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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-08-14

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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-07-11

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Erinomainen allasalue ja rauhallinen sijainti lähellä merta. Kävellen ja taksilla pääsi myös helposti kaupunkiin halutessaan.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-05-30

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Siisteys ja sijainti.
5 tähden hotellilta odottaa aika paljon. Huoneemme oli kuitenkin parkkipaikalle päin ja yötä myöten bussit kävivät kääntymässä ja peruutusäänet (piippaus) häiritsivät. Lisäksi viereisellä tontilla oli kukkoja, jotka kiekuivat aikaisin aamulla. Hotellilla piti olla lasten leikkipaikka, joka olikin vain rikkonainen liukumäki ja pari muuta rikkonaista muovihässäkkää. Suihkutilasta roiskui vesi lattialle, josta se valui koko kylpuhuoneen poikki. Aamiaisella kahvia tarjoiltiin pöytiin vain muille, ei meille. Meille ei kerrottu missään tilanteessa hotellilla mahdollisesti olevasta ohjelmasta.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-05-29

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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-05-29

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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-05-28

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Kirjoittanut Mari O

Ihana hotelli

Ihana viikko vietetty Minos marella. Hotelli ylitti odotukset. Allasalue upea, ruoka todella hyvää ja henkilökunta mahtava! Erityisesti Rio, joka veti iloisella otteella esim. allasjumppaa päivittäin. Voin lämpimästi suositella, jos kaipaa rauhallista ja helppoa lomaa. Nimimerkki gatastrof lady and her sister.


Kirjoittanut stephencL7750TX Lontoo, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta


Me and my wife have been visiting the greek islands for about 20 years so we know what to expect.We always go all inclusive and would usually pay extra for a better view.We booked a garden room hoping for a nice view and soom peace and quiet.We emailed this hotel 2 weeks before departure asking for a quiet room on the top floor.This was the start of our nightmare,the room we got was on the first floor facing a small patch of grass and a carpark.This carpark was noisy from 6am to 12am and it was hell.We asked to be moved but were fobbed off with the usual "we are fully booked" so we spent very little time in the room.The room was cleaned everyday and had a modern look to it which was fine. WI-FI This was another nightmare you could only get in the reception area unless you paid 10 euros a day then you could get it in your room and beach. SWIMMING POOL AND BEACH The pool was clean and tidy with enough sunbeds to go around as was the beach but make sure you use the sunbeds to the left of the hotel as we were asked if we wanted to rent the sunbed as we share the same sunbeds as our sister hotel which is half board only. POOL BAR This is where you will find the rudest people you will ever meet.First of all the free drinks contain no alcohol what so ever and they would charge you for any brand names.Be prepared to wait at least an hour and be ignored most of the time by the bar staff who never smiled and behaved like they didn't want to be there . Apparantly All Inclusive DOESN'T mean that. Alchohol is served between 12pm and 11pm only, if you want an alcholic drink after this time you have to pay. Drinks are always served in plastic cups unless you have a gold band, in which case you may have a glass! Branded alchoholic drinks also come with an extra charge. RECEPTION The staff here are slightly better than the bar staff. We asked to see the manager after our treatment at the bar was so appalling, on the second day. The deputy manager was the only person available. She claimed to be surprised by our treatment saying no-one has ever complained before. We looked on trip advisor later and found reviews from previous guests complaining of the exact same thing. RESTAURANTS The food is good quality,but very repetative. Once again there are some peculiar rules. Chips are only served at breakfast. Tea and coffee are only available at breakfast. Vegetables are served at breakfast time and only carrots were served at dinner time every day. I asked for some melon at breakfast and was told it's for lunch and dinner only. On several occasions I left the table to get a drink and came back to find my unfinished meal had been cleared away. There is only one other restaurant called Posieden but we didn't eat here because it is not included in All Inclusive and was expensive. Over all our holiday was ruined by the rudeness of the bar staff and lack of flexibility of the hotels rules. We would not visit again and advise you to avoid!


Kirjoittanut jacksN6131XD

Found silver wedding ring

I’ve recently came back from Greece and I’ve found a wedding ring in the sea it is inscribed so I will need to confirm that but the date in September 2014 as part of the inscription, I hope I can find the owner so please don’t be afraid to get in touch


Kirjoittanut samanthajL8715SY

No Greek charm only passively aggressive and intimidating bar staff, AVOID!

My family and I have just returned from a 7 night stay the Minos Mare Hotel from 15.8.22 to 22.8.22. Between us it would be our 6th visit to Greece, but 1st stay at this hotel with plentiful experience with all inclusive. We are a family of 4 with 2 young children travelling with our parents who are in their 60's and 70's. We were a party of 7 in total and had booked 3 rooms. On arrival we were told that the hotel was overbooked and our 3rd room wouldn't be available for the 1st night of our stay but they could put up an additional bed in the double room. The expectation that my parents and my mother in law could 'bunk in with each other'. It was all quite ridiculous. In a bid to just get on with our holiday after a long day of travelling we agreed to share 2 rooms for the 1st night but my children had to be separated, 1 staying with us and my 72 year old mother in law on a camp bed and my other child sharing with my parents. Not the start to the holiday we were expecting. The staff assured us that we would receive the 3rd room the following morning, which we did. As an apology the hotel had offered us 3 'upgraded' rooms in the adjoining 'Minos Mare Royal' which the hotel claim to be some sort of exclusive resort, it is not this. It mainly houses guests who aren't staying on an all inclusive basis. They also offered us free use of the safes across all rooms and sent wine and fresh fruits to each of our rooms which was a nice touch but we were staying on an AI basis so seemed a bit of an odd one, again we just wanted to get on with things, we were happy with our rooms which were lovely, modern and clean and hoped that that would be the end of any more drama. After the drama of check in, we decided to take the kids to the pool at the Minos Mare side of the hotel which they loved, lovely pool, beautiful hotel, all was looking up. On walking back to our 2 rooms at the Minos Mare Royal each with a drink in hand, we paused to wait for my dad who uses a walking aid and was walking with my 5 year old at their own pace. We were standing looking at the pool at the Royal which is beautiful and has a quieter vibe. The two rooms we were given had direct access to this pool. Within a minute, the bar man (older with slicked back grey hair) came charging towards us, I joked saying 'he looks fuming', not for a second thinking he was fuming with us. He erupted at us, he immediately shouted at us saying we are 'all inclusive we need to leave'. He tried to usher us away physically like sheep, shouting loudly in front of all the guests around the pool 'you are not guests here, you are all inclusive, I know the rules'. It was humiliating. My dad who had then caught up with us, pulled out our keys to the Royal, the man continued shouting 'ok you stay here but you cannot use this pool, rules are rules you are all inclusive', he was furious and absolutely terrified my two children. We tried to explain our situation politely but it just seemed to engulf him further. We were only looking at the pool from a distance at this point with no intention of using it at that moment, He'd made an assumption and just exploded. We went to reception and asked to speak to the manager, firstly about this man's appalling and aggressive behaviour to us in front of my children and secondly, because we'd been given an 'upgrade' and agreed to share 2 rooms instead of the 3 we had paid for the night but the pool we had access to we couldn't use??? Again it was all ridiculous. Anyway the manager agreed that we could use this pool, not that we felt like we wanted to anymore. We received no apology from that awful man, who ignored us completely for the rest of our holiday. Unfortunately it just got worse from here on in. There is only one all inclusive bar which is based at the pool at the Minos Mare side of the resort. The drinks are so so but it's your typical kind of all inclusive so that's what we expected. After our meal in the in the only AI restaurant which was always lovely, clean and food was delicious but was limited in choice. We headed to the pool bar for a much needed drink. My husband and I queued at the bar for 20 minutes, my children sat with my parents and mother in law. When we were served, I asked for 2 mocktails for my kids, 2 beers and then tried to ask for 3 more drinks for the rest of my family. Well... before I knew it, I again found myself being shamed in front of a massive queue of fellow guests. The bar man, I believe his name is Nico (tall and skinny with dark hair) shouted at me loudly, saying 'no its not your turn' 'you take your drinks and go' brushing his hands towards me, it was really over the top. We hadn't realised that there is a 'two drink' limit per person in the queue, so had hit our quota, again ridiculous, more like a prison than a resort. I was dumbfounded as was my husband. I asked 'if I go can I come back to the front or do I have to queue again as I was getting drinks for the family'? He didn't answer my question, he just rolled his eyes at me, stormed off and collected a poster explaining the 'rules' which he pushed towards my face aggressively pointing at them, he then said 'I'm done with you' and turned to the lady who was waiting next to me, completely blanking me. I couldn't believe it, I felt really embarrassed again, we just walked away in shock and quite upset. After one heck of a day, we decided to just go to bed. We woke up and said OK, let's just 'play by the rules', we each have to go up to get drinks tonight, let's avoid any confrontation today, we just wanted to enjoy our time together without it being tarnished by rude, disgruntled bar staff. Luckily that evening, Nico wasn't there, there were no issues. Unfortunately he then returned each night of our holiday. Night three, yes Nico again was extremely rude and verbally aggressive again. He shouted at us for standing in the wrong place, we were in a queue with others but he seemed to like to single us out, he pointed at us, and smacked his hand on the bar, shouting 'this is where you need to be', whilst tutting and rolling his eyes. My husband and I actually laughed at each other, we also had our 8 year old with us. It was disgusting behaviour for him to witness again! I asked him his name calmly, he ignored me, looking the opposite way and then started talking in Greek to the other barman, it was obvious he was talking about us. My husband asked him to answer me, but he didn't. With my son present I told him, he was one of the rudest people I'd ever met (the other being his colleague from the Royal). Another guest said they thought his name was Nico. He then after completely ignoring us and slaming our drinks on the bar tried to lay it on think with our son. We sharply told him 'no'. My husband went to complain about this and the previous instance at Reception who assured us our complaints would be passed to the manager. The following evening, I no longer felt like I could go to the bar and my kids certainly weren't, it wasn't acceptable and quite frankly I felt targeted by a bar man on a power trip. My husband went back and forth to get our drinks (2 at a time remember, kids drinks included in your quota). He came back and said, 'he's like a different man, two drinks no fuss, he even called me my friend'. We had a beer and a margarita. Lovely. He went to get another round later on, same again only this time, the bar man we believe clocked who my husband was, he served a beer and a margarita which was a third of a cup of pure lemon juice on ice . On returning to our table, my husband pulled a face at me and said 'I'm not sure what it is I wasn't watching' but the cup only had 2 inches of drink in it. It was awful. My husband went straight back up and asked for another, he served exactly the same again whist smirking. My husband is a kind and quiet man and quite frankly couldn't believe what he was seeing. I then asked my dad to get me a drink, I had a aperol spritz which was served as it should be. We didn't complain further at the time because quite frankly we didn't want to give this bully of a man the satisfaction or time out of holiday. It's worth noting that there is a general poor attitude from most bar staff during the day also. Not at the same level as this disturbing behaviour from Nico and the grey haired man at the Royal but a miserable undertone with a complete lack of understanding around the basics of customer service. It's regimented and controling 'don't pull your tables together tomorrow' (two tables to eat lunch at the pool) we were barked at by a scruffy young bar man as just one example. There's no politeness or friendliness, they offer you a drink from the tray as they walk around the poolside but you cant take a third for your child who's in the pool with their dad. There's a real lack of friendliness and almost a feeling of resentment towards guests. The all inclusive offering is very basic throughout the day. We ate and drank away from the hotel alot, there are plentiful tavernas filled with Greek charm and custom and amazing food within walking distance and this really made our holiday as it was the draw for our return to Greece. You can also catch a bus easily to Reythmon which is 10 minutes away which is definitely worth a visit. This is the first review I've ever felt compelled to write, we are a quiet family who enjoy each others company and some of our experiences in this hotel were absolutely disgraceful. It's a nice hotel with nice facilities, it's draw to us was it's smaller nature which appealed to our family's needs, I would never describe this as a family hotel, it makes no considerations for families, the systems and 'rules' make it very difficult and when you break a rule (because you didn't know what they were in the first place) you are likely to be humiliated and shouted at just like we were on muliple occasions. We saw others recieve similar treatment to us, which sadly felt a little reassuring that it really wasn't just us, there are some systematic issues that really need addressing. I would never stay here again or recommend it to anyone. If your due to stay, I would really consider looking at other hotels in the area, there are plenty!


Kirjoittanut I3959ZTsebastianm

Return to the hotel after years.

Proffesional staff, delicious food. One of the best hotel beaches. Close to Rethymnon Town. I maintain a very good opinion of this hotel after visiting again after 9 years - the third visit. Close to Samaria Gorge and even closer to Prassano Gorge (for more advanced hikers). Very good all inclusive offer (also coctails) and great cocktails from outside the all-inclusive offerings prepared by great bartenders Manors and Nico. The only annoyance is the run of some individuals in the early morning to occupy the front-row sunbeds with their towels, which then they do not use for most of the day. Despite this, whenever you wanted to spend a relaxing day on the beautiful beach there were always free sunbeds - at worst in the third row. The reason for this is most likely that sunbeds and umbrellas for hotel guests are free. I am sure that I will visit this hotel in the future. Crete is a big island for exploring the popular attractions and the less popular ones, or the mountains, and this hotel is a great place for both relaxation and an outing spot.