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Siisti, hyvät urheiluohjelmat, terveellinen ruoka, kaunis paikka
Palvelu ravintoloissa hidasta

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-10-22

9 10:stä


Henkilökunta, liikuntamahdollisuudet, mahtavat huvilat/villat

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-03-18

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siisti, viihtyisä, kaunis sijainti, urheilu ja urheiluhenkistä porukkaa, polly & mino
Huoneessa ei selkeää ohjetta aterioista esim että saa syödä molemmissa rafloissa mutta lounas vain toisessa

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2018-10-29

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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-11-11

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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2018-12-10

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  • 4/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
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Kirjoittanut Vesipeto Helsinki, Suomi

Mukavaa ja tasokasta asumista

Playitas Villas -erillishuvilat ovat hyvinvarusteltuja ja siistejä. Haluttaessa loma hoituu omatoimisesti, sillä huviloiden varustukseen kuuluu kunnollinen keittiö astianpesukoneineen ja myös pyykkikone. Oma uima-allaskin on. Jos haluaa ottaa loman levon kannalta, voi ottaa aamiaisen Playitas-hotellista ja syödä muut ateriansa joko lomakeskuksen tai läheisen kalastajakylän ravintoloissa. Playitasin kylän ravintoloista saa tuoretta kalaa ja muita mereneläviä joka päivä. Myös kaupassa kannattaa käydä kylän puolella, sillä hinnat siellä ovat toista luokkaa lomakeskuksen kaupassa. Las Playitasin alue on myös liikkujan paratiisi, joka tarjoaa hienot ja monipuoliset mahdollisuudet niin omaehtoiseen kuin ohjattuun liikuntaankin.


Kirjoittanut Andy D Flint, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


Great find. Exercise classes are good if you want to do them, not in your face if you don’t. Villa was great, very spacious. Hired very good quality bikes for a few days, lots of rides around the area. It’s a quieter nightlife, but that suited us. Would go back.


Kirjoittanut bav_shergill Hove, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

A friendly resort where nothing was too much trouble

We booked this last minute and we were very lucky. We wanted a place to relax but with the options to undertake a wide range of sports and activities. The resort has a hotel, an aparthotel block and about 20+ villas. We were very pleased with our villa. It had 2 large bedrooms with king-sized, comfortable beds (sprung mattresses with a decent topper) and large ensuite bathrooms. There is also a third shower/toilet room which was handy for nipping in and out of when eating or playing in the pool. The pool itself was 4-5m long and about 120cm deep. It was prefect for our 8 and 12 year old and we were happy with it too. The kitchen dining room was good and there was a washing machine/ tumble drier in a utility room that had a large cupboard for dry foodstuffs. The HiperDino in Gran Tarajal is about 10 minutes car ride away with a taxi costing 8.5 euros each way ( the staff at the supermarket will call a return taxi for you) and is the cheapest source of food with a great range of options. Las Playitas town is about a 1.2 km walk from the villas and has a Spar with a good range of meat/fish and Veg. The onsite supermarket is very handy for water (the resort water is desalinated and we are told that it is safe but the locals drink bottled water) and bread but quite pricey. We had a routine where we had breakfast at the villa then either lunch or dinner at the resort or in Las Playitas itself. Victor's and La Playas in the village were excellent with great lasagne options at Victor's please our very fussy 12 year old. I would recommend the fish. The beach cafe and the 2 onsite restaurants (Spanish and Italian) were very good and had excellent staff. The bars near the pool were also excellent with good food, excellent smoothies and a range of ice creams. I would recommend going to the BBQ night and the Pizza night at the resort restaurants for good value meals. Our average spend for an evening meal for a family with at least a main course and dessert together with wine and soft drinks was 75-85 Euros at all the venues (including the village). This is not a cheap place but the quality was good and we did a lot of self-catering over our 11 day stay. The activités were very well run and enjoyable.. There are Yoga and Crossfit-type sessions every day together with aqua aerobics and bootcamp type classes. Our 12 year old had a six day course of Tennis lessons and my wife and younger child had one-to-one swimming lessons. These were extra costs but well worth it. Surfing courses required a 45 min trip to the west side of the island - we didn't bother as we had plenty to do where we were. The other guests were running, cycling and just enjoying themselves without causing any bother to others. We would do this type of holiday again.


Kirjoittanut Tim O Pontefract, England, United Kingdom

Enjoyable holiday but mixed reviews

Just got back from our 10 day holiday.. Although this is really a sporty resort we were in a villa so were able to relax away from the hustle and bustle of exercise classes... On site restaurants that we ate in were excellent (di Luigi's...la bodega...palapa bar) We also stocked up for meals at the villa from the spar in the next town and used site supermarket for daily necessities (bread, milk, juice) All the staff were friendly and helpful Now the down side.. Day2...electric kept tripping off because of a faulty toaster Day3.... Pool stopped working Day4....shower door hinge had corroded and came off in my hand(very heavy door and if it had happened to to child in could have been a very nasty accident) Day6.... Oven packed in causing power to trip off again To the credit of the staff all these problems were sorted straight away but maybe more regular checks and services of equipment would be beneficial Other than these problems we did have a fantastic holiday


Kirjoittanut True_Yossarian Earth

Great food buffet, but a bit noisy because of all the fitness classes going on

Stayed at Las Playitas Hotel and Villas in Fuerteventura around June -- this is a hotel catering for fitness types, with lots of outdoor courts for various classes (aerobics, etc.) as well as indoor tennis courts, yoga classes, etc.. You have to sign up and pay extra for most classes. Buffet in the morning and evening is great, lots of local produce too, especially local little tomatoes, local cheeses and seafood. It can get a bit noisy because of loud music blaring from speakers in the morning (10 am) for outdoor fitness classes. Beach is not the best, rocky, but if you've rented a car you can get to much better beaches within 1/2 hour. Local village right next door had some grand fiesta going on with more loud music blaring until late at night; a 3-day celebration of some saint was going on. Locals were friendly though and shared freshly caught fish for free -- getting dumped on a table where everyone could just help themselves. Other than doing sports classes at the hotel you can hike up the rocky hill/mini mountain that overlooks the bay. Overall very rocky and dry place; best to rent a car and check out the rest of the island and other beaches.