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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-10-01

7 10:stä

Hotelli oli siisti ja viihtyisä. Infossa erittäin hyvää palvelua.
Aamiaiselle kaipasin vähän vaihtelua. Vihannekset ja hedelmät loppu muutaman kerran jo reilusti ennen aamiaisajan päättymistä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-09-24

2 10:stä

Helposti löydettävissä ja kaikki tarpeellinen lähellä.
Aamupala oli mitätön, netti sivulla luki että on ilmastointi mutta siitä piti maksaa 50€ paikan päällä eikä sellaisesta ollut lukenut missään, hyvin vilkas ja kova meteli pitkin yötä aamuun asti, myös siivouksessa olisi parannettavaa, siivooja unohti siivota yksi päivä huoneenne ja lattioiden siisteyteen voisi panostaa koska sängylle tulee hiekkaa jalkapohjien mukana.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-08-13

2 10:stä

Kun tutustui henkilökuntaan niin palvelu ok.
Täydellinen siivous huoneistoihin. Homeiset huoneet pois käytöstä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-08-13

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Kirjoittanut AiriK7

ei ollut niin hyvä hotelli kun näytti,,,,

hyvällä paikalla,mutta siisteys ei ollut hyvä,,,päivä henkilökunta reseptiossa töykeä,,,samoin allas baarin nainen epämiellyttävä,,uima altaan pohjalta mosaikka palaset irtoili ja yksi satutti varpaansa että kynsi lähti pois varpaasta,,ranta likellä ja hyviä ravintoloita lähellä,,, huone ei ollut siisti,,lattioita ei pesty joka päivä ja 2 kertaa pyyhkeet vaihtoivat viikon aikana,,


Kirjoittanut ella519 Chester, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Almost every single thing that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. So bad it was funny!

I’ve posted a review before about my stay at Hotel Esperia with my friends, and we talked about the stay recently and I don’t think my last review really captured how unusual the stay was (so bad it was actually funny), so I’ve deleted my last review and will try and explain it better. We went for a ‘girls holiday’ after finishing our A levels. The 7 of us arrived at the hotel after an incredibly long bus ride in pouring rain. Because there were 7 of us we had booked 3 different rooms. Spirits were already low, but we arrived at the hotel to find out that there was no power at all and the entire front room was filled with candles. It wasn’t a huge issue, until they then told us that the hotel had no running water. We’d been on a four-hour plane journey and had spent 2 hours getting to the hotel so obviously everyone wanted a shower. And of course, the rooms were all pitch black, but as we wanted to go out we put on our makeup with the torch lights on our phones as the power didn’t come on until the next morning. Eventually we all left the hotel and upon coming back found that the entire glass front door had been smashed and the bottom level of the hotel was soaking wet (it was pouring rain) and covered in glass. Maybe irresponsible of us, but we’d been out in sandals/flip flops (we couldn’t have foreseen the smashed glass!!) and it wasn’t fun trying to avoid glass going through our shoes on the way back to our rooms. After waking up in horrible, muggy heat we asked at reception how to turn the A/C on in our room. €50, the guy told us. After paying €150 as a group for air conditioning (it was honestly so hot we couldn’t go without) we started to get a bad feeling about the place. Then the power finally came on, and that meant we had running water and could see what our rooms were like. Whoever took the photos for the website is clearly an EXCELLENT photographer because it felt like we were in a completely different hotel. In the room of three people, the beds were squashed together so tightly it was like one giant bed. In the rooms of two, there was barely any walking space between the beds - and the tiniest wardrobe to put clothes in so we basically all lived out of our suitcases. The bathrooms could fit one person at a time, maybe 2 if one person stood in the shower - which, I’ll add, had a blocked drain and was covered only by a pretty gross shower curtain. The ‘gym’ was a room with 2 pieces of exercise equipment. It was quite funny actually. The pool, however, was actually nice and there was a good amount of sun loungers - it was fine for us because all we wanted to do was sit in the sunshine. The pool had a good atmosphere for young people like us, but there was a playlist of songs that they played on repeat every day. If you don’t like hearing the same pop/dance songs on repeat every day, bring some headphones! Before we arrived we’d actually seen some really positive reviews about the bartender, Christina, and we were excited at the prospect of a pool bar. Oh how wrong we were! She was so rude. Honestly, I can’t say it enough - to the point where we didn’t order drinks from there after a couple of days (overpriced, very weak alcoholic drinks I’ll add). However, we were there in peak season for the partying. I can’t stress this enough - during that time of year this hotel is not really family or child-friendly. There will be loud and constant noise from 11pm-4am due to its location right in the centre of the strip. Everyone staying at the hotel was maybe 18-25 years old excluding one family with children, and we felt so bad for them. Please don’t book a hotel on the Laganas Strip and expect it to be quiet and relaxing. As a group we luckily aren’t very noisy people but there were lots of groups of young people who were. For people looking to go to Zante for a partying holiday, honestly I’d say it’s not the worst option. It was cheap and not the nicest but had the perfect location. I would add though that I wish we hadn’t gone for the inclusive breakfast. I think they know they’ll get a lot of party-goers who won’t wake up til late so it’s pretty much over by 9am. Even waking up at 9:30am none of us got our paid-for breakfasts because they’d run out of most things. For the price of the hotel you can’t really expect to have a luxury experience - the pool was nice and the rooms didn’t matter too much to us so we got all we needed. However, people looking for a nice relaxing break this isn’t the place.


Kirjoittanut Laurenmcconnelllllll

Great hotel

Me & my partner visited in September 2019, despite all the other harsh reviews, the hotel was brilliant, reception staff were very friendly. Rooms were cleaned every morning & pool was great, only downfall was the woman who worked on the pool bar was quite rude to me & my partner but apart from that the stay was enjoyable !


Kirjoittanut Susan B

Loved this place

Please ignore all rubbish comments on this place it was fantastic was a bit worried about going but was the best decision ever and will defo go back all ages here and Christine wow she is fantastic on pool bar cooks entertains spot on restaurant next door food spot on a Greek restaurant try taj mahal to if you love indian will book again no problem and I 67 went with my daughter how is 40 she loved it see you soon


Kirjoittanut Relax811024 Leyburn, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


3 of us went 22 Sep for a week. Can honestly say we had a great time. Hotel basic but clean. Room cleaned ever day,Shower worked really well. Breakfast was suffice. Location was great. 200 yards from beach. Christina is wild. She works all hours. Not grumpy like some comments she was fun. Although we were facing the strip we didn’t have any noise. Will defo come back. Some people’s comments are a bit harsh. You get what you pay for. We had no problem with taking food and alcohol to the room as some people said. Overall good cheap clean hotel. Did have a cricket in the walls for 2days I n our room Oh my days he was noisy!!!!