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Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita Eva Bay -hotellista. Kokemukset ja arviot ovat maailman tunnetuimman arviointipalvelun TripAdvisorin keräämiä ja siten Apollomatkoista riippumattomia.

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Kirjoittanut marjutm2022

En suosittele tätä hotellia

Minun lomani meni pilalle, ei vastannut sitä mitä luin tästä hotellista , pääsin neljän vuoden tauon jälkeen vihdoin lomalle ja tietenkin otin paketin johon kuuluu niin sanotusti kaikki, petyin todella pahasti, ensin huone varmaan sieltä minne laitetaan ne jotka eivät merkitse mitään valituksen kautta uusi huone sisäpihalta, ruokailutilanne hermoja kiristävä, kyttäilyä kiirettä tarjoilija juoksee edes takas pöytien välissä ja nappaa lautasen jos hetkeksikään jätät sen välineiden kanssa koskematta vaikka lautasella olisikin vaikka vähän ruokaa, et itse saa valita mihin menet istumaan ravintolassa vaan jokaiselle valitaan henkilökunnan puolesta paikka, ainoat paikat jossa sait hyvää palvelua oli allasbaari ja baari, muuten sain kokea olevani väärässä paikassa väärään aikaan, uima-altaallta ei saa sukeltaa saati sitten kellua siitä huomautettiin välittömästi, hei tämä on aikuisten hotelli ei lasten hotelli, ei missään tapauksessa liikunta esteisen tai huonosti kävelivien hotelli paljon portaita ja kävellen joka paikkaan portaat ylös ja alas, toisen kerroksen hotellihuoneet pitkien portaiden päässä.


Kirjoittanut amari3ster Bath, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Such a shame; Could be so much better... but lovely staff!

CONS: No tea or coffee making facilities in the room, although there is a fridge you could put cold drinks in if you went and bought some. Not allowed to take food OR DRINKS from the restaurant. So you can't take a drink to have in your room, while you get ready in the morning, or to go and sit by the pool. The pool bar opens at 11am. Breakfast finishes at 10am; so you cannot get ANYTHING to eat OR DRINK between 10 - 11am. Also again between 5.30 - 6pm. The food in the restaurant is not great. It is okay. The choice is extremely limited if you're vegetarian, which both my Mum and sister are, so they really struggled to find something to eat each day. The restaurant is below ground level with only a tiny outside area. Inside is a bit stark and bare, and feels like a canteen. Not a particulrly nice place to sit and eat every day. And you're not allowed to take food out of the restaurant. So no leisurely lunch over looking the sea, or the pool. The food at the pool is really not good. Stodgy pizza, pre made sandwiches, greek salad and chips. There is no self service water machine by the pool, which they could do with. There are no tables by the sunbeds, so you have to put your drink on the grass where it is likely to fall over. The Bar area is in reception and, even when they have a DJ, they do not alter the lighting at all. So the bar area is lit up like a fast food place or a supermaket, all night. There is absolutely ambiance whatsoever! The refurbished rooms are pleasantly decorated but... No full length wardrobe space for dresses No full length mirror No second mirror for applying make up (Only one mirror above the sink) No where to dry swimming things and towels (could do with a little fold down airer on the balcony) Not enough hooks for our room towels Only one pillow each. (We did eventually get a 2nd pillow each, but it took about 4 days of asking) No tissues in the room The tiniest safe you've ever seen. Not big enough for a laptop or ipad. The Shampoo, shower gel and soap were not replenished when they ran out. You are not automatically given a key for the safe. You have to ask for it. And then you are given a key WITH YOUR ROOM NUMBER ON IT!!! So if you lose your key, whoever finds it will know exactly which safe it opens. Room keys also have your room number on them, so again, if you drop your key, or someone steals your bag, they will know which room they now have a key for. On arrival, we were told our room was not available and we would have to stay in a different room for one night. There was no apology or explanation and no compensation offered of any kind. The room we stayed in the first night was absolutely awful. Tired and rundown, dark, dingy and uncomfortable. We were extremely dissapointed and upset but, it was too late in the evening to even think about trying to book something else so we had to make do. We folded the spare blankets and put them under the sheets to try and make the bed more comfortable because they were so hard. The issue with our room also impacted the first day of our holiday because we didn't feel like we could go any where, or relax, until we had moved room at 1pm. We went to reception at 1pm and were given the key for the room we had actually booked. No one came to help us with our bags. The room fiasco also meant we almost missed lunch and had to get something quickly while the staff were tidying up and taking things away all around us. Unfortunately, it then started raining very heavily, so we were unable to go out, or sit by the pool, or have anything to eat or drink in our room. And then there was quite a bit of water was coming through the ceiling of our room. I went to get someone. He came and looked, and made a call, and someone else came and looked and still the water was coming through, and this coming and going of peopple lasted about 2 hours. We felt like we were in an episode of Fawlty Towers. No apology was offered for the leak, or any kind of compensation for the inconvenience. The rain stopped but it was forecast to rain again over night. Luckily, it didn't. I did not see a spa... there is a half finished, single storey building between the hotel on the pool... with toilets and empty rooms... I'm guessing this is where the spa will be, but they should remove spa from the listed facilities until it is open. PROS: Most of the staff are lovely. Especially Stelios and Maria on reception, and Fani at the bar. The location is quite good if you want a quiet holiday. There are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby and a couple of bars on the beach within walking distance that offer waiter service to the beachbeds. Rethymno is only a 15 minute taxi ride away that costs about 12-15 euros, and is a really lovely city.


Kirjoittanut JohannesUP Ruotsi

An all-inclusive hotel above expectations but in need of refurbishment

A perfectly okay hotel located in a slightly smaller town. The rooms were cleaned every day but had definitely benefited from a renovation. Slightly worn. The beds were pretty hard! Plus for pool area and close to the sea! All-inclusive hotel where the food was surprisingly good. worked well even for vegetarians even if it was à lot of meat. But what raises the rating is the professional and friendly staff in the bar and restaurant. The staff in the restaurant was always helpful and make your visit good. Extra plus to the bar staff Fani, Vaggelis and Georgina who always gave the highest service and a smile on their faces!


Kirjoittanut klaradon0912

Bad food and NOT homemade

We stayed here for 1 week w all inclusive, very disappointing. The food all taste the same and is not homemade, bad selection and variety. Coffee and drinks all taste like water- its bad quality in general. We will not come back again- the only good thing is the staff and service. Also hotel rooms are outdated and bad beds🫤


Kirjoittanut Sunny19052022


Combo Package Body Expierience was booked: Face Maske, body Warp and Full body Massage. Stella creates a peacefull and relaxing atmosphere during the treatment. It was so amazing! Thank you very much!