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Kokemuksia Sunrise -hotellista

Apollomatkojen asiakkaiden arvostelut
Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita {{CatalogueItem.Name}} -hotellista. Halutessasi voit myös kysyä lisätietoja toiselta asiakkaalta mieltäsi askarruttavista asioista. Voit myös lukea maailman tunnetuimpaan arviointipalvelu TripAdvisoriin kirjoitettuja mielipiteitä hotellista.
7,5 10:stä Perustuu 4 arvioon Reevoo.com
7,5 / 10
9,2 / 10
7,8 / 10
Huoneen varustetaso
7,5 / 10
Ruoka ja juoma
6,2 / 10
8,8 / 10
Vastasiko hotelli odotuksiasi
7,8 / 10
Pitikö hotellikuvaus paikkansa
7,2 / 10

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Henkilökunta,allasalue,huone hyvät.
Ruoka saisi olla lämmintä,lihat huonoja.Huoneesta puuttui hiustenkuivain,tuhkakuppi ja ilmastointi tehoton.Baari saisi aueta aiemmin kuin klo11.00

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-03

6 10:stä


Ruoka ja juoma huonoa. Juomia sai naurettavan pienissä astioissa yksi kerrallaan

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-08-06

9 10:stä


Erittäin hyvät, vaihtelevat sekä monipuoliset ruuat! Henkilökunta vieraanvaraisia sekä erittäin mukavia. Myös tosi siistit ulkoalueet sekä huoneet.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-07-09

8 10:stä



Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-08-06

Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita Sunrise -hotellista. Kokemukset ja arviot ovat maailman tunnetuimman arviointipalvelun TripAdvisorin keräämiä ja siten Apollomatkoista riippumattomia.

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Viimeisimmät 5 arviota


Kirjoittanut 615deac

staff very rude,unpleasant stay in the end

I was there with my boyfriend for 7 days, food was mostly good, but boring towards the end of stay since they do not change much and there is no huge variety. Quality of food is good. Drinks are not very good and their water is salty,not normal, so coffee is also salty. If You are looking for a luxury 4* hotel,this is not it. This is a decent and small cute hotel. Rooms are very clean. Receptionists and owners are very rude, someone trashed our car on purpose on hotels parking and they did not care even though they know who it is as they know this person, so now we have to fix our car and pay a lot of money for that and hotel did nothing to help contact the person who did it, they said it is normal and it happens all the time on their parking lot. I do not think that it is normal to have guests cars destroyed on hotels parking and for them to take no action. You think that Your car is safe when on hotels parking, especially 4* hotel. Receptionist lied to us that the person responsible is coming to resolve this problem and they never came, after hours of waiting they said that they lied and that no one is coming. They also lied that they could not take money through our reservation at booking and canceled it,only so that we would book without booking so they do not loose the commission. This way of acting is very very rude. They do not care about their guests at all, only about taking money.


Kirjoittanut nicoletteg713 Brno, Tšekin tasavalta

First impression in Greece

First, I want to meantion the rooms. They are really nice, clean and there is enough space. You have to pay extra money for airco, which we were not aware about. But OK. And that basically all good I can say. No, food is good. All menu is in form of bufet and people working in restaurant including barmans were kind and smiling. And that is really all I can say that was good. Usually, greek people are warm, nice and kind. I cannot say it about receptionist Ana. Her rule one was no smile, never. She is arogant to all hosts, not helpful, her favourite question is ,,do you understand me?" She does not even pretend that she likes people or her job. Customer care training is highly recommended. What is also strange, that you pay 750 euro for week and they control what you drink and when you drink. You are not allowed to take another drink before you finish the first one. There are no barrels with water during the day, water on the bar is served in small plastic cups and is salty. The same as coffee in the morning - salty. So we had all inclusive and had to go to shop and buy bottles with water...There were a lot of bad things,but Greece is wonderland. Go there, but choose another hotel.


Kirjoittanut LauraT181

structure recommended, good location and good service! structure careful and cared

Structure recommended to those who like me and my partner want to support to sleep, we had to make a reservation all-inclusive because it was part of the package and a couple of nights there is returned useful for dinner, environments clean all arranged well above all, to keep in Bada all tourists present, I must say great value for money, of course should be to their rules, one of the girls reception really very friendly and Pleasant, an attitude really appropriate to his work, as well as the girl of the bars truly nice, nice and always ready, the other girl reception, i'm sorry to say, a little more tricky, I hope best, the food good a bit repetitive but looking for in all ways to satisfy all, tend a bit to check too customers! two small flaws, the girl's room service that is entry more than once in the room despite had been said that was not possible, insisting for cleaning and the fact that we had to leave the room early morning in spite of the departure was planned for the afternoon, while in our friends who were in zante with US was given the opportunity to leave the room in the afternoon with no increases costs! said that the Council why offers a stay compared to the price proposed, at least to what we paid US! Congratulations keep so! thank you for your efforts !!!


Kirjoittanut daisychainface

Big let down on key things that ultimately ruined my holiday.

We had booked a triple room - by mistake - via teletext holidays which meant when we tried to change it, it was pretty impossible - our fault I know. Which meant that I was sharing a room with my sister and her husband. My fault for being sad and single on a wedding holiday. Not ideal. We emailed the hotel asking if they had a free room. They emailed us a few days prior to departure saying “yes” but the price was extortionate what they were asking for- especially as technically our “all inclusive” had already been covered by the initial booking- so they wouldn’t have had 2x extra people getting food and drinks / however they refused to come down on the price. So off we go. When we walked into the room, I was vvvv confused. There was a double bed. And a roll out mattress on a clunky frame fit for, maybe a child, for a few nights. Not an adult (this is an adult only hotel) with back issues. I was expecting 3 x beds as per the “triple rooms” they show on their website. The room was far too small for 3 adults to share and it was set up for 2 people only - 2 glasses, 2 chairs on the balcony. There was not enough space to unpack 3 adults clothing. When I asked for an additional chair and glass I was met with a reaction like I had asked them to build me my own personal hotel. It was the hardest task in the world - even with them suggesting I could “maybe have a plastic cup”. In addition, they only gave us 1 key. I understand they do this so that people do not leave the air conditioning on, however again- 3 adults with different lives need to be able to come and go as they please. It meant that several times when I went to sleep before my sister and her husband were home, they had to bang on the door to wake me up. Or else I had to sit in the dark with no AC. Neither are ideal scenarios. I asked the owner of the hotel for an additional key - it was about 7am and I had just come back from a morning run. I thought it was a reasonable ask and explained the situation. He told me that it is impossible as his key system does not allow more than one key to be allocated, and if he did that, it would erase the last key. I said I find it very hard to believe that is the case but he stood strong. I wonder how their maids get in to the rooms. Later my sister said that the female on the reception desk, had told her they don’t give 2nd keys out because people lose them.... which is different to story #1. So all in all I spent a week in this hotel with very little sleep and feeling quite pissed that they lied to me and ripped off having paid for a triple room and being squashed into a double room. We were also attending a wedding at the weekend and got into our fancies and asked reception (as a courtesy) if they would replace the garish blue all inclusive bands the following day as we didn’t want our wedding photos to be ruined. My lord it was like we had asked her to hand over 1 million pound right there and then or else. She basically said “no” and we said “tough” and did it anyway but really, the reception staff constantly acted as though every request was terribly outrageous and we were bang out of order. They also asked us to pay the tax in cash so they didn’t get any fees. Typical. Good things; 1. While the all inclusive food is pretty average, there was plenty, lots of choice day on day and the kitchen and wait staff are excellent (a stark contrast to reception staff) 2. The drinks - cocktails - don’t even go there I have never tasted anything so bad in my life. The beer is good - stick to that. For some reason their water is basically seawater so don’t ask for water or try the mint stuff on the counter. 3. Bar staff - they work hard you can see that and they will tell you that, service is a bit slow and weird sometimes (like the barmaid randomly leaving the bar with a queue of customers to clean glasses) 4. The place is spotlessly clean. 5. The pool has plenty of beds ect but note- they are sagging and majority will mean you have a metal pole in your lumbar when laying down. 6. The free shuttle to the beach was great. Check out Venus bar which is on the luxury side at €7 for a pair of beds but after being on the saggy sunrise beds you’ll pay anything for a cushioned Lounger. 8. Our flight was delayed, we got to the hotel at about 10:30pm - they had made us some ham and cheese baguettes because we missed evening meal. Which was a nice touch. 7. If you want to hire a boat - go to Sunwave Speedboats. It was the highlight of my trip,


Kirjoittanut Marco L

Pleasantness in Tsilivi

Pleasant journey in Zakintos. We enjoyed the all-inclusive of the Sunrise Hotel, however kindness and courtesy of the hotel staff made excellent our holiday. Through Sunrise Hotel we felt at home, moreover we tasted the original greek culture.