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  • 3,5/5 Palvelu
  • 4/5 Hinta-laatusuhde
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Kirjoittanut Liliakats1988 Pariisi, Ranska

Don’t eat at Sheria Beach Bar

Don’t be tempted to eat at the Sheria Beach Bar, the food is horrible, the meat smells weird - Took the gyros tortilla with potatos and ate only the potatos. Gyros was hard, weird taste and full with fat chunks. The only good thing : homemade lemonade + ocean view. What a shame.


Kirjoittanut Corfulogger

Couldn't wait for our 3 days to be over!!!

The staff were all miserable, stood around the bar most of the time and didn't acknowledge us.We were the only couple at the hotel, and still everything seemed like too much trouble for them. When we asked why there was no hot water in the evening for a shower, we were told it was because the sun hadn't been shining through the day!! When we wrote a review on booking.com the hotel slated us as a couple, just goes to show what sort of hotel it is. Don't waste your money, there are a lot more hotels to choose from with lovely friendly staff, avoid this one.


Kirjoittanut 682siana

Worst service and food ever!

I never give bad reviews but I was so disgusted with this place I had to! Where to start..... on glance the place looks lovely me and my partner got sunbeds on the beach at this bar/resort €8 which is pretty standard. 12.30pm I went to the bar to order drinks to which there was a bit of a confusion with the staff as to whether bar was open or not, in the end they said no come back later, so I went back an hour later. I ordered 2 fruit berry ciders which cost me a lot of money (which I admit I should have twigged) what came out was 2 bowls of actual fruit, okay just an communication error but nether the less once the error was mentioned no refund off the money difference between 2 ciders compared to 2 massive fruit bowls was given. Later we decided to eat in the bar, my partners food was awful and inedible therefore we ordered extra chips to fill the void. When chips came (plonked on the table and the waiter ran off) no condiments were given such as salt pepper or sauce and napkins etc. I had to get up twice to retrieve them from the waitress station. The staff then almost went out of their way to avoid us not clearing our plates and avoiding all eye contact when we tried to gain their attention! When we finally got someone’s attention to order a drink we mentioned the food and they just brushed it off! I would avoid this place! Complete rip off and the waiter and waitresses are completely rude!


Kirjoittanut Howitis28

Appalling service!

I hate leaving bad reviews or in fact complaining but have left this restaurant feeling totally pissed off and ripped off. Firstly we were using the sun beds on the beach, paid for btw. We then went to have lunch in the bar area. Worst meal ever! (Wish I’d taken a picture) Not at all what was described on the menu. I actually left all my meal, not once were we asked how anything was. I had to order some chips as I was so hungry. Chips arrived, plonked down. No sauce, no condiments whatsoever. They could see surely at that point I was unhappy with the food. Nothing said. Noticed from then they avoided us, plates left uncleared until I requested they could take them, at that time I let the server know I was unhappy with the meal to not much response. All in all pretty poor considering the prices. A little acknowledgement goes a long way. I suspect nothing will change as it’s a great location and lots of passing trade. Would I return. No!


Kirjoittanut jjohan1970 München, Saksa

Sipmly the worst service on Earth!

I came two days ago in Athens from Germany. The island and the location is nice but not so much the people and their services. I had to wait for at least 10 minutes for a sandwich and a beer. I was also extremely annoyed because the POS was broken so I had to find and ATM relatively far to get cash. The price was also rather high. Franky I believe they are in total chaos. This is so disturbing!