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Lue asiakkaiden kokemuksia ja arvioita Theo -hotellista. Kokemukset ja arviot ovat maailman tunnetuimman arviointipalvelun TripAdvisorin keräämiä ja siten Apollomatkoista riippumattomia.

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  • 4/5 Nukkuminen
  • 4,5/5 Huoneet
  • 4/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
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Kirjoittanut PopiMavros

Amazing location on a budget

We booked a last minute stay at Hotel Theo and couldn't be happier. The hotel is a budget friendly space that offer the essentials - beds, kitchenette and private bathrom. The rooms were spacious, the balconies offered an amazing view of the beach and the location was perfect. A short walk to old town. The hotel also owns a mini market on the ground floor which is open late and is super ideal when you want to stock up on water/drinks or have a random sweet or savoury craving. We never used the kitchenette so can't comment on that. Water pressure was amazing. Pool area is small and only used it once but a great alternative if you want to escape the sand - I prefer the beach.


Kirjoittanut melly050769e Reading, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Great location

This is a basic but comfortable hotel situated on the main road opposite the beach. A short walk from the old town and port and on a road full of restaurants and bars. There is beach service and a supermarket downstairs. This location was perfect for exploring Rethmynon. It was very convenient and the staff were helpful.


Kirjoittanut 22george

Not Ready for Business

My wife and I after having some wonderful experiences in other parts of Greece and especially Crete, moved onto Rethymno ... and "encountered" Theo Beach Hotel: Ok, it's mid-April; everybody is gearing up for the tourist season that is about to begin .... so there's work being done to the sidewalk in front of the hotel. So some dust due to windy conditions... The whole downstairs- where their great Indoor/Outdoor pool was located ...CLOSED!! Their "store" was not opened until the following day- for a few hours; it contained booze and pretty muched nothing else. Our room was not clean. So they gave another. Floor not much better but great views from our balcony.... My wife tried the sink and it seemed to be stopped...the owner's wife immediately called her husband who hurried up to the room. He went under the sink and pulled something that solved the problem so I thanked. His response was to give me a sour look- indicating he had MORE IMPORTANT things to do!! Okay, we are tired too, so I let it pass. And we basically walk around in socks just before we go to bed so as not to have sand in our beds. As I am sure MOST travelers know, in Crete they seem to have a "sewer" problem that requires NO TOILET PAPER in the toilet but instead deposited in the nearby trash bin --- okay, acceptable conditions normally. We wake up Sunday morning and go out for the day. Upon returning, there has been NO clean-up. We phone down to the reception ... APPARENTLY THIS HOTEL HAS DECIDES THAT THEY DON'T WORK ON SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we would have had to "put up" with this!! (Of course, we being somewhat "civilized" about these things took it upon ourselves to clean-up especially the toilet trash bin. The owner and wife seemed to be totally unconcerned!! How did these people get such a high ratings?!! Especially with that attitude. It could well be NEW OWNERS. So ..."BUYER BEWARE!!"


Kirjoittanut VestFinnmark Hammerfest, Norja

Basic hotel with superb location

Poor hard beds, bad service in shop / reception, very basic breakfast, but perfect location right on the beach and near the old town. Plus for proper cleaning and super service from the sweet breakfast-host & at the beach with the sunbed-guy


Kirjoittanut Yolayola Göteborg, Ruotsi

Would not stay here again

Let me start with the location of the hotel, It's perfect. Situated right at the beach and only 1,5 km to the Old town. Was very happy with the location. Room's are dated but clean. Wifi worked sometimes and sometimes not. Not the best place to stay if you need good wi-fi. We had booked breakfast, this was a very basic selection. A few fruits, a small bread selection and some yoghurt. Service however was good, te owners are very friendly. The reception area is never staffed, you have to go to the supermarket situated in the hotels groundfloor if you need to speak to someone. Now to the thing that but My grade of this hotel as Low as it is: upon arriving we were told that the Room that we had booked was not avaliable and that we would hade to change Rooms during our stay. The frist two nigits we spent on the 4th floor with an ocean view. Then we hade to change Room. We got a Room situated behind the hotel right next to the pool. IT was usch a narrow Walk that you had to lift up your bags to even get to the "Room". The owner told us: dont be scared It's safe here... Okey... We had to take time out of our vaccation to move rooms and was never even offerded compensation. This is Why i wouldnt recomend it nor would i stay here again.