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Vahvistettu asiakas: 2019-06-16

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Kirjoittanut kristinamG1829TH

Great vacation

We had a very lovely time here at the Ikaros hotel. The staff, especially the ones responsible for the Spa area, are very friendly and courteous. The spa treatment is excellent, it makes you feel relaxed and calm. If you consider having a message, look out for Maria, she will provide you with all the relevant information and help you out with any question you might have. Further, the resort is very beautiful and clean. Enjoy your time there! :)


Kirjoittanut karolienk803

Super personnel!

The hotel is amazing, we had a private pool and everything was super clean. The spa is incredible, we were advised in our own language by Maria from the Aegeo spa (multiple languages by the way. We were impressed!) and the masseuses (Angela and Iliana) take all your requests into account. Everything is personalised, we loved it!


Kirjoittanut F4136MTsandraz

Relaxing in an amazing amosphere with very tasty cocktails and a great service

In June 2021 I traveled with a friend on vacation to this hotel for 2 weeks (all inclusive package). It was our first stay in this beautiful hotel, which had a little town vibe. We enjoyed our stay very much and were particularly pleased with the service by a super-nice and helpful staff, really tasty cocktails and food both at the buffet-restaurant and the a la carte restaurants (in our package, three a la carte restaurants were included). We stayed in a bungalow with sea view which had a spacious shower, a big bed and air conditioning. The room service cleaned the room every day and restocked shampoo etc., if necessary. In our bungalow, the rain shower did not work properly and the tv showed a broken program every time we entered the apartment but other than that we were very satisfied with the room. The hotel itself is located nearby Malia, where some bars and clubs were open and played good music. The crowd there was mostly younger than us (in the 20s). Malia is east of the Heraklion airport wherefore we did not visit Chania or the pink beach we heard of as we deemed it being too far. One of our main activities, obviously, was laying and relaxing at the pool or sometimes at the private beach while enjoying a cocktail or a coffee by the always cheery Magda from the pool bar. Everything was really clean and the sunbeds, although often reserved by a towel despite not being used, were really comfortable. They got very hot in the sun, but there were always fresh towels which you could use to cover the sunbed up. We could also enjoy some great activities with the animation staff. Nearly every morning, I went to yoga with Miriam, a qualified instructor that focused a lot on my body posture. With the animation staff, we had a lot of fun during aqua gym, water polo or a fitness workout. Especially Sebastian, Paolo and Natalia were very engaged in making everybody feeling welcome to chat or to participate in an activity and generally showed us a great time. We also enjoyed two excellent cocktail courses with the chief bartender Nikos who had a great knowledge about the origins and making of great cocktails - It really was a treat! In the evening, we hang out at the bar and enjoyed a hugo or mojito while chatting with our entertaining bartenders, including Christos and Esmeraldo. Every night, an evening program was presented such as live music or a magic show that was particularly entertaining for the small kids. For further relaxation, I also enjoyed professional massages and facial treatments at the Spa. Specifically, I booked the Cretan Massage and two Body Sculpture Massages with Alkinoos and the Black Lava treatment with Chara. Although a bit painful, I really felt that my thighs benefited greatly from the Body Sculpture Massage (wherefore I treated myself to a second one) while the Cretan massage and the Black Lava treatment were relaxing and moisturizing. We especially connected with Alkinoos, who was well-trained in giving massages and with whom we shared more than one laugh. The sauna and indoor pool was unfortunately closed due to Corona. Overall, I was very satisfied with my stay in this hotel. I definitely would recommend this hotel for a great relaxing time!


Kirjoittanut brendaj918 Saksa

Beautiful and luxurious

We visited this property in September 2020, we arrived around noon and had a cold welcome, not exactly what you would expect from a luxury resort. Check-in was very disorganized, our luggage was left unattended and it seemed no one knew what to do. The lady at the front desk provided little to no information about the property, at no point did she inform us if we could get a late lunch or at least a snack considering we paid for ALL INCLUSIVE. She only told us to go back to the front desk around 3:00 pm to get our keys. We were exhausted because it was a long trip and on top of that our flight was diverted to Chania where we waited for a couple of hours, so we were tired, hungry, and thirsty. After asking around, we learned that the main restaurant was already closed for lunch, so we decided to stay at the bar where a friendly waiter gave us some snacks and drinks. Fortunately, our rocky start faded when we got to our room, which was very spacious, newly renovated with a large balcony that overlooked a small garden. It was a perfect and quiet spot. The food in the main restaurant is very good, and there is a new menu every night, so you don't get bored at all. There are 3 other restaurants besides the main one, but only two of them were open. The a la carte restaurant, located next to the main bar, is exceptional, the food is very good, and the service is excellent. As for the beachfront restaurant, we ate lunch there almost every day, it's the perfect place to relax a bit from the sun, have a salad, a cold beer and just enjoy the view. In the evening, a different menu is offered, there are not many options but the food was good. Another highlight for us was the SPA, there are two lovely ladies walking around the grounds offering different treatments so I highly recommend booking a massage, we had the Crete massage and it was the best. Apart from the cold welcome, we loved the property, I just recommend the upper management to invest time in training the reception staff as well as the staff in the main restaurant and the one that is by the beach, the service was sloppy and not very friendly. Also, it would be good to have a booking system for the restaurants, it seems that the Guest Relations Manager is in charge of that and it was very difficult to reach him. We will be back so I look forward to the improvements!


Kirjoittanut giovannabuenop

Exceptional place for a timeout

I’ve been through a lot in the last year and decided to take a time out after my vaccination. I’m in peace now. 5 days of outstanding views, comfort and great good. All of the staff are extremely nice and respectful, I’ve made connections with many workers and I am now truly inspiref to change something in my life. I’m SO thankful that it can’t be described with only words. The trip probably saved my life and for that I thank every single person that works to keep the place the way it is. My most important and special thank you goes to Maria (from customer relations, who talked to me for hours and made me realize lots of things, we created a strong relationship) and Alkinoos (massager at the aegeo spa, EXCELLENT professional and a really caring and kind person, saved me from years of pain and tension with his knowledge, he did what 5 months of physical therapy couldn’t do) I recommend the hotel for a trip with family, partner and solo, as it is a really inspiring place to be. Thank you.