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Hieno merinäköala, hyvä ilmastointi. Ammattimainen, asiakasta huomioiva siivous.
Ruokatila äänekäs, rauhaton. Voimakas meteli kipoista. Ei päässyt ulos aamupalalle tai lounaalle.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-10-17

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Kirjoittanut wilbz90 Leicester, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Nice hotel but disappointing

So firstly we normally book as a package holiday with Jet2 however prices were a little high so I searched if there would be much difference booking separate by booking Jet2 flights and hotel through Expedia with private transfers and this saved us £1100 for a family of four WITH added dinner so if you are thinking of booking try this first. Pro's of this hotel- -Nice appearance, nice details such as decor in the lobby, just looks of decent standard. -Great location, right near all bars and restaurants and beach. We had a room right at the back so was never bothered by any noise what so ever. -Clean from what we experienced. -Family room was huge. -The shallower pool is slightly heated which made it a perfect temp for the kids, also love how the pool has the rubber all the way round and it being level with the ground, this made it much less slippy and all in all much safer for kids. -Hot tub was a nice little extra. Now the cons we noticed.... -Absolute non existent kids entertainment. Shocked at how a four star had one 20 min disco with a MUTE entertainer dancing to the same songs every night then just runs off and not seen again until the next night. We had a holiday earlier in the year at a three star hotel that had the best animation team ever, they were around all day playing games and getting to know all the kids, getting them on stage and mixing up the disco. I cant believe such a big hotel is lacking this???? October half term and no entertainment team??? -Kids Club is advertised however this is one lady that you have to ask for (not around to get the kids involved) then doesn't speak a word of any other language (last hotel entertainment team spoke about 6 different languages) so had to use google translate and she didn't actually speak to the kids once, so that lasted about 10 mins with disappointed kids. -Not enough sun beds, even in October we set our alarm for 6am to get a bed near the pool. -Kids area is isolated from main area. Ok, there is a mini pool for kids but its on the highest level well away from the other pool ,seems bizarre. -Food wasn't up to much Breakfast was really poor, rubber bacon??Uncooked sausage with garlic bread and carrots and sprouts? Luckily we wasn't all inclusive. If we had paid extra for that I would have been gutted. We ate out every night after first nights dinner, to be honest its such a busy resort with so many nice restaurants that I would not have wanted to stay in the hotel every night anyway but just something to think about if you are going to book all inclusive (likelihood is you'll eat out more anyway) and the queue for the pool bar is slow so builds up and tends to be long all day. Must admit the lunch pool bar snacks were decent. -Staff didn't really engage, only comparing this to other hotels but any other we have stayed at even the restaurant staff give the kids a smile or a high five. I don't like to be picky and wouldn't normally moan but all in all i think if you are a couple staying self catering then this hotel would be lovely but as a family and wanting something for the kids to remember then I would look at others. We had one really good evening entertainment show which was the circus show with the two men. I think if the cons mentioned were to be improved then it would make this such a better hotel and I would be writing a five star review. Its missing a spark, really could be an easy fix.


Kirjoittanut Randall6169


We would definitely not come back to this hotel again. We rent our own flat in Malta but thought we’d try a package holiday elsewhere to give the kids some variety, I wish we hadn’t bothered! The queues to get drinks take over 20-30 minutes in peak and slack times during the day, we have complained so has my mother-in -law and I have also heard various other families complaining too but nothing ever seems to be done about it. The kids entertainment is an absolute joke, the same 1 woman ever night trying her best to dress up with exactly the same songs for a 20 minute dance, there’s no animation team that you see during the day at all apart from 1 random woman that turns up for aqua gym (great!!!) The food however isn’t too bad but they do not clean the tables in between families moving so if you leave your meal until later it can be a hard job finding a clean table, the staff to serve you a drink with your meal but don’t come around to offer you another and there’s no self service! We’re here at the minute and have 4 days left and to be honest I’m counting down the days, I would definitely not rate this hotel a 4 star, we have found countless cockroaches in our room and had it sprayed various times but we’re in the older part of the hotel on the ground floor! Roll on Sunday


Kirjoittanut 244clareb


☀️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ worthwhile upgrading to Club Alexandre room. Pool etc beautiful and clean. Kids club good but girl comes late every day 😂 staff friendly, food good, entertainment good, pool bar massively understaffed resulting in queues.


Kirjoittanut itzhiggii

Honest Review

We wanted to give an honest review for Hotel Gala. Profile: - Family of 3: Mum, Dad, 4 Year old - Personalities: Organised, Laid Back, Straight to the point - Occupation: Business Owner & Receptionist - From: Manchester Booking Details: - When: 26/09/2021 - 03/10/2021 - Room Type: Alexander Suite - Board: All Inclusive Summary: Brilliant hotel, very clean throughout , great for children, variety of entertainment during the day and night. It is in a great location for the beach, local amenities and Siam Park if that's on your to do list. Majority of the staff were English speaking, like any hospitality venues, some staff were more enthusiastic than others. Food was brilliant, lots of choice. Arrival: We arrived around 12.30. Check-in was easy. We had to email our covid passports over to the reception. If we had to be picky: The reception staff could of been a bit more informative. Advising on things like, where the entertainment schedule was, that there was a door leading to a private path that took you 80% of the way to the beach. Worth noting, this door is locked from 20:00. It was also a good opportunity to be advised of a laundry service which has a 2 day lead time and that there are no irons to borrow. Little frustrating as clothes had been ironed before we came but as expected, creased from being packed. Room: Room was very clean, modern and well maintained. Not sure if it was because we were in the Alexander suite but bedding and towels were changed everyday. Nice view out to see and we were at the end of the hotel nearest to the bars/clubs and we couldn't hear any noise from those. We could hear a bit of noise (not loud) from the sister hotel (Hotel Troya) which is across the way and their entertainment went on later than Hotel Gala's but it didn't stop us from getting to sleep. There is a bag in the cupboard that can be used for the laundry service if you wish to utilise it. We left 1 of our room cards in the unit that enables the power which allowed us to keep the air con on all day which was nice to come back to a cool room. If we had to be picky: Nothing, room was brilliant. Food/Restaurant: As we were all inclusive we had access to breakfast, lunch and dinner. All three meal times had plenty of options and the quality was brilliant. Whilst at Hotel Gala it was the little one's 4th birthday. Prior to arriving to the hotel we contacted the reception to arrange a cake. The cake was delivered in brilliant fashion with one of the waiter's singing happy birthday in Spanish in the genre of Opra, getting the attention of the whole restaurant which put a great big smile on our little girls face. If we had to be picky: At lunch and Dinner, the waiter's/ waitresses take drink orders. It was sometimes difficult to get their attention. Perhaps a little buzzer mechanism on the tables which alert the staff to a table number would rectify this and just add to the service. Entertainment: Whilst we were there kids club ran from 14:00 till 16:00 all week but at the weekends there was an additional slot from 11:00 till 13:00. The little one loved it and pestered to go to it every day. They did arts and crafts with face painting on a few days which she loved. In the evening at 20:45 there was a mini disco which lasted about 15 minutes. The music varied slightly but majority of it was the same each night. This was not a problem for 2 reasons. 1. The little one loved it every night and 2. It gave the little one chance to learn the different dances and by the end of the holiday, she knew them which was really good. Adult entertainment started at 21.30 most nights however, couple of acts like the karaoke started a bit earlier. There was a brilliant variety. The entertainment was not on till late and finished most nights about 22:15 to 22:30 with the exception to karaoke. On the first night, after the live act, bingo was then on offer to play. There are little stalls that pop up near the restaurant entrance which are nice. There is a ladies clothes pop up shop around the pool most days and the lady actually does a little fashion show. At the weekend there seemed to be a few activities going on, however, we were not aware, so not sure how they were communicated. There was a water aerobics session, a ping pong tournament and a raffle. Outdoor & Spa Facilities: Kept clean both in and around the pools. Kids play area is brilliant and our 4 year old loved it and it is where she met her holiday friend. Hot tub again, kept clean both in and around. Spa Facilities were included in our room. We utilised the facilities most days whilst the little one was in kids club. Clean and tidy. Lovely addition to the room as it is €15 per visit per person if it is not included in the room. If we had to be picky: The daytime entertainment could of been communicated better. The Spa could do with some TLC but with recent events it is understandable why money has not been pumped into these sort of things.


Kirjoittanut RyanWW2019 Oldham, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

5 night September/ October stay

Overall we really enjoyed our experience at this hotel. We stayed in the Club Alexandre room with sea view which was really nice. The cleaners came every day and ensured the room was spotless for us to arrive back to. The views were fantastic and the hotel is brilliantly well kept inside which looks amazing with the plants. The only downsides were we booked bed & breakfast but we found the breakfast to be terrible and gave up on it after a couple of days. Everything else was perfect other than the small pool bar which was queued up a lot of the time. I think if another bar was added around the pool it would improve the area massively. Location wise it's great for the local bars/ clubs and the beach was only a short walk away. We found the locals clubs/ bars to be a bit too loud. You couldn't walk 5 yards down the strip without being pestered by club reps or looky looky men. If you want a quieter time the beach bars are lovely and we found some nice restaraunts a short taxi ride away. Overall we had a great time and the hotel did a great job. Thank you