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9 10:stä

Siisti, hieno näkymä parvekkeelta

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-03-13

8 10:stä

Suuri allasalue
Huone kulunut jo, vaikka suht äskettäin uusittu. Suihku vuotaa ja vessan lattian ollessa märkä, vettä kulkeutuu myös huoneeseen eikä vesi tee hyvää puulle. Nurkista kannattaisi muutenkin pitää parempaa huolta.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-01-23

8 10:stä

Allasosasto oli suojaisalla sisäpihalla
Huone oli ovella yhdistetty viereiseen huoneeseen, kuuluvuus naapuri huoneeseen on korjattava. Jopa WC ssä pissaamisäänet kuuluivat toisen WC:n puolelle.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2022-01-02

7 10:stä

petivaatteet olivat huonot ja huone tosi kylmä.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-26

8 10:stä

Siivous ei tyydyttänyt. Hiekkaa lattialla. Kahteen viikkoon ei käytettyjä juomalaseja vaihdettu. Laskutilaa liian vähän ja vaatekomerossa olisi saanut olla enemmän vaateripustimet.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-05

9 10:stä

Meidän huoneessa haisi vahvasti home, etenkin vessassa.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-12-05

9 10:stä


Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-11-21

8 10:stä

Hieno merinäköala, hyvä ilmastointi. Ammattimainen, asiakasta huomioiva siivous.
Ruokatila äänekäs, rauhaton. Voimakas meteli kipoista. Ei päässyt ulos aamupalalle tai lounaalle.

Vahvistettu asiakas: 2021-10-17

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Kirjoittanut puns2fear

Flooded rooms!!! Avoid the 6th floor!

5 of us stayed here for 6 nights recently. We were placed in 3 rooms on the 6th floor. It was raining one of the days and our rooms flooded with merky brown water so if you're due rain on your trip make sure they don't put you on the 6th floor. Our floors was covered compelety with water, a big crack in our ceiling which we placed the bin under to collect brown rain water. Clothes in the wardrobe soaked as brown water pouring in over it. We all rang down to reception to explain and were told to come down to speak to them. They then told us they didn't have another rooms for 4 hours so we had all our stuffed (wet stuff!!) packed up so then had to wait 4 hours for our room. Only when we finally got our key card did he give an half apology. I understand weather can't be controlled but the building structure obviously poor and staff attitude poor. Not once were we offered even a drinks voucher or spa entrance as a token for a disaster to the start of our holiday...nothing! The 2 ladies we first dealt with were no help and rude, one gentleman on the desk said he was sorry for the room delay. Other than that bar staff so slow and rude. About 15 people in front of us at the bar waiting for drinks and they don't even have to deal with cash its all charged to your room so you think it would be quicker!?


Kirjoittanut Shazzawil Goole, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

The corridor of forgotten rooms

Stayed in this hotel in may 22 had a lovely room on the 4th floor. Stayed again sept 22 on the 4th floor, not so nice this time. The room was nicely decorated in greys and white but we seem to be on the corridor of forgotten rooms. Our outlook was a massive bunch of cacti that were held up by some 5’x2’ planks of wood and was looking out onto the main road and supermarket. Cleaning and the room: the maid came in and made the beds. I know the top covers weren’t changed as I had put a couple of faint marks on them off my feet (oops) but the dirt on my feet had come off the room floor. We could see where the maid had mopped and it was literally the walk areas. The terrace was not swept or mopped at all as we saw the same residues in the same places the whole week. Not sure what they had used to do the bathroom floor but be extra careful as I stepped on it (with trainers on) and slipped, my ankle was a nice size for the remaining 5 days. of my holiday. The aircon did work but twice in one week we had to have the maintenance repair man out as it sprung a really good leak and we had water gushing into our hallway (another slip hazard). The tv does not cater for English people and there was only news 24 or Bloomberg to watch. No fridge so we had to buy a bag of ice everyday to keep out milk cold IN THE BIDET as the sinks aren’t deep enough to submerge anything. There is no kettle and no fridge. The bath didn’t drain very well so when taking a shower the water was past your ankles (another slip hazard) Food and dining: always something to eat but not the best. Breakfast was the worst choice of the day. Only stayed half board so had breakfast and evening meal. Some of the evening choice was ok but maybe better if it was warm. The waiters get to know you and are polite but they tend to stick to the ones who are wanting drinks with their meals, I wasn’t paying €3 for a 200ml coke so they seemed to not bother with us when we walked in. Dining area is very clean. Pool area: didn’t have to fight for sunbeds no matter what time you went down, we got the same ones for the whole week. The deeper pool is rather cool but the larger kiddy/adult pool is nice apart from the breeze that seems to get up everytime you step out of the water 😂 that isn’t the hotels fault though. At other hotels we have watched cleaners hosing the tiles and cleaning the pool but on this occasion we didn’t see anyone do either. Reception and staff: clean and welcoming and the reception staff that dealt with me were very courteous. Most staff are very polite just the odd one, which you get in most areas of work aren’t so jolly. Unfortunately due to our room location and the problems we had I don’t think I will stay at the gala again which is sad because our first room in may way lovely


Kirjoittanut pauleT5593FG

Weeks Holiday

The hotel and facilities on the whole I found very good. As for a previous post regarding disabled access to the pool no ramps. Pure & utter nonsense. which ever lift you took to the restaurant/pool area all had accessible ramps to the pool area. Once at the pool area there were also ramps up to the upper tier sun terraces. The food was good. Ok not Michelin star but what do people expect. Always a variety of different dishes meat/vegetables/salad. every lunch time and evening freshly cooked meat & fish. one day pork/chicken/lamb/steak/sea bass/salmon etc. Not the same everyday always other choices with other dishes. Obviously the people that say the food was boring must have an exotic diet. Ostrich/zebra/alligator/kangaroo! Breakfast was also good. good selection of continental style breakfast. freshly cooked omeletes. Cereals & fruit/pastries. Not all the vegetable/potato dishes have additional items if you looked properly. plain mashed potato/potatoes/rice/ spaghetti and of course CHIPS etc. Hilarious that people moan that chips with everything (not the case!) I am sure if there were no chips it would cause a riot!! Drinks que not a problem but I can see in peak season it might be. I think this is something the management should look at for the future. I can understand previous posts that this could be very frustrating & annoying taking 10minutes plus to get a drink. All the staff very helpful & nice. One surly & miserable bar staff that was all. Hotel really clean & they never stop cleaning. Pool area nice. We had 2 rooms overlooking the pool and Veronica strip and with balcony doors closed not disturbed at all. Enjoyable experience & would return.


Kirjoittanut ADCroucher Itä-Sussex, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Wonderful Holiday

We are just returning from a 9 night all inclusive stay at Hotel Gala. Overall we had a wonderful holiday and I have made some specific points below on various areas of the hotel. Food: On the whole I was impressed with the food. Breakfast was great if you have a sweet tooth like me, but less so if you lean more towards savoury like my partner. I really enjoyed the pancakes and waffles, which you could accompany with melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain (much better than bottle sauces!). A few days they also had a ‘donut tree’ which was amazing. The savoury options however were not as good, the bacon, sausages and eggs were not very nice and my partner would regularly settle for croissants instead. But it was disappointing the fried options were not better. Lunch was really good, lots of options but we regularly enjoyed the pizza, chicken nuggets, cheese bites, and chips. One big plus is the the hotel has lots of bottled sauces, including heinz ketchup which I was really impressed with. Dinner was a bit more hit and miss, there were various themed evenings. The ones we really enjoyed were the American night with incredible fried chicken, and the Chinese night which featured some delicious dishes. But even on the evenings which less suited our palettes we were always able to find something and never went hungry. Lots of lovely soft bread and the food is always hot. Drinks: In peak season there seemed to be lots of issues with queues at the bars. We sometimes had to queue but never waited more than 10 minutes and sometimes there was no queue at all. So this wasn’t really a problem we experienced, but I am not surprised that this was more of an issue in July/August. The key card system does slow things down but it does work well and we had no problems ordering multiple drinks if you wanted a couple to save another trip to the bar. One thing, however, I did find a bit cheeky was that there are lots of branded drinks stacked behind the bar, however you were always given the local alternative even when asking for the branded version (I asked for Malibu & pineapple on several occasions and always got local coconut rum instead). Not wanting to make a scene I didn’t challenge it, but it is misleading to have branded bottles stacked in plain view when you don’t seem to be willing to offer them to guests. Facilities: The facilities here were superb. The pool area was lovely, always clean and loads of loungers available, even by lunch time. There are two pools, one shallow and one deep. The deep pool is 1.8m and the shallow pool I am not sure on the depth but I’m 5ft 6inches and even in the deepest part it was only up to about my waist. The shallow pool was very warm, some days it was like bath water, the deeper pool was always that bit cooler. It was great to have the choice though depending on what you wanted (and how hot you were!). We didn’t do any activities so can’t comment on these, but we noted several on during the day including archery, bowls, table tennis, and water aerobics. We didn’t really watch the entertainment either, but this was primarily because it was on so late. The mini disco didn’t start until 9pm and the entertainment didn’t start until 10pm. We are a young couple but even we thought this was unnecessarily late. In my opinion it would be much better to all be brought forward by an hour. We did really enjoy the ‘chill out’ area at the top of the pools. There is a gorgeous view out to sea and the sunsets from there are breathtaking. There are lots of sofas up there and we enjoyed many evenings there. We had also read in previous reviews about the beach door, which luckily we found on our first day. As you enter the hotel, turn left and the door is opposite the vending machines by the pool tables. This leads straight out by McDonald’s on the beach front. Room: When we first arrived the directions to our room from the reception staff were not very clear, and we spent a good 15 minutes searching for the room before a helpful cleaner led us there. The rooms are set out all over the place and the signs aren’t totally clear. The room itself was good, spacious with a good amount of wardrobe space and lots of plug sockets. The bathroom was really lovely and large with a big walk in shower, however the shower itself did leak so we had to lay down majority of the towels just to try and soak it up. The most disappointing part of our room was the fact there is absolutely no view from the balcony. We were on the ground floor and had several large plants in front of our balcony. We only had a standard room which does not have a sea view, but I think there should at least be something better between a sea view and a large plant. There is the option of upgrading to a premium room for €22 per day. This would give you a sea view room and access to the spa facilities. We decided that €200+ wasn’t worth it to us as we wouldn’t use the spa and it’s a lot of money just to pay to have a view out to sea, especially with such a lovely view from the chill out area which we frequented. However, this may appeal more to others. We ended up spending minimal time in the room so our stay was not affected by this. There is a charge for use of the safe of €2.50 a day, and hire of the fridge was €25 which included a mini bar made up of 16 bottled drinks of your choice. There is not an option to hire the fridge without the minibar. We paid for both facilities and had no problems. Checkout is 12pm and you receive a voucher for lunch, keeping the room on is €11 per hour which we had wanted to do however were told the hotel was fully booked so this was not an option for us. Staff: Overall the staff are pleasant and helpful. There are a few that are somewhat sour faced at times, but the service was always good so we happily overlooked the occasional frown. We found the staff in the restaurant were usually prompt at coming over and taking/bringing our drinks. A couple of times this was slightly slack but on the whole not an issue. There are always loads of cleaners out and about early morning, and they all do a great job. No issues with the maid service either. They all keep the hotel pristine which is great. Location: The location is amazing, right in the centre of the Las Americas strip however we were never kept up by noise. There is a wonderful mini golf just down the road, €14 for both courses which you could do on separate days. I’d highly recommend for any age as the courses are so fun! You’re so spoilt for choice with bars and restaurants nearby it’s hard to choose. We also saw some amazing live music one evening in a local bar. There is a 24hr supermarket opposite the hotel which is really handy too. We attended a couple of excursions during our stay which we booked at a booth along the beachfront. We went on a catamaran cruise run by Freebird which I cannot recommend enough. The 3 hour cruise was €39 which included drinks (beer & soft only) and a sandwich on board. There were around 25 or so large double cushioned sunbeds. The beds are an extra €5pp and are available on a first come first served basis. Despite our ticket including hotel pickup, the woman advised us the harbour was only a 20 minute walk and if we wanted a lounger we were better off getting there before the coach transfer, which we did and we did secure a bed which really made the trip amazing. We saw dolphins and whales and got to swim in the sea, I cannot recommend the cruise enough. We also went to Loro Parque which was incredible, our tickets were €55 each including transfer there and back which you need as it’s around a 90 minute journey. However the cost and travel is well worth it as the park and shows are breathtaking. I also want to note that on our first evening the photographer, who has a little booth by the restaurant, approached us on the chill out sofas and asked if he could take some photos of us. We agreed and spent the next 10 or so minutes in various poses & positions as instructed, which felt a bit alien to us, but was actually quite fun as we’d never done anything like that before! We then visited his booth and reviewed all the photos. There were 5 which we really liked (but around 50 taken!) and it cost €25 for us to purchase digital copies of the 5 photos. I’m really happy we did and think the photos he took are lovely. You could also purchase prints. I have attached one of our photos for reference and would highly recommend seeking him out when you visit if you would like some lovely pictures. Quite an extensive review but hopefully I’ve been able to offer an insight into my takes on the positive/negative aspects of the hotel! We have had an absolutely incredible holiday and in the future when we visit Tenerife again we would happily come back to this hotel.


Kirjoittanut ballog New Cumnock, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

Nice Hotel but Terrible Food

stayed in the Hotel Gala 14-21 September 2022. temps 30 - 35C it is a nice place but is let down by having to pay for a safe (2.5 euros per night) mini bar fridge(25 euros) which can only be used for drinks and the biggest let-down - the food. this is repetitive daily with only the freshly cooked food made in front of you as it changes nightly. everything has some sort of stuff in it e.g. the sliced potatoes have peppers in them. i hate peppers and garlic and this stopped me from eating a lot of the food on display. chips and plain whole potatoes were my staple diet . good job that McDonalds was out the back door and down a long flight of stairs that i did not use. it was just around the corner but out the reception door up the drive and down around the corner 300M. the air-con in the restaurant is very weak and is very hot and they want you to button your shirt right up. personally i just did the bottom button. bedrooms are sparse with 2 single beds, even for couples, and the bath/shower is shallow. this allowed me, with walking disabilities, to get in and out fairly easily. it is not disabled friendly as to get out of the hotel you either walk up a steep double set of steps or up the very steep drive. air-con can be fussy and would blow cold air one day and hot the next but a trip to reception got that fixed fairly quick. the beds were made every day but sheets done only twice during my one week stay. it has a very weird setup as the reception is on floor 3 (ground level) and the restaurant, pool and entertainment are 1 floor down. no ramp, for the disabled, to the pool. best rooms are pool-side as the front can be noisy due to the very close bars that are open very late and can blast out some loud music. this hotel is about 200 metres from Veronica's night clubs as well and close to the beach. otherwise i enjoyed my stay helped by the very friendly staff to whom is say muchas gracias.