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Kokemuksia Monteparaiso -hotellista

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7,9 / 10
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Huoneen varustetaso
6,8 / 10
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10 viimeisintä arvostelua

9 10:stä


Rauhallinen siisti

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-01-02

9 10:stä


Hieno merinäköala aamuauringossa. Kätevä sijainti.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2018-11-11

6 10:stä


Rauhallinen, sisarhotellissa Riosolissa todella hyvä ruoka, ystävällinen henkilökunta, siistiä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2018-11-08

6 10:stä


Vois olla oma allasbaari(vaikka Riosol on käytettävissä) Kuluneisuutta siellä täällä, vois korjata.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2018-02-25

8 10:stä


Huoneistoon kulkureitti oli helppo.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2018-01-18

9 10:stä


Oikea sähköllä toimiva kahvinkeitin. Vuokrattiin 4vko/yht. 40€ Bide tai jatkettu ,siten että suihkuletku ylettyy. Lisäksi erillinen hana suihkun kahvaan.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2017-11-30

7 10:stä


Rauhallinen paikka ja kauniit näkymät
Kahvinkeitin pitäs olla muuten riittävä varustus.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2017-11-16

8 10:stä


Hyvää näköalat ja uima altaat.Rsuhallisuus ja ei liikenteen ääniä ja puhdas ilma. I
Ovien lukot huonokuntoiset.Huoneen ja terassin ja hissit välillä vähän epävarmoja.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2017-11-08

9 10:stä



Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-04-13

9 10:stä


Udsigten var fantastisk, har ikke noget at klage over overhovedet

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-03-30

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Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita Monteparaiso -hotellista. Kokemukset ja arviot ovat maailman tunnetuimman arviointipalvelun TripAdvisorin keräämiä ja siten Apollomatkoista riippumattomia.

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  • 3/5 Huoneet
  • 3,5/5 Palvelu
  • 3,5/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
  • 3,5/5 Siisteys

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Kirjoittanut Janice J London, England, United Kingdom

Worst place I have stayed in

On first arriving the reception staff were helpful and the apartment looked fine. However that was before the cockroaches, wood mites and ants made their appearance known. This was accompanied by the vile stench of the bath room which came and went over our stay. The bar staff in the Hotel Riasol (which the apartments were part of) that we encountered were extremely slow and quite rude so after two visits there we went elsewhere. There were signs pointing the way to a pool bar but this was shut the whole time. The pool in the apartment complex was adequate but the lifeguard on the one visit we made to it was very unfriendly and no inflatables were permitted. A bit strange seeing as the website clearly shows inflatables at the pool. After that one visit where we felt extremely uncomfortable we used the Riasol pool. The only reason I gave this place one star is for the stunning views and beautiful pool in the Riasol hotel that we had use of. Otherwise it would have got zero


Kirjoittanut Sally B

DONT GO HERE .Has none of the facilities advertised, no reception open on the site, no bar/entertainment/food

Just got back and really glad, Very run down and dirty in shower/kitchen sink around the edges grime from months of build up really disgusting . plaster falling out of walls. There is no poolside bar, no reception, and we were let in by reception staff from the hotel next door who told us that " the reception at the apartments is not open at this time of night but opens tomorrow day" It was closed all week and we went to the Riosol reception that seemed to be acting on the behalf of the Monteparaiso apartments (as if a sister company or similar) who just kept saying that there isnt a reception and to hand keys to them on check out.... There was no poolside bar or snack bar and the photos of them are not current as they were closed for what looked like permanently. (the apartments are self catering and food prices in Puerto Rico are expensive in supermarkets compared to England). The lifeguard couldn't speak any English so if you asked a question he could not answer at all. He also puckered his lips up constantly at my daughter who is 20, and had his mates sat with him everyday. There was only one other English family at these apartments and all the rest were Spanish who all kept themselves to themselves and didn't even interact between them so there was no "holiday vibe" around the pool area at all. I went to ask the hotel next door where the advertised snack bar and entertainment was (there is also a leaflet advertising entertainment and poolside bar and snack bar in the apartments) as it was closed, and they just agreed that "yes it is closed, and no you cannot use the hotel pool or daytime activities or entertainment or poolside bar or restaurant". On the last day we had 5 hours to wait after checking out. The pool at our apartments was closed all day, The Hotel Staff never seemed to really know what to do with what you asked (perhaps conveniently or just because they really had nothing to do with Monteparaiso guests maybe, i dont know), they just repeated everything was closed and no one could use there facilities although they seemed responsible for check in and out. On the checking out on the last day the hotel next door took our key, let us leave the cases with them and offered we could use there pool, which had a DJ, a snack bar, waiting staff and the lifeguards had activities that they were doing with the children around the poolside which is exactly what id asked the Teletext Travel rep for aswell as nightime family entertainment.. I understand how the RIOSOL Hotel perhaps couldnt let us use the facilities in the daytime as we had not paid to stay there but i do not understand the link between the Hotel And the Apartments and if they are linked, then the Hotel owners should be ashamed that the apartments had none of the advertised facilities and the hotel were turning away other families from the apartments who were asking to use the hotel facilities. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU GO HERE (its like pontins in the UK but no facilities). It doesnt look like the photos as its all closed. There was also no Wifi as it was the hotels next door so it kicked you out if you connected to it and of course we couldnt use it! Wifi was advertised. On a positive not the maid was lovely.


Kirjoittanut mummangnall Cheshire, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


We have just returned from an amazing 11 night holiday, having stayed at Monteparaiso. I cannot criticise the apartments, very clean and well equipped, however, we were all terribly disappointed with some areas. Over the course of the 11 nights, 9 of us shared 4 apartments. All on different levels and all one bedroom. One apartment - 1806, was positioned next door to an apartment that appeared to be being renovated, and from early morning until late afternoon, the banging, drilling and general noise with intolerable. Another apartment - 1010, was almost next door to a neighbouring hotel, were the the noise at night, until gone 3am was so great that my brother and young neice, failed to have one decent nights sleep. The hotel was mainly occupied by Spanish guests (understandably) however, we were made to feel quite uncomfortable. The poolside showed clear signs of rules, no running, t shirts in the pool, inflatables to name but a few. However, one day by the pool, 2 of our sons were told to remove t shirts covering sunburn, in front of a pool of Spanish guests, whilst children ran around the poolside, used inflatables in the pool and indeed also wore shirts in the water. The management showed signs asking pool not be used at night, however teenage children regularly used the pool after 23:00hrs, played football on terrace areas until after 00:00hrs beneath a sign saying no football. As English guests we were certainly treated differently. Puerto Rico is a very noisy resort that comes to life after dark, and as we left at 4am this morning, was still as lovely as it had been at 23:00hrs last night. The sound from the many bars, hotels & night clubs in the town is unbearable at night so I would suggest it unsuitable for families. Overall we had a fantastic holiday, but this was through our own doing and the hospitality of a restaurant called Picasso behind Europa Centre and also Svenska Baren, the Swedish bar just on the outside of the Europa Centre. We would advise avoiding walking through the Europa Centre too much, as our 4 children were approached each time by men on the stairs peddling drugs! A beautiful part of the world to visit, but unfortunately, the noise and drugs of the resort may change the appeal of the area.


Kirjoittanut Eva Z

Fabulous stay - peace and quiet!

I stayed at the MonteParaiso Apartments as a solo female for 3 nights. I was really interested to see it as I'd been before but that was 15 years ago as a teenager. I arrived quite late at night and seen Riosol was closed for construction (I didn't know this and knew that's where I was meant to check in) so I just made my way to the apartments own reception, which was open and I was checked in efficiently and directed to where I was staying and what numbers to press on the lifts etc (upon entry you go down one flight of stairs into the first lift. -1 takes you to reception level, or you can just use the stairs) I was given a room on pool level right next to it. I took the 2nd lift at reception which takes you out one level up from the pool, which is the furthest down the lifts take you. There was not much of a view from my apartment, as there was trees in the way, which would have overlooked the town and bay, but I had a huge terrace with tables and chairs and loungers, so I was still very happy to take the room, plus I knew I would be out most of the time. The apartment was really big with kitchen/livingroom area with 4 seater dining table. I had 2 seperate bedrooms, one with 2 single beds and the other 2 bunk beds. It was really clean and fresh looking and the bathroom was immaculate with a good sized shower. My only criticism would maybe be trying to maintain the temperature in the shower - I was aware there is limited hot water, so ensured I was always in and out quickly, but the water went lukewarm within 2 minutes. This was not a big issue for me as it was so hot anyway, so I wouldn't have wanted a hot shower, but it might be a problem for any guests who did want one. As I was staying in a 4 bedroom apartment on my own, I had loads of towels. There was 4 in the bathroom for me, but also another 4 in the spare bedroom. I arrived on the Saturday night and the maid visited on Monday while I was out, who freshened things up and did any dishes I had left in the sink. Plenty of toilet roll was supplied and there was some shampoo and shower gel if needed. The room was nice and cool, so I didn't need a fan - whenever I went out, I drew the curtains (which are good, heavy blackout ones) to keep it that way and also maintain a level of privacy. The terrace received sun till the early afternoon, so for anyone sitting on the balcony later than that, they would maybe prefer a higher up apartment. The temperature at night was lovely and I lay with a blanket looking at the stars till the wee hours. It was really quiet Sat and Sun night, I seen about 8 other people maximum living in the complex. The only noise that could be heard was some from down the bottom of town echoing up from the bars, but it definitely wasn't loud enough to be a nusiance. I was unaware of my transfer time for leaving on the Tuesday morning and I seen reception was closed on Sunday, so I intended to go on Monday. I was lying on the terrace the next morning and one of the reception staff came out of his way to find me and give me the transfer details, which was great. The reception staff could speak English very well. The lifeguard I spoke to could not, but he managed to understand my question (about Riosol being closed) and was really helpful, explaining I could phone reception if I needed help while they were closed. Early Monday morning, there were a few more guests and some locals who were staying in the complex down at the pool area, but still no more than 15 people, which was excellent. The pool bar was closed for construction, but I only heard them work on it for about an hour on the Monday before I went out for the day, so it didn't cause me any disruption personally. The pool is cold, but not freezing so you can get in without too much of a shock and is a good size should several people be in it at once. The view from this level is outstanding, overlooking the whole town and beach. The Europa centre with bars, restaurants etc was directly across the road. I went to Spar on the first night to get some supplies - the prices are similar to back home and on the other nights I used Hyper Dinos supermarkets for anything ie snacks, breakfast etc. Everyone was really friendly. I ate out every day for lunch and dinner and had a cocktail each time. The meals and drinks were around the same price as at home as well. I had taken €220 with me and came back with €50. I walked down and up from the beaches twice each day I was there...directly across from the apartment entrance, there's steps which take you down to the pavement and then following that down, you reach the main road. Ensure you are on the left side as this is where the space is to cross the road which leads you onto the walkway overlooking the sea. Left takes you to Puerto Rico beach and town and right takes you to Amadores beach. I was able to get to and from the hotel from either beach in about 20 minutes each way, but for anyone with maybe less than average fitness, it would take longer, especially on the way back uphill as the hill combined with the heat even got my heart rate up as a younger person. I am unsure where taxis are on the way down, but for the way home, there are lots at the beaches or in town. On the last night, I was out late having a drink, so got a taxi up on this occasion for €4.35. I ate at a different place every day/night, San Francisco Steakhouse in the Europa Centre, Ciao Ciao at Amadores beach, Miami Steakhouse at the main Puerto Rico shopping centre and there was a lovely restaurant I had lunch at Puerto Rico beach one of the days, but sadly forgot to note the name. I'm sure it's the first one you come to upon entering the beach area and overlooks the boats. Meals and one or 2 drinks were costing me between €15 - €27 each time. As a lone female, I was made to feel very welcome and never felt unsafe at any point, even at night. There was the odd man who would take interest, but as long as you made it clear you were not interested, there was not any issues so it was a lovely place to spend time alone with plenty to do. I would definitely revisit these particular apartments, especially in off-peak season and the resort in general - I really enjoyed my relaxing stay and "me" time!


Kirjoittanut MartinH12310

Family holiday

Great views reasonable prices and good location. Clean and handy for the local shopping centre with bars and restaurants. Would definitely stay here again. And recommend to family and friends. Basic accommodation with a basic price.