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8 10:stä

Siisteys, ystävällinen henkilökunta, hyvä ruoka.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-08-09

8 10:stä

Ruoka ja ystävällinen henkilökunta. Aikuisten altaalla oli myös ihanan rauhallinen.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-06-14

Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita Margarita (Zakynthos) -hotellista. Kokemukset ja arviot ovat maailman tunnetuimman arviointipalvelun TripAdvisorin keräämiä ja siten Apollomatkoista riippumattomia.

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Kirjoittanut 893arinac

Wedding holiday

not very happy with this hotel, the food is so-so the same, firstly when we arrived they gave us a room with separate beds, the pools are open until 7 in the evening. in the evening you can’t sit on the balcony so that there is silence, from cleaning you constantly need to remind them to clean the room. For 2 days we felt bad that it seems we were poisoned.😒😒😒we had a wedding holiday.


Kirjoittanut MarcB2448

Redelijk voor een weekje

OK hotel. Rooms not too fancy but beds where good. Bar staff at the poolbar was a disgrace; attacked and physically abused our son when during opening hours of the bar he was declined service. Went to hotel management but was simply ignored. So much for client service. Hotel on our blacklist from now on.


Kirjoittanut Julie S Spalding, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Ok, just ok

Here right now enjoying the sunshine which is plentiful, shame can’t be said about the food and drinks on offer. The hotel is a family run affair and as such they take great pride in keeping it beautifully clean and tidy. I’ve not had to experience the pool dash even once as they’ve also got that sorted too. Guests are courteous and noise after hours definitely kept to a minimum. As mentioned food and drink selection poor, dare I say the worst I’ve experienced. The quality is there for sure but not the choice. If you’ve got fussy kids don’t rely on nuggets and pizza as zero! Spirits are just the basics with only 2 cocktails available and a strict closing time! Not situated in the prettiest part of town but we’re making the most of it and at least there are plenty of bars and restaurants close by. You definitely get what you pay for. All in all 5/10 I’m afraid.


Kirjoittanut GrandTour03107560238

Completely honest.

Honest review. It is our last day here a family of three, myself my mother-in-law and my daughter who is 12. I would definitely say this hotel is more a three star than a four star and that is solely based on how basic the food is in the hotel, The food is limited and repetitive and most mornings my daughter was disappointed to find that there were no pancakes. However the food that they do serve here is always hot and fresh and you can always get something. We did enjoy eating out three things out of the seven and would highly recommend Taj Mahal, Belle Zante & Pansos, all three were beautiful. Now back to the hotel. The hotel is very clean and the service is very good there was always someone to assist if and when you needed help. The pool area is really good it can get busy however we never struggled to get a bed and no towels were put out before 9 am. Aqua gym was really good. The snack bar was really good and I’m not sure who said drinks were limited to one per person I managed to get us all a drink each time I went to the bar they were very polite & happy. The beach is a 10 minute walk and it’s absolutely stunning the sea is very warm and lots of family enjoy time there. A couple of bars that we really enjoyed were Players, Luckys, The Summertime & Amigos The water village is a great day out however I would advise to get your own transfer which only takes 15 minutes if you get a transfer with who you book with this takes around an hour and a half due to all the pick ups. The only negative is that I have found with this holiday is that the hotel does not cater for coeliac disease so anyone come in that requires gluten-free they do not cater for and I think this is the one thing that should really be addressed. If you are travelling with a family I would advise that there are quite a few groups of young teenagers coming out here to Party they do come in quite late this has not really been an issue but if you’ve got small children, sometimes it can be noisy. Overall we have had an amazing holiday and the weather has made it absolutely fantastic.


Kirjoittanut Z8400IYjacobt

not worth the money

The hotel is nothing more than ok , definitely not what you’d expect for the amount you pay for the accommodation. The food is awful (so you’ll eat out every day/night) and the alcohol is of very bad quality. We came as a group of 8 and 4 of us have been bed bound for the last 3 days due to feeling incredibly poorly and one of us even being taken to hospital we cannot say for sure what’s caused this but since day 1 the aircon was causing everyone to continuously cough and has left every one of us with a incredible sore throat and cough. When the aircon is turned off for some time it smells very dusty when started up again which I can only presume is because it’s not maintained properly. If Your looking at coming away with friends and wanting to have a party holiday I’d definitely avoid here you’d be better off going self catering. The hotel is very strict on being loud and a lot of the staff aren’t the happiest of people. We paid around £770 pp for this holiday and knowing what I know now it’s definitely not worth much more than 500/600. However on the upside , the rooms are quite nice and for a family holiday it could be okay. But please just stay away from using the aircon as we strongly believe that’s what made everyone poorly.