front of the hotel, making a return trip to the airport very easy and cheap. That trip probably was the best part of my stay at this Radisson.