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Kirjoittanut gooddchris Lontoo, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

nice hotel

i stayed at the Hotel Corali from 08/06/19 - 18/06/19 and enjoyed my stay .As for the hotel itself, the room i hat was comfortable and clean staff are friendly and helpful and the swimming pool is lovely caters for all ages. the food is ok its normal hotel food catering for many nationalities but I had no problem always found something I could eat. it has a bus stop at the end of the road and it's only a 30 min walk to Tigaki town which is level all the way a nicely situated hotel would stay here again.


Kirjoittanut V8486VCchristopherb Carnforth, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Leave it to the Germans.

Note - I have tried leaving feedback on the Olympic questionnaire website, but it's currently a server holding page. First the good - my wife and I arrived late (10 to 11 Kos time, 10 to 9 UK time), and we were greeted at the frontdesk, the formalities dealt with and then told that as we were so late, that a cold plate had been put aside for us. This was a very nice start, and gave a very good first impression. We had a last minute all inclusive deal through Thompsons, so after the meal I went to ask for another glass of wine. The very nice barmaid told me that she wasn't supposed to give all inclusive (AI) guests drinks after 11.00 but because we had arrived so late, she would do so. There was no welcome pack, or any guides of any sort in the rooms - c'mon, you've had a long trip, and you can't remember everything that's been fired at you on arrival at receptions. And no tea or coffee making facilities. The meals were generally ok, with the odd buffet set out as already discussed, and a school dinners feel to the restaurant. Also this is a predominantly German resort, so many of the signs were in German with English added as an afterthought. There were quite a few rules 'as requests' scattered about (Only bread and toast in the toaster NO CHEESE - T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!! - in German - seems the Germans don't understand a rolling toaster). However a couple of the waiters were obviously sick of their job - one was just plain rude, barely registering us, and asking for a second glass of wine! We made it a kind of sport to see how quickly we could aggravate them - anyone who wants to test this try moving a chair around to another edge of the table - this was met with cries of 'you can't do that it intereferes with the trolley! The beds were too hard, although that was quickly remedied when we mentioned it to the receptionist. Another point. My wife and I have stayed at AI hotels before, and this was NOT an AI hotel. AI means All Inclusive, in that you pay up front, and that fee covers all your meals and all your drinks.You are betting that you will consume more than you would if you paid as you went, and the hotel bets that you won't. There should be no difference between what is supplied to tha AI guest compared to the half board or other guest. Not so here. The AI guest has a restricted drinks list (beer, wine, ouzo, rum, cognac and soft drinks,but the cheapest crappiest wine out of a box, cognac that tastes like apple juice thats gone off a bit and get this, no gin and no whisky. That's NOT all inclusive. This hotel is rated as a 4 star. Not sure by who, but clearly they didn't stay there. Certainly, the grounds are immaculate, and the staff are mostly helpful and polite, but there is just too much of an air of a holiday camp for me to want to go back. The final straw came on the last day. I would point out now that at no point were the staff rude or condescending, but they obviously have a corporate rule set to follow to process the people through the facility as efficiently as possible, which detracts from its true function as a holiday destination where they want to at least give the impression that they are pleased to have you as guests. We were due to check out at 12.00, and so I went to reception at 11.45. My wrist band was cut was off and I was given a voucher for lunch with a couple of drinks. As our pickup wasn't until 10 to 8, I has assumed that we would still be able to get drinks from the bar. But no, checkout was at 12.00 and at that point there was no more all inclusive entitlement. I pointed out that we had arrived late on Thursday evening, so had had no opportunity to take advantage of the all inclusive offerings for the first day, but the receptionist would not budge. She pointed out that that was the way it was, that it was like that all over the world, that we had been given a cold plate on arrival (and by inference we should be too grateful to complain) that other hotels would kick the guests out at 12.00, and that if we would choose cheap late arriving flights then what could we expect! And also if she was allow all other AI guest to continue drinking after check out could I imagine what it would do to the profits! I pointed out that it would make absolutely no difference to the profits, as we hadn't had the first day of AI, and that most guests who have late departures would also have late arrivals too. And could she imagine how much extra profit the hotel is making by not serviceing AI guests on the first day - this incidentally is also known as fraud, taking money for goods and services, and not supplying them. Made no difference. It was still before 12, so I told my wife who hadn't had her band removed removed to get some drinks before 12. But the receptionist had already told the barman, who pointed out to my wife that it was only until 12. She should have ordered an extra round. I asked to speak to the manager, a very nice chap, who at least could see our point of view, and did relent allowing us to have a few drinks while we waited for our pick up. I would have a few words of advice for Corali hotel - you are not a four star hotel - it's how you treat your guests that counts, note how good your topiary is, so 1. train your waiters to be courteous and smile, to all gusts, not just the half board ones (the young girl waiter, and the bar staff were lovely by the way) 2. treat the AI guests exactly the same as the other guests. 3. don't differentiate the drinks list for the guests - all drinks to all guests. 4. make the AI guests feel like the special ones - they have paid a premium for the food and drinks up front, and the chances are that most won't take all that they have paid for. 5. info packs and basic beverage making facilities in the rooms. We won't be going back to this hotel, just a bit too Heidi Hi for me, it's not correctly rated, which is a shame, as with a bit more attention to how the AI guest is treated, it would make a nice base from which to explore the lovely island of Kos.


Kirjoittanut Justine G

Corali hotel kos

Will never come back again all inclusive for food in main restaurant poolside bar for food charge ????? My advice... Don't come.especially as the only English person.rooms clean staff very nice but food awful.and cold


Kirjoittanut Tim M

Beautiful pool area

We visited Corali as all inclusive guests for 10 days in June. The two swimming pools are really beautiful and we always looked forward to having a swim there after a day trip. The rooms are nice and clean. All rooms here seem to have a small balcony. The whole staff is friendly and well organised. Most of them speak english and it seems even more are capable of speaking German fluently. It is possible to rent bicycles (normal, trekking, e-bikes) at the hotel store for affordable prices. The hotel cooperates with a local car rental, so it is also possible to get a car for a few days at the reception. We recommend doing so. We had a Fiat panda for two days with insurance for 86 euros. With the car we visited several beaches and towns. The beach close to the hotel is okay but rather boring compared to beaches of the south western part of Kos. The food (buffet) for all inclusive guests is okay, but nothing special. The food is international. The cold buffet is more greek (feta, olives, peppers etc.). We enjoyed having lunch and dinner at local tavernas (esperos in tigaki!). Drinks on the all inclusive list are : local beer, sweet and dry wine (white, red), softdrinks, juices and some alcoholic drinks as ouzo, cognac and rum. The cocktails are very good (7 euro ca.). All inclusive is self service and ends at 11 pm.


Kirjoittanut Solitary_Trucker Enniskillen, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

You Get What You Pay For

Needing a room at short notice due to having delayed flights home I would say it's definitely not a 4 star hotel maybe a good 3 star. Our room was typical of this type of hotel and were clean and tidy with twin beds, television, fridge, bathroom with shower and a balcony. The decoration was generally good for the price you pay.. The food was OK and seemed to be quite an extensive menu catering mainly for the Germans as they are the main guests here. The puddings where very tasty. I was shocked that you even had to pay for water at around 2 Euros. There are two pools that are extremely clean and two pool bars which are open from 10:00 till 18:00. If you want to be with other British then this probably isn't the place for you, having met only one other British couple also there due to a delayed flight. Both couples agreed as an English couple in a hotel dominated by Germans the one thing missing from this hotel is tourist information in English there are plenty in other languages but these are provided by the tour operator company's that use this Hotel. Overall a good experience from this price range hotel